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August 31, 2011



" I suspect that anyone wanting to know what's on their wiki page or wanting their page deleted will get a statement similar to "I can neither confirm nor deny that you have a page in the JLU wiki."

The refusal however polite to divulge personal information held is in contravention of so many regulations ,it makes the claim of legal activity protection thinner than paper .
Considering your avowed opposition to such things your lack of criticism is hypocritical in the extreme .

Or do you now suscribe to "the ends justify the means ".

Perhaps Lenin is secretly your new hero.

Someone you know

Hey! Here's some snotty superior British leftism and fucking *assholery*:

Lum Lumley

GLE, GLE, GLE. A good interview overall and then you have to go and throw in McCarthy revisionism. :)

Din Avon

"Can you start by saying in your own words in a line or two what you believe to be the JLU and its mission"

LOL. Green Lantern's reply starts pragmaticly for that line or two, then degrades into a ranting name and shame of other SL residents.

Apparently, Charles Manson parole board hearings are the same. They begin where he is quite lucent and intelligent in his responses. But he quickly degrades into a similar tirade of dark thoughts and uncontrolled paranoia.

Is Green Lantern the actual Charles Manson?


If everyone simply ignored these goons and nobody gave them a mouthpiece, they would quickly get bored and disappear.

That goes for groups like WU as much as for the JLU. I don't see much of a difference between them. They are all just a bunch of nerds who desperately crave attention and refuse to grow up.

Amanda Dallin

I have to agree with Ishtara. The best course is to ignore them and when a griefer interrupts your SL AR them.

If the JLU had stuck to hanging out at info hubs and other Linden land and AR'd a people there to grief the newbies there wouldn't be a problem. Even their patrolling on private islands where they were invited would be ok. Even without the IP logging, they seem to have been pulled down the rabbit hole after the people they wanted to defend SL against.

Rex Cronon

IMO sticking your head in the sand hopping that the noise will go away is a very bad course of action. Not only can it make you look like a coward, but also leads them to believe that is ok to continue doing what they were doing. Additionally, it gives them no reason from stopping the escalation of their "performance". In other words things will get worse, not better. Besides, by "ignoring" them you actually give tacit acknowledgment that their attics push your buttons. Don't you see that behind your back they could be giving each other high fives(or something similar), and say: got another sucker:)
Is kind of ironic how some start crying(ok. making lots of noise and/or showing indignation), when until now they were saying: "this just a game", "why so serious?", "your IP is public already", "calling in RL is such a good prank"

fuck you


fuck you

Just one more important word, and my word is "Booger"

oh lawdy

gle is right. cheergirl allen is so busy assraping kalel she got stupid in her screenshot.

that simkill button means shes using neils coffeepotting gleefur viewer

posted @

GreenLantern Excelsior

This fine upstanding citizen complaining about the evil JLU is shown using griefer tools? I am shocked, SHOCKED!

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