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September 14, 2011



Great coverage Prok, you nailed it once again!


You do have to hand to Tux and the goon-squad, they achieved their objective of enlisting a whole host of new cheerleader types (somehwhat tongue-in-cheek intended) over on SLU. TheListComplicit is turning out to be quite an extensive dance card - unintended consequences to be sure - and not well thought out in advance. No surprise there.

karla dorn

karla Dorn
Can I get this right please, reading the part in the thread where josh reveals he can access people IP address. I dont understand his is saying he can access the IP addy of anyone viewing those threads or just people logged into that site. I am asking because I dont trust any of those griefers over there and i'd like to be as careful as poss. thank you

cube inada

i signed off a few posts here or other places as pogo cube, or mentioned pogo in terms of sl way back;0. so yep/ correct.

pogo was of course a "virtual reality" of "civic life" as expressed so "prehistoric" in oen and ink vs. 1500k video cards.;)

kelly, ferriman, others....would unplug eventually im sure.

Roger Blackhawk

@karla dorn

Is that you Kara Timtam? too scared to use your own name? or too dumb to use a name that doesn't start with a letter K.


The SLU crowd has rationalized this by constructing the myth that it's different because "the JLU took it to RL first", which is revisionist BS. The PN/Woodbury crew took things to RL every chance they got from day one.

Unfortunately, SLU, and particularly the useful idiots of the Pink Hands, have become the Sinn Féin of SL griefing, deploring the actions of anonymous griefers while providing cover for the active griefers (Tux, Rubble, etc.) in their midst. Sadly, there will be a lot of Pink Tears when these nice little fashionistas learn they were being used as human shields when the ban hammer starts swinging or one of their griefer pals is caught red-handed.

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