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October 09, 2011


Amanda Dallin

"Senban has written a Uri-type thumbsucker recently claiming that griefing is like the Natural Order of Things, with predatory foxes being unable to stop killing pixel chickens...and people who can't appreciate this Reality are somehow unrealistic or uncreative or against organic, freely-traded localvore coffee...or something."

When foxes are killing the chickens, farmers kill the foxes. It's the natural order of things.

Ann Otoole InSL

Stroker knows exactly how to finger SL creeps in real life. End of story.

Jumpman Lane

geeze prok, STROKER CREATED HUMPBOY LAME TO DEFAME ME! hehehehe i didnt create it.

i unno the fools they say i am but even as turds try to figure out who i am Linden Lab knows exactly who i am as they made me id verify with them when i was messing with torley. so esbe is inna clear

labratuout is either stroker or his flunky. i dont care either way.

Prokofy Neva

Just letting that one post from the awful Jumpman through as he claims he is not Esbee's husband, yet the Lab knows who he is because supposedly they checked his ID to unban him. That sounds...odd.

Labratuout isn't Stroker because Stroker knows the difference between Blue and Jimison.

cube inada

eventually, nothing is new. Just follow the money. and the truth will emerge.

i read this article in WIRED a few days ago... This is how virtual business will be.. either from teens in the Ukraine, or Con Men in the Valley or SOMA.

people get what they deserve. nothing new.

Emperor Norton hears a who?

Prok @ "Labratuout isn't Stroker because Stroker knows the difference between Blue and Jimison."

Or all three off them are just alts of Storker. Jumpman, Labrat and heck, even CheerGirl seem to have nothing on their mind but Stroker. That's a sock, not a human being. For example Wrong Hands will take time out to hate on you Prok or fight with themselves and not just obsesses with the JLU

Amanda Dallin

"Or all three off them are just alts of Storker. Jumpman, Labrat and heck, even CheerGirl seem to have nothing on their mind but Stroker. That's a sock, not a human being."

So Stoker is Jumpman? Seems a bit unlikely.

Jimison Taylor Hutchinson

Wow, so much opinion. So little fact. I'm Jimison Taylor Hutchinson. I am not Jumpman. I don't use Second Life. I don't use Twitter. I don't really care about either. I do care about liable. I suggest you find yourself a lawyer.

Prokofy Neva

No, Jimison, I won't be "finding a lawyer" because I haven't committed "liable" -- I think you mean "libel".

I've *reported on* allegations made about the true identity of Jumpman Lane. I've *given my opinion* that Jumpman is NOT Jimison Taylor Hutchinson. I've also given my opinions on the public blogs about Jimison's life *and I get to do that in a democratic free society, so bug off.*

(BTW, I have no idea if this post here is even from the real Jimison. It's from an IP address at an army base in the US that isn't the location where supposedly this injured National Guardsman and Esbee Linden are living at or have lived at.)

Say, let me break it down to you: I get to report on events and express my opinion in a blog without being harassed by threats of libel.

So if you *are* Jimison -- and I don't think you are -- take it to your own blog, big guy, because when people harass me and threaten me with libel suits, they can no longer post here, as it violates my rules that you cannot incite or cause damages against me.

Q. Marlatt

I would like to state that the majority of statements re: Jimison Hutchinson are so inaccurate that it makes my head spin. Every detail related to his location, his affilitation with Twitter and/or Second Life, his EX-wife "Esbee", current life, medical bills, physical conditions and any affiliation with the military is almost completely untrue. Of course, if I included the correct facts I do not think anyone would be moved to believe me.

I have never spent time in Second Life or Twitter, nor do I have any desire to. However, when I see someone's name being tossed around the internet (quite carelessly) I am compelled to defend their name. I can tell just by reading the alleged "facts" I have seen that "Jumpman"--nor any other character--is Jimison.

I understand that the writer of this story does implicate, at times, the possibility that Jumpman is not Jimison (and I appreciate the open-mindedness on that angle). Certainly people can realize that posting a picture of someone and adding a conspiracy theory and a character name does not necessarily equate truth.

I do not wish to argue or debate. I just wanted people to know the truth.

Prokofy Neva

"Q," you just sound like yet another alt of Jimison's. You must have a valid RL name or SL avatar name or blogger's name to post here.

There is nothing "untrue" written about Jimison or Jumpman. The allegations about him on an anonymous twitter account are *reported* and *analyzed*. Bloggers and journalists get to do that in a free society.

Indeed, I marshal the evidence to show that the anonymous tweeter LabRatUOut is likely WRONG, and that Jumpman doesn't seem like Jimison. Jumpman is indeed an odious personality and that's acknowledged.

And then Jimison himself such as he comes through in his identifiable online writings is also discussed and critiqued *and that's ok*. Nothing "false" is written about him. You don't sound like you've ever taken a single literature or critical thinking course whatsoever.

His claims are critiqued *and that's ok to do*. If he puts out public statements, it's more than fine for the public to question them and doubt them.

We all get that Jimison says he has nothing to do with Twitter or Second Life. Um, we have no way of verifying it, and as he seems a rather unpleasant and threatening personality, it's hard to believe. Nevertheless, I don't think he's Jumpman and I take him at his word.

He claims to still have some affiliation with the military and in the past, any way, apparently didn't have the funds, not surprisingly, to get medical care in the private sector and felt he had to insist on the military paying for it. That's *his* story, not mine, and so you're own belief that he isn't affiliated with the military seems to fly in the face of his own claims.

In any event, it's not relevant and you are merely giving it more unnecessary attention. I stand by my right to discuss public events and public figures in and around SL and I won't be bullied on this. And I can criticize soldiers even if they have made sacrifices for our country. The day we can't do that is the day we lose our freedoms.

Amanda Dallin

"And I can criticize soldiers even if they have made sacrifices for our country. The day we can't do that is the day we lose our freedoms."

You are very right Prok. I respect many soldier but anyone who claims they can't be questioned because they "sacrificed for their country" loses my respect. I suspect most who do this anonymously on the internet are not real veterans or soldiers.

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