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April 07, 2011


Breen Whitman

Just an FYI:

For some longer photo captions, they chop off. So for this one I see "[+And Count+]Gakuya -- Japanese store I f"

Tried in IE 8 and FF4


Prokofy Neva

I know that, Breen. It's obvious.

This is how it delivers from Second Life. It's annoying, but it's a function of how the postcard system of SL generates something to go on a blog.

You can only fix it if you manually go into your blog and start trying to move the text around which is annoying because it's centered, so you have to re-do it.

It's *good enough* and I don't always have time for this. The title of the picture and the picture itself are the main thing.

Darien Caldwell

The trick I use is to select the text, copy, and then paste it into notepad. The text is there, just hidden.

Prokofy Neva


No, you're not getting the issue.

*When you send snapshots from inside Second Life* using Posterous (or any service) Second Life formats the photo with text centered inside a template.

Inworld, you can type into the template of the postcard -- you fill in the title and the description.

But the description will always end up mangled *because it is centered* when it arrives inside the template

I don't know what LL could do to make it stop that on their end, because the whole reason the text is formatted is to end up looking like a postcard, i.e. if you send it to an email address.

What's happening is that sending it to the Posterous email address, which then can be used on the Typepad blog, centers the text and formats it (just look and you can see how it works) so that you would have to go into the Typepad editor, then reformat that text.

And yes, duh, I get it that to reformat text, you can stick it in Notepad and then it strips out the formatting.

Or you can just press "flush left" on the Typepad editor.

But whatever you do, *it requires work*. It requires having to go into Typepad to edit it. And I often don't bother.

There's enough here to make sense of it.

Darien Caldwell

No I just meant you can copy/paste the webpage displayed above, to read the hidden text. I wouldn't have a clue how to prevent the issue from happening in the first place.

Prokofy Neva

The point is, this gift is REALLY cool! it's this plate of apples carved into rabbits. And you click, and it puts a little rabbit apple in your mouth -- these mouth ornamnets of course being all the fashion rage in the Japanese stores in SL.

Ann Otoole InSL

And hair in mouth. I get way too much of my own hair in my mouth while cooking to believe anyone that thinks hair in your mouth is cool actually has hair down to their ass irl. It is a ritual. I must brush and tie my hair back before commencing gourmet cooking. 1. To get any loose ones out and 2. to get it tied up so it won't get pulled into the food.

Prokofy Neva

Yeah, what is it with this fashion now to put your hair in your mouth?! I just so that in Nylon today. It's ugly!

Breen Whitman

I think hair in mouth is a old vulnerability trick. It is the modern "dropping of the hankerchief".

Its all very girly-girl. Which is all very in these days you know.

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