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December 22, 2011


Ann Otoole InSL

You forgot one. If most of your predictions even remotely appear to be coming true then copybot will make a huge comeback as everyone vacuums their inventory out, regardless of permissions, and moves to open sim where nobody will care about LL wanting to be involved.

Oh and LL promised tier would not be increased in 2012. Well now that is a relief. Increasing tier from where it is would certainly end my tiny mainland holding.

Prokofy Neva

Well, no, I thought of that, Ann. And that's why I said they'd open the server code that people could use to give the exact same features. Or license it. The features with permissions. Those are server-side no?

and scripts -- which are server side too, no?


The winding down makes sense. I always considered SL to be some Kurzweil inspired, half-assed psych experiment.

What I do know is that if mainland is transferred to anyone without some kind of reimbursement to land holders there will be outrage and lawsuits. That will take the whole thing under. So, they will probably just pull the plug totally.

If LL does keep any land, it may be their pet projects like Nautilus and Bay City. But who knows? I'm wondering right now if I should dump everything, take my freebie premie plot and watch Ragnarok from there.


ar happned but like vr in the 90s.. it was all restricted to the 2d screen...

the screened phone is AR...but its simple and on screen... just as when in 1993 or so i saw how all the vr "gurus" needed vr to have silly goggles and gloves while 2 kids in the room showed a shooting nazi game on a pc monitor- fake 3d as 2d bending walled pixels) i knew those vr geeks were Doomed and they would win the future.;)


and didnt the vampire game die?
they were hawking a new kiddies game.. and last i saw the forums of the vampire game were a tomb...

ahh.staked for pennies...the end game... that was obvious..the only game they really make in VC land.

didnt i predict that?;)


the company created City of Eternals, a vampire MMO that launched in the fall of 2009. The game had some very engaged users, but it ultimately wasn’t a success, partly because Facebook wasn’t a great platform for synchronous games, or those played in real-time. (At least, that was the case at the time of the launch.)

whoops... i guess that all that Hammy expertise dint quite make the game..;)

so no sale? or wu cares.;)

elizabeth (16)


is why i read ur blog quite a lot

u say stuff in ways that other ppl not

makes u think outside the box when that happens

upto now i been thinking about the autohud in context of games

didnt make any sense at all not to have permissions for it

as a wallet money HUD thingy it makes perfect sense

im a bit slow sometimes (:

like always we in sl going to be the guinea pigs as ll roll the hud out to every shopkeeper and gamekeeper and whatever in sl. they going to stress test it on us, willing or not

nothing unusual about that tho. we kinda used to it now


have a merry xmas k and a happy new years and god bless u and ur family (:


Bundling with Google’s new operating system is another alternative — unless Google decides to go the OpenSim route as well. Integrating OpenSim into their platform will be cheaper and quicker than integrating the Second Life server software.

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