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July 26, 2011


cube inada

yeah, kinda boring... now i know why i ignored twitter...

thought leadership just aint what it used to be...

but its fun to deflate the most pompous of the yakking heads. its like a hobby at best... but its no full time way to make a living....

the best part is that i have no idea what posted is public or private or circled or .interface isnt very good for anything BUT sucking IN.... so hopefully ill piss off a whole lot more this way...;)

celestiall nightfire

Prokofy, your post had me laughing. (seriously, very witty post.. : )

If I do get into Google+, I'll try to find you. (although, since I'm not in there yet, I have no clue as to how to located anyone there)

Hmm, I guess I classify as one of those SL strangers.

Desmond Shang

The question regarding google plus that I have is this:

"How optimal is the data and friend 'links' that it captures with regard to monetisation?"

I'm sure they must have studied this. Even back in the 1950's it was clearly noticeable that people who bought pianos often did in neighbourhood groups. The Joneses got a piano, and then the neighbour across the street, and then there was some talk across the back fence as everyone could hear little Johnny practising...

I think it's no accident, how google plus is designed. If there are any quirks regarding the digital neighbourhood social model... they are intentional I'm sure.

Those aren't simple circles... they are spheres, and all of them are being watched by some extradimensional service provider. Who can see our interactions and internal workings just like a three dimensional creature can see everything a two dimensional Flatlander does.

I'm not joining google plus for now. I may join it after the first serious scandal. I want to see the shape of that scandal, peer under the hood of it and get an idea of it. If it's relatively harmless, then I'll join.

* * * * *

Since I'd been in the area, I was going to pop in on Coffee and Power last week. I was literally just down the street a couple of Bart stations away, near the requisite Apple store. Turns out my timing was poor.

The company comes up just fine on my smartphone web browser; oddly I did not find an app for it. No app!? This *is* downtown San Francisco! And we aren't talking a tough app to make, here. Maybe I just missed it.

Well, the problem was, it was not a weekday. They aren't 24/7 yet. I was thinking of offering a cheap task such as "paint the Caledon flag on a teacup and meet me at Coffee and Power for twenty dollars" or something like that.

Instead I walked to the mall. Walking past a ridiculously small alley street named Jessie, I couldn't help but think: "War in Jessie, is it upon us?" I now have a Bloomingdale's card and some new shoes. And likely annoyed the register as I took the new credit card's 15% discount, but subsequently paid the balance in full before I took another step. I don't think that's how they wanted it to work.

Second Life has something to learn from google plus, and perhaps even Coffee and Power does too.

Neither one of them have truly tapped into the delightful spectacle of urban crowds. Pretty much everything else has clicked ~ the high techness, the wild fun of it, the quirky West Coastness... but there isn't that "part of an era" feel to it. Steve Jobs captured that with his iPhone ~ an entire busy, active digital society crackles just on the other side of the glass, even if you can't quite touch it.

What I think Philip might stand to gain from, is not the hip, urban, young, cool life. Rather, I think his last couple creations (Second Life, Coffee and Power) need some diner culture. You know, pull up to the counter at 1 am, grab a cup of coffee and just chat with whomever is there. That social space, that key ingredient is pretty much lost these days. Starbucks may as well be cubicle land... who talks there, except to strangers far away, by computer?

I would have been able to visit at 11pm, not for a macchiato, but for a good ol' cup of Joe.

Darien Caldwell

hehe Phillip's site reminds me of another one that launched 3-4 months ago, called AirRun.

You basically contract tasks out to other people to do. Kinda creepy though. Am I really too lazy to go get my own coffee? I don't think so.

cube inada

phillip better money up quick.. daddies got these boyz on the quiktrack to facebook sellout....

30-40 years ago these dudes would have started a rock magazine or indie herbal drink company... or maybe sneakers--today, its how to enslave the most poor suckers you can in penny wage lifestyles for the tech castled century they hope to ride out....

gotta pay for those pina colladas dudez..

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