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June 05, 2011


Prokofy Neva

Oh -- I think Rimpoche is just Troy Vogel's alt. That would explain a lot. He's that neuralgic asshole who got so outraged at me -- and others -- questioning him on the Frank Lloyd Wright sim. Loser!

Ann Otoole InSL

What does he mean by talking to Michael? Is that a Linden that still allows individual customers to bypass the AR system?

Madame X

I will not eat green eggs and ham, I will not eat them Sam I am.
I will not eat them on a beach,
I will not eat them with a peach.

Micha Sass

Why did sion code fragility into their eggs? In a Virtual World these eggs start out indestructible (non-physical). It would seem that sion has created a game for griefers.

Prokofy Neva

@Ann -- yeah, that was a nice touch, eh? That he was going to call his personal Linden, Michael, in the morning. Michael used to be in charge of governance, but now he's in charge of the LPDW and doesn't get involved in griefing per se although he can always be approached of course. A few times, when the regular channels of filing abuse reports wouldn't work for months to get a sim cleaned up of grief prims, he would remove them. Usually he's handling other issues. I don't know if he will do Rimpoche's bidding -- but he's the one who has committed a TOS offense coming on a sim and destroying property, I haven't committed any offense.

Micha, my your love of software and innovation and creativity disappears with you geeks when it takes the form of mass culture, mmm? You are so transparently phony. Artificial intelligence that causes something to have realistic behaviours would ordinarily be cheered for its awesomesauceness, eh? But not when it's a chicken.

You also reveal the usual ethics-free nature of the geek too. I didn't realize you were so thoroughly a geek!

Sion didn't "create a game for griefers," he made realistic eggs that break. Griefers delighting in the harassment of other people by breaking eggs are the problem, not the eggs.


Micha Sass

I am not a geek, I am an oddball. Please refrain from pigeon holing me. If I am a geek, you are a straight, and I know you are more complex than that. Some of your views are contradicting. Which is cool.

Just seems like sion has made something that is intentionally fragile for reasons other than 'recreating reality'. Sure this guy seems like a jerk, but jerks will be jerks, in the same way you identified that some people will be self-centered.
Human nature and all that, accept it, you cannot coerce it.

Prokofy Neva

Um, you hold slavishly to all the geek religious doctrines, with all their contradictions. I don't suffer from those sorts of contradictions.

No, human nature is flawed, but it can be restrained by morals and law. Rimpoche claims to be "holy" and build cathedrals and pray rosaries, he can start his "spiritual work" by not trespassing on other people's property and destroying it. There is no justification for that whatsoever. Just because a script introduces properties that makes something breakable doesn't mean you "get" to break it. That casual, sloppy and venal attitude toward what is right is of course the hallmark of you geeks and you British socialists.

Being self-centered isn't breaking the TOS or breaking the law; coming on land and breaking items *is* breaking the TOS and going against morality. That this has to be explained to you is what illustrates your geekitude and your geek religious zealotry.

Sion didn't introduce breakable eggs in order to main more money because the chickens lay eggs so you only have to wait a half day or so for more. No big deal. But it just adds realism.

Prokofy Neva

BTW, I think Troy Vogel, Atra Lupis, and Rimpoche Kiama are all the same person. Atra Lupis (I think he doesn't know how to spell "Lupus" for wolf) maintains a steady stream of hateful posts about me on SC.


Prokofy, you are an idiot for putting these eggs on land set so people can build, or their objects can enter, or they can enter. Unless the idea is to invite people to do such things for the sake of creating more drama (because you know already people like doing things like this to you because you are a huge drama factory). But then possibly you could just be one of those people who is very very smart in many ways but 100% brain dead when it comes to common sense. All the time you spent in SL and you still don't know how to use the tools in about land? While I find this hard to believe, I could just give you the benefit of the doubt and think you are just very slow in the head in some ways. When it comes down to it though, I think you like the drama, I think you like the attention, I think you invite the trouble, I think you have serious mental issues.

You do know how to split off a small parcel I'd think. Try doing that some place ban lines wouldn't be to much of an eyesore for anyone. Now right click that land, click about land, options tab, uncheck all checkboxes that have anything to do with anyone else building on your land, letting others objects enter your land, and their scripts running on your land. Now go to the access tab, and set it so only you and your alts and truly trusted people can enter that land. I have a hard time fathoming with all the time you were in SL you didn't know that, but with all the time you spend taking care of your seemingly incurable case of diarrhea of the mouth I doubt you took the time to look. Or maybe its all just for the drama.....

Either way you are an _idiot_ who happens to be very good at writing long wordy jumbles of worthless garbage.

Darien Caldwell

Yep, that key is definitely Rimpoche's key. Makes all his protests worthless.

Some poeple are just assholes, and he's shown himself to be one.

Prokofy Neva

You're blocked "Lugubrious" for not using a first and last SL name that is legitimate.

You don't the victims of vandals and criminals for destructiveness on the Internet; you blame the vandals and criminals.

Der, I'm aware of all the land functions having been a landlord for six years now. But I'm not required to have to keep my land on no-build or group-only or anything like that -- I shouldn't have to live in a bunker or a fortress in order to be free of molestation by assholes. They need to be punished for their assholery, and their evil logic exposed, like yours.

I have absolutely no interest in making little banned sequestered parcels in my open sim that is open to the public as a store. As it is, I've been forced on that sim to put group-only and a closed group on the land for people renting merely because I need to get the sim rented out, I wasn't able to do a planned project on it as I had wanted, and I don't want those people harassed by griefers.

Common sense dictates that common decency is not to harass other people and go on their land and destroy their property -- if you live in civilization and not in a chaotic sandbox. People who destroy property are the problem, not me.

Atra Lupis

Catherine ... You really are a stupid cunt, aren't you?

I have one Second Life acccount: None of those you have listed is it.

Do try running the name through/past a few translators - Lupis is a lesser used spelling of Lupus.

While you're at it, I'd suggest getting that stick out of your ass as well as ceasing your utter bullshit.

You've already made it clear that you do not want truth ... You banned me from commenting simply because I refused to give you a specific target to harass and defame.

You can eat a dick little girl.

LeeHere Absent

Sorry about the chickens, but I do enjoy your comedy posts. Good stuff, Maynard. ;)

Micha Sass

I once left my car unlocked, by mistake. Some bastard emptied all my CD's out of my glovebox and tried to jimmy my CD player.

Not sure if the villain was a geek and/or a socialist.

I am pretty sure the villain was not actually picking on me in particular.

Either way, I know I should have locked the bloody car.

Human nature...ain't it a bitch.

Prokofy Neva

Do you know right from wrong, Micha?

Here we come back to ichabod's question. Are these types of cultic geeks scammers or suckers, i.e. are they innocents or cynics? And here we see laid bare the sorrow of the geek -- they are self-loathing, self-flagellating losers. Micha is willing to blame herself for the fact that her CDs were stolen -- when the person to blame is the thief.

Geek nature -- ain't it a bitch!

Amanda Dallin

Just because a script allows something to be done doesn't mean it's right to do it. Does Rimpoche have any moral limits other than code.

An unlocked door is not an invitation to steal for normal people. A short skirt is not an invitation to be raped. The lawbreaker is always responsible.

Micha Sass

I agree with you Prokofy. It would be great if all the greedy crooks just simply vanished.

I do not deprive people of things by stealing, yet I am the bad guy for thinking it was my lack of security that led to my own loss.

I think it would be good if the people who wish to avenge their losses took a look at themselves and thought what can we do to reduce the loss in the first place. This is self-awareness not self-hate. Self-hate is the catch-all insult on people who understand that they may actually be part of the problem. It is usually an insult thrown around by the self-righteous.

Dippy UK socialism has led to a state where we advise people how to secure their homes, rather than place guns under their pillows. I like that.

I still wish all the greedy crooks will just vanish...maybe one day.

Micha Sass

Just to be clear, in the above post, Rimpoche is the greedy crook.

Prokofy is most certainly self-righteous.

I am certain the best way to cure my self-hate is not to become more greedy or more self-righteous. In fact if I lessened both I would probably be a far happier person.

cube republic

Prokofy describe people in whatever terms you like, but being 'neuralgic' is not fun. It means your central nervous system is damaged. I don't think it's a suitable thing to insult people with.

Darien Caldwell

Serial killers often start with animals.

Just saying...

Micha Sass

'Serial Killers often start with animals'..

Tell that to Sarah Palin.

Prokofy Neva

Of for fuckk's sake, Cube, are you ever being politically correct! Yes, I understand that you yourself are disabled and that's why you are spouting about this. I'm sorry for your troubles, but you don't get to reach out and control other people's use of language and metaphors. "Neuralgic" and "neuralgia" are perfectly fine words to use about people's over-sensititivities and you can find the use in many places (and even if you couldn't, I'd insist on its use myself anyway.)

Next thing you know, people who are allergic to peanuts and could die from them will ban us from saying that somebody has an "allergy" to something politically. Or in fact, any health-related metaphor with any sick, broken, crippled, infected sort of statement will be off limits. Fuck no. And I'll also go right on saying "retarded" for stupidity as well.

Of course, we could reliably count on British socialist weenie Micha Sass to compare the legal hunting of, say, moose in Alaska to cruelty to animals such as setting cats on fire that can be a marker for serial killers in the future.

Yes, dippy socialism focuses on the securing of the home instead of punishing the crook breaking into it? Because it's not about guns under the pillow, it's about knowing right from wrong. I wonder why this persists in being so difficult for you. The moral compass is broken, I guess. Oops, I mean "differently abled!".

Micha Sass

I did not even mention anything about the UK justice system..You constantly add another variable to every argument, it is annoying. We lock up thieves when we can catch them and prove their guilt. Unfortunately petty crime such as folk busting into unlocked cars often go unpunished because the police have got more important things to do. My next door neighbour recently got properly broken into, her home was intruded (while she slept). The crook made off with her boyfriends car after liberating his keys. The thieves were apprehended two days later, and court processed the very same day. As far as I know the repeat offender got a four month stretch.

This is not about right and wrong, clearly your egg smasher is wrong. I already said so, maybe twice. It is about combating crime by placing quality locks, or as some say 'common sense'.

Yeah, well comparing someone 'bashing pixel eggs to piss you off' with setting fire to cats is pretty moronic too. You over-blown right-wing nut-job. And for the last time I am an ODDBALL..not a freggin' socialist. Socialists are so 1980's, the SWP is now a home for aging commies with a grudge against Israel.

Prokofy Neva

Micha, you yourself have gone very far afield because you've started by justifying crime in a virtual world just because it's virtual and somehow "not as serious," and said that I'm the problem for not locking up my sim, you've been singularly unable to condemn the vandalism of Rimpoche, and then you've escalated it to tell us a self-flagellating story about someone ripping off your CDs, and when it's been pointed out to you again aptly that you're still having trouble telling right from wrong and condemning wrongfulness and crime, you keep battering away about the UK justice system.

You didn't say the egg smasher was wrong, and if we can somehow parse that you did, you undid that condemnation by making it seem that my failure to "lock up" my sim is the real problem.

I'm not the one who has compared cracking pixel eggs with setting cats on fire. Darien pointed out that serial killers get their start with animals. It was obvious it was tongue-in-cheek, but there's a morality to that tale, too, of course. Psychopaths who enjoy coming and tormenting people online with griefing don't all remain online. We can all see amply the antics of Barrett Brown, first prototyping his griefing in SL and then moving on to Anonymous and griefing RL websites, justifying it all the way.

Um, I'm not a right-wing nut-job, but just a normal liberal person who points out the idiocies of the left, and for that matter, the right.

You're right along there on the porch with the aging commies in their rocking chairs with a grudge against Israel, because you have one too.

Micha Sass

Prokofy : "You didn't say the egg smasher was wrong, and if we can somehow parse that you did..."

Just to help with your parsing, I said..

'Sure this guy seems like a jerk'

'Just to be clear, in the above post, Rimpoche is the greedy crook.'

'...clearly your egg smasher is wrong. I already said so, maybe twice.'

Prokofy : "You're right along there on the porch with the aging commies in their rocking chairs with a grudge against Israel, because you have one too."

I do not have a grudge against Israel, you do not know me. This is an image I created to support Israel and point out the stupidity of the boycott Israel brigade that had arrived in London to taunt a small Israeli cosmetic store.

Some people actually printed it out and gave them to the pro-palestine picketers that harass the shop every week. I cannot claim the concept, I took an idea from another person and made it printable. Cipriano has dry wit.

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