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August 11, 2011


Treasure Ballinger

Prok, I sent you an email using the 'email me' link on this blog. You can delete this comment, it doesn't refer to this blog entry at all, I just wanted to be sure you knew I'd sent you an email, to tell you something. Hopefully it's a good email addy. Thanks,


cube republic

Well that's about the most immature thing I've read in a long time. .....Arguing on the internet lol

Argus Collingwood

Just to be clear about the Eshi sale. She discounted high priced dresses by 50% then ALL the proceeds from the sale went to Beth. I will drop the note card on you in SL. It read

I have put 4 of my most expensive dresses in the store at 50 % off for this cause. If you like them, come get them! ALL the pennies will go to Beth!

This sale will last for 24 hours starting now!

Prokofy Neva

Thanks for that correction, Argus, but in Hamlet's post here:

it says nothing about how ALL of the proceeds will go to Beth.

And frankly, even if they did, there's still something self-promoting and underhanded about it. It's advertisement for HER. It's a loss-leader to get people to come in and look at HER stuff and free advertising with Hamlet. Sorry, but it still stinks.

Other people saying they will donate proceeds from sales aren't getting in Hamlet's blog, aren't doing loss-leaders to rush in more people to view their stuff, aren't trying to stand out with free advertising for their altruism.

And to have it last only 24 hours? Well, that speaks for itself.

It's a self-advertisement from start to finish -- this doesn't really change a thing for me, except that I'm relieved that the money goes to Beth and not to Eshi at least, although she has reaped all the glory once again. Ugh.

Marie Ravencrow

Um, Prok, I've watched you from the sidelines for a long, long time, and for someone espousing ethics and morality, you're not very good at following your own advice. Maybe you should shut up and listen to yourself before bashing someone else again.

Prokofy Neva

Sitting on the fence are you, Marie? I don't do that. I push back. People fuck with me, I fuck with them -- you have to in Second Life, as there is no other recourse, that's all. And it's about standards.

There's a clear ethics is this situation, and apparently you are blinded by fangirlishness and can't see it.

Furthermore, I did not pick this fight. Crap Mariner used to be a friend. Out of the blue, he started this vicious, vicious harassment in post after post after post. When I find somebody that malicious, I fight back. It's all that works. Eventually he will get tired of it and stop.

Prokofy Neva

Time to publish another community warning.

Any post by Rory Serpente and his various alts will be removed because *as has already been amply documented for years* he has repeatedly harassed and griefed me and others on this blog and inworld, then repeatedly kept trying to rent homes to continue his harassment; and then repeatedly threatened with libel suits.

Be warned if you are dealing with this unhinged individual who often tells everyone he is a barrister who will get you prosecuted. He is a well-known predator in multiple communities on multiple alts; regrettably some of his victims and those knowledgeable about his behaviour have been intimidated into silence but the word is out. This is well documented and needs no rehearsal -- some history here:

I don't publish comments from people who incite damages against me -- rule number two of my blog is that you cannot incite or cause RL or SL damages against me. Threatening me with a libel suit is exactly such incitement of damages.

I don't "debate" people who are invalid in this fashion nor do I feel called upon to repeatedly publish the documentation about their harassment *already on the record*. It goes without saying that the coward here is this creepy Rory Serpente who finds some malicious glee in harassing other people -- and the coward isn't me for refusing to deal with him in any fashion.

David Cartier

Beth is one of those people who do a lot of good in SL, and I have to applaud anyone who has taken advantage of this opportunity to do some little good in return.

As for Mr Crap: "I gave all my change to your sister and hookers, already! You can get your change from Obama, bitch!"

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