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October 27, 2011


Prokofy Neva

Allen Kerensky may have called it on the whole Will Wright/tablet/dying world thing -- I don't know.

Magnet Homewood

The problem with Shakespeare in SL was not only that events seem to have this 'one hour and that's it' limit to them (so you find people changing event on or near the hour very often, and Shakey's plays are usually 2-3 hours long if you do the whole thing), but also, the 'actors' seemed to be reading their lines as quickly as possible, rushing through them with no thought to pauses and intotantion, which I found to be very annoying. Ok, they were amateurs, but the kind of people who would come to such a performance surely would be able to sit through a longer show to hear the lines read with more emotion.

The great thing about SL is the great scope for creating sets and costumes and even the appearance of actors is limited only by one's imagination (and technical skill too I guess), but movement is very limited unless the animations have been carefully choreographed and painstakingly put together. The actors in SL were usually wonderfully presented, in great looking skins and costumes, but they were all sat in a line on the stage, and didn't move about during the performance.

What all this means, in my opinion, is that I think drama in SL is rather limited to something similar to a radio play, where you only hear the voices, and don't see the performers, so the lack of quality in the voices, coupled with their lack of movement, produced a kind of hybrid that didn't really satisfy many people.


Another Singularist.

The last thing we need in Second Life. But then again that was why they named it SECOND life. All the dupes in the media and other games laugh at it because of the "loser" name.

However they don't see the danger that everyone involved in SL is a big mover and shaker in Tech circles. That they are literally forcing everyone into singularity mindset by designing OUR tech tools according to their ideology.

As far as insanity goes. Will, Phil and probably even Rodvik along with the rest of their billionaire dupes really think that they will be uploaded into a dream world birthed by present day SL. That is really frightening.


Goodbye, Prok.

Either you pulled an Interlibber because your cats ate you out of your house, or you got banned or suspended for cause -- again (remember your previous suspensions).


Cat Cotton

"Really, what the Lindens have been itching to do all along is get in the pet business. They don't want to just get their commissions on sales or get their commissions on dollars used to buy pets or on land used to house pets, they want the whole thing. "

That's what I was thinking this evening too. This too will piss the community off given LL track record of taking over resident run businesses, and rightly so.
History repeats.

Vanilla Beaver

Last week you claimed your account would be back in 2 days maximum. Now you have been banned for almost a week. Did you receive a permaban?

Prokofy Neva

Um, no, I'm not banned. Er, what would I have done to get banned? Nothing.

If a billing fails to go through within 7 days, your accounts are suspended. You then have a 30 day grace period. I'm hoping it will be resolved in a day or two, it's not a big deal.

And you are...? Not somebody who has a real SL name.

I've never had any suspensions, and I'm certainly not "pulling an Intlibber," that's ridiculous.

Vanilla Beaver

Prokofy on October 31, 2011: "I've never had any suspensions"

Prokofy on August 24, 2009: "Rodney Linden Fan Club Gets Dear Leader Suspended" where you admit you have been suspended for TOS violations. And I remember you blogging about being removed from the people list on other occasions as well.

Vanilla Beaver

Let me refresh your memory

Dear Dear Leader,

This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account,
Dear Leader, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or
Community Standards.

Violation: Community Standards: Harassment, Verbal Abuse

Communicating with another Resident using offensively
coarse, intimidating or threatening language, or in any
other manner that is unwanted or likely to cause annoyance
or alarm is a violation of the Second Life Community

Prokofy Neva

Go back and read the same blog, dear, and the letter from LL, which says this:

No additional action is being taken at this time."

That was a "suspension notice" but with NO ACTION, i.e. not really a suspension -- it didn't result in being unable to log on. The only "punishment" was being expelled from Rodney's fan group. BTW, Rodney was later fired.

BTW you're banned because that's not a real name. You must use a real name to post hate messages here.


Btw., Jack Linden and lots of other Lindens were "fired" too. The disciplinary action against you is still valid. You were found guilty of a TOS violation, that's a fact, and it's in your LL criminal record.

Gerald Altenbrenner

The most likely explanation in my opinion is that you received a week-long (or even two-week or four-week) suspension for harrassment or some similar TOS violation (like you did in the past).

Prokofy Neva

I have not been suspended since...let me see...2004? When I was suspended once for 3 days and another time for I believe 3 days, the first for swearing in PG (thanks to Jauani Wu's provocation tping me into a PG telehub to heckle me) and thanks to Cristiano, who AR'd me for swearing at him because he told me that he had put a post from Nolan Nash exposing my RL information on which also contained a false allegation of plagiarism based on mistaken identity.

So for nearly *the last seven years* (!), since there has been quite a turnover of Lindens from the early days, I've never been banned from the world. There'd be no reason to ban me as I haven't ever done anything wrong.

Oh, and I hardly view these early episodes as authentic disciplinary actions, because they were instigated deliberately to harass and attempt to silence me, and had Lindens aiding and abetting it at the time (Nicole and Pathfinder).

I don't recall any other world suspensions since them -- I've had a few warnings now and then with the "no action" motion on them.

If a notice comes of a TOS violation that has NO ACTION that is not a disciplinary action, it's a warning. it goes in your record but it is not an ACTION and certainly not a suspension, i.e. where you can't log in.

I am not suspended now for any TOS violation. As noted, I have three accounts *disabled* because of a billing issue related to PayPal. It is being resolved. It's not a big deal. And you have a grace period in any event.

I find many people are simply ignorant about the billing system, how it works, and the problems that arise in it, but it's not my job to spell it all out when in fact the people harassing me with this now -- including Pixeleen/Mark McCahill, are only badgering me out of a vindictive glee in some ephemeral war they believe they are waging against me.

Gerald Altenbrenner

The fact remains, dear: You are not in the people list.

Prokofy Neva

No, the fact remains that you never existed in the people list, and aren't there now, bye.

Prokofy Neva

Vabe=Vanilla Bean=Seijin Roo=banned.

oops, you tripped up there, cupcake. buh-bye.


Well, I feel for Ina. Tough to give up a big project like that. I agree that animating them was not easy. Probably would have gotten a big boost if all the actors could use a kinect camera. I'm using 2 now for my mocap system and they work wonderfully.

The singularity, hmmm, it's interesting. Kind of crazy that things are progressing at such a rate that any of this seems even possible. Many would say that the internet is the singularity, we just haven't come close yet to tapping into the right way yet. It's definitely interesting. Considering all the government interventions, lies, and propaganda, and corporate interlinking I'd be very weiry of any kind of impant, lol.

Treasure Ballinger

Hope you get the payment issues resolved soon. I've found the only sure thing seems to be to have the cash in the USD on the website when it's due, anything else is a crap shoot, might work, might not.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, Treasure, that's what I obviously do usually. I sell my Lindens on the Lindex and leave the dollars to pay my tier. I then send amounts to my other accounts that owe tier and sell the dollars there, too, and leave them on those accounts. And I send to PayPal what I have left over. I also get customer payments on PayPal.

If I leave a PayPal direct account or a PayPal debit account as my forms of payment (I don't want to risk having a bank debit card and I don't own any credit cards), then it should go through. Usually it does. But I find sometimes it doesn't. I get a notice from PayPal that it has rejected the charge because of "suspicious activity" and they give me a number with an automatic recording where you can click that "yes" in fact the activity is valid. That's supposed to work. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes there are errors coming from the LL system -- there is 0 owed on the account, yet it still delivers an error saying the payment form isn't valid. If ignored, it goes away after a few times.

Another problem that happens is that if Paypal debits your bank, and you don't have funds to cover a debit, *even if there are funds* immediately put on your Paypal account, it keeps trying to debit your bank account again for 3 days. But if you set a limit on bank debits (as distinct from a limit on your LL account), it won't go through and will keep generating errors for like 3 days and then you have to call them. It also won't let you change that limit because it tells you that there is a "transaction in progress".

Usually the system works. This time it didn't for several reasons. However, it should be resolved soon, one way or another. There's a grace period.

Treasure Ballinger

Ah, a Paypal issue. I occasionally use Paypal, not often but have noticed that when I initiate a transaction, and request Paypal to withdraw funds from my bank account, it does so, immediately....and then the funds don't appear in Paypal for 5 business days. Where's the money? No clue! In transit? Paypal says 'In Process'; but it's gone from my bank account. Heavy traffic in cyber space.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, I suppose they make money off the float and that's how they can give you that cashback, which is one reason I use them.

It also works the other way -- when you transmit your funds on PayPal to your bank, it also takes like 3 days or more. Why isn't it instant? It's neither on your Paypal nor in your bank. At least they warn you that it will take some time, but still, you haev to wonder.

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