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March 17, 2011


Corcosman Voom

I think they must have changed something with V2.5; I'm not getting the total disconnect from my ISP that was happening with 2.4....but I still keep my fingers crossed at login.

Good points about the company's lack of effort to sell their product to the average consumer looking for entertainment.

Prokofy Neva

Interesting that you report that this happened with you on 2.4. It did with me too. I think I have 2.5 in now, and it has been happening again, I have to go check though. I'm just loathe to go through all the bullshit it takes to do that right now.

Losing my clothes, becoming a white blur, getting all those dumb newbie tips again, having all the settings dumb again, and then being knocked off line just when I get all that fixed. No, I can't do that right now.


tech geeks make horrible "marketing, design, and entertainment" decisions for non geeks.;)

its been this way for decades ;)

all that "scales" is the time and money waisted on this type of work.

code scale does not make for human scale artifacts easily -- maybe in 20 years this will be clear to most folks- especially the techers....


as you now say.... its the INTERFACE! stupid...


All tech requires an interface to be usefull to a human.... of course the goal of the valley is to make machine to machine interface as the main monetizable system... and we humans are just beta data, until that time....

perpetual motion, alchemy, the real goal of virtuality by those who come to it while young and stupid.;)


Advanced technology a human has brought a lot of convenience.

Amanda Dallin

I agree with the majority of what your saying. It's too bad LL won't listen.

I do wonder why my HP computer I bought at Best Buy for less than $900 runs SL on V2 so well but yours won't. It has not been upgraded in anyway. This is a question LL needs to ask.

Prokofy Neva

My HP w2207h bought for $850 with the graphics card even replaced in it after being burned out by SL, not quite up to standards but good enough, ATI Radeon HD 5700, plays Viewer 2.x adequately enough, but it's not stellar. I don't expect it to be if it is not the "recommended" card. No, I'm not going to shell out $200 more for another better card, because I already shelled out for the better fan that had to be put in with this better card than what it was sold with and that's it. This *is* what is available at Best Buy. What was in the computer *as it sold* in Best Buy *was not good enough, even being on the then-minimum requirements list*. What I could get *in the store*.

No, I'm not going to order on line. I've already had one bad experience ordering a part online that came damaged and then makes me go through the hassle of re-packing and re-mailing and I am not going to do that with a $200 product. No.

So, Amanda, keep this up, but you're just being an ass. The problem is not me or my computer.

The graphics card is not responsible for knocking out my very wireless service itself, shutting it off. It would be one thing if it knocked me offline; this shuts it off. That's wrong. That is SL 2.x doing that FOR SURE. Others report it. And the resistance to admitting this is really sinister. Instead of denying it, Lindens and their cronies should become scientifically curious about it and see what could be up.

Perhaps it's something about packets and verizon; long ago I remember endless disputes with Phoenix Linden insisting with his packet route findings that Verizon was to blame; when I called up Verizon they'd laugh in my face and give me the same kind of packet routes story to show that LL was the problem. I would go back and forth endlessly on this in the days when I literally couldn't cross some sim lines to reach property I'd purchased on the auction.

In time, the Lindens put the sims together better, in part by putting voids in between them, and this problem simply went away. Because they changed their software. Not because I changed my ISP or graphics card or because "packet loss" was the problem.

You say "this is a question that Linden needs to ask," but you snarkly word it as if the problem is me and my computer "just like yours bought at Best Buy".

Again: it's not. The Lindens are apparently already working on a lighter browser; I'm skeptical. But that's recognition that they have a Best Buy problem even if you won't admit it.

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