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August 14, 2011


Argus Collingwood

Great synopsis, thanks. I really do think Rod "gets it" too, It's very reassuring to know that he is poking around in world and gathering all sorts of observations from many sources but most of all personal interaction.

Corcosman Voom

The way I understand the plan for SLCC is that they will alternate between Boston/Bay Area, so Boston next year. Part of the reason is they have established a relationship with potential venue sites and don't want to start from scratch every year in a new location.

I crashed in world and watched Rod on UStream. My favorite part was his comment about there being something mysterious about SL's continued existence, it's not a simple formula that can be copied ... and he doesn't want to mess with the secret sauce : )


Yes, I found it interesting that Rod Linden never mentioned mesh. hmmmmm.

As far as the difference between Rod and is a matter of mature thinking. As much as I admire Philip Linden, his intelligence and enthusiasm. I feel he is prey to every bit of cultic thinking that is rampant in geek tech society today. He is fertile ground for irrationality and becomes a cheerleader for it every bit as much as he was a cheerleader for the amazing SL. I think Rod Linden has more backbone and strength in his psychology. We won't go wrong with him at the helm.

cube inada

had almost the exact experience you did...

i was speaking on ron/hiros panel( i did the "3c's" talk) so i first had to find it... went to search places first...finaly found a slcc link... and kinda got there.. but still needed a direct TP from another panelistt to finally sit in my seat...

i coudlnt see the stream live, or my slides
(but had ron call them out when switched so it all worked and there were only 5) since i cant use v2 or v3 on my machine... v3 refuses to load since my machine isnt ss3 chipped, and v2 is just wonkers and crashes....

so i used 1.23 to "move around and sit in the conf room.." we used a skype conf call to speak.... and i kept my slide notes open on my desktop in wordpad.....

so much for the "easy" virtual conference pitch so many still "engage" in;).....

i hadnt done a "conf" in SL in maybe 3 years... the ones i did in 1.23 and the SL of 2008 went so smooth, and all music/media etc worked fine...

oh well.. at least you tell me they now "know" ist all broken...and like good catholics that they dont beleive in divorce..;)

maybe murder?

anyhow... maybe ill have a new market to make pennies from in the "SL Tablet" in 2 years....

thats my story, and im stickin too it.


Darien Caldwell

yes, SL can knock out wireless and even wired routers. Happened to me a lot, I went through about 4 routers before I found one that could handle the traffic (is a gaming router designed for high bandwidth).

I suspect the router sees all the traffic as some kind of flood attack and cuts off. But have no real idea why it happens.

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