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September 23, 2011


Ima Rang

I'm not familiar, in any other way other than your blog, of Serp, is he typically a dramatic character or is this unusual? I have only recently been exposed to the nuttier than squirrel shit shenanigans of this jumpchump lane. His last twitter: @JumpmanLane
Jumpman Lane @Neonskyq1 Gal That bitchmade douche @strokerserp surrendered! He might be dead! Seemed sorta suicidal 2 meh! Ima get em all! Cheerturd next

does not exactly sound like an individual packed full of morals.

Prokofy Neva

Update: tried a number obtained but it has only a recorded message, so left that info at Tampa Police.

Ima Rang

Did you contact LL? They could probably locate/contact the authorities in the area that he lives utilizing his payment info.

Prokofy Neva

Ima, we obtained his address and phone number so we don't need LL. You have to call RL authorities in this kind of case.

Ima Rang

Oh, good. I thought there was difficulty finding his address. It sounds like a dire situation based on his tweets. I hope all is resolved in a positive way. I don't know the history of these two, but it seems that Jumpman Lane is already celebrating a morbid outcome base on his last tweet. He seems a disgusting individual.

Aya Pelous

As i recall linden labs will not get involved with someone threatning self harm or suicide. There was information somewhere either in the mentors wiki or the second life wiki itself that explains what they will and will not do.


Who is jumpman, and why does he label himself as king of sl?

Lucifer Baphomet

His SL partner, Fyre got him on his cellphone.

He's OK

Prokofy Neva

Lucifer, somehow who writes tweets like that is not "ok". Was his account hacked? That seems unlikely. If he is alone and on the road, those who know him should pursue it. But I'm done. I don't believe in the sincerity or virtuousness of suicides. Suicide is a form of murder. Blaming other people for your problems is a form of violence. So while it's always good to exercise one's civic duty, I have no need or desire to be drawn into the Stroker dramas.


goddamn all he said is that he was quitting SL

Amanda Dallin

I think the comment "I hope to see you all in the next life." was the one that really worried his friends. Rightfully so.

Treasure Ballinger

Prokofy did the right thing. Others also tried to help. I agree that suicide is murder. It's the homicide of someone that someone else loves. You never, ever get over it, when someone you loves commits this act. It's always horrifying, and you wonder forever, what you could have/should have done. Those loved ones left behind, are the victims, and it never goes away. If you have any inkling of caring for others in your life, who care for you, then don't do it. That act will never leave them.

paula backer

Has any body thought that this is just another publicity stunt by stroker, just sayin. really how easy is it to hack twitter i would not expect its simple to do. by now if it were a hack the acc compromised would be suspended. if stroker posted those tweets himself then shame on him. that said i am glad no harm as come to him but i just hope this is not another publicity stunt because that sux

paula backer

Also to add, his SL partner got him on the phone that's well and good but my god shouldnt it be his REAL wife contacting him. i really feel this is the sort of thing that happens when one is way to immersed in a virtual world

sarah croft

I can’t understand why the slu crowd is saying this should not be speculated on and it should be private. If you are foolish enough to insinuate suicide tweets and have your name out there in public expect ot have it discussed publicly end off.

I not aware that the FBI turn up on doorsteps because of reckless tweets like this there will be more to it than that if FBI and cops are visiting his home they are investing something serious from the tweets it looks to be about things discussed in the doco where he said things about role play with is SL family that frankly would have been left unsaid


I don’t know him, I only know of him, I’m not going to pretend to give any more of a shit than I would about tweets from anyone else whom I do not know or care to know.

It looks like the dude has a lot of friends, it is hard to know how many of those are real friends and how many of those are social climbers, fan girls/boys or those riding the gravey train.

If he had been hacked and had not made those tweets himself, I would have SOME sympathy. Frankly when you let a virtual world drive you to attention seeking suicidal tweets you reap what you sow. To rely on it for a real life income is just as silly, the guys a plumber for christsake it aint like he’s going to be out of work he’ll just have to move away from his god damn computer and into the real world. He said he is broke, I guess suing people left right and center isn’t cheap hey.

Life must be difficult for this poor bastards REAL wife, it is her and his family I feel for not him they are the ones left at home to pick up the pieces answer phone calls and deal with the shit he has left behind, because it doesn’t sound like he’s around to clean up his mess!!! He does not seem like a fool so I am sure he knew what damage those tweets would do.


Long live Jumpman. Congrats on getting rid of the pedo.

kaori nakashima

as far as i remember, the pedo thing stems entirely from jumpman's allegations that the "humpboy lame" thing stroker made it a child sex toy given the "boy" part of it's name. which is absolutely insane. but i wouldn't put any form of idiocy past jumpman...

Prokofy Neva

No, it comes from extrapolating from the National Geographic show.


There's no way this guy isn't a repressed pedo.

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