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September 25, 2011


Cinder Roxley

Doesn't she have all those alts she can login under too though if she really wanted to fix it? Most of her vehicles aren't rezzed from stations owned by AnnMarie Otoole, they're group owned by "Convicts" or "SL Transit Authority" and the rez bases themselves are usually owned by AnnMarie Oleander or AnnMarie Resident. At least that's been my experience.

I'm glad she's been suspended. It's about time.

Btw, from what I've heard you can't do the whole mainland roadway thing in opensim, or at least not on OSgrid, vehicle simcrossing more often than not crashes sims there.

Prokofy Neva

You know, I was just about to add that. If she is organized, she would have given her alts building perms for her main and she could log them on to fix the thing.

I'm glad she's suspended, too, because the point has to be made: you harm, you foul, you go down at least temporarily. This connection has been very slow in being made.

Wow, I had no idea you couldn't drive through sims on OpenSim.

SL sims have gotten a lot better since when I started SL. You can cross most sims easily and you don't see your vehicle flying or have to portage it. There are a lot of real people with vehicles.

I even had a customer ask me if I could supply parking in Refugio! That way people driving by who want to stop could leave their car and walk around the plaza. I don't know if there are enough prims to allow that but it's an interesting idea. Imagine advertising in SL, "Plenty of free parking! Bring the kids!"

Tiffani Ninetails

Second Life may have changed you for the worse.
After leaving the program for some months now, your name just randomly appeared in my head today.
I come here to read what you have to say, and wonder if perhaps you got lost in it all.
How much of it is an act, and how much is real? Could it be possible that you got lost in your own act, and it became too real for you?
Somehow your behaviour reminds me of the participants in the Philip Zimbardo Stanford Prison Experiment.
They lost their identities as well, in what started as something relatively harmless.

Take care,
Tiffani Ninetails

Prokofy Neva

To a hammer like you, everything looks like a nail.

"I am 25 years old.
Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology
Specialized Honours BA Degree in Psychology

You sound like you have little life experience, but arrogance to make up for it.

Um, my blog and my avatar aren't "an act". Is Tiffani Ninetails "an act"? What, your store failed, and you have to whine now about SL?

I don't know why *my* behaviour would prompt you to think of the Stanford experiment, but the behaviour of griefers might do that for you.

Or should.

Prokofy Neva

BTW aren't you that freak who kept harassing me and my tenants in Erie and demanding to be unbanned?

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