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February 13, 2012


Marx Dudek

The solution for this is for LL to lower tier fees. They've been making money hand over fist for years as technology and bandwidth costs have plummeted but fees for SL users have not.

What's telling is that, while so much of the mainland is abandoned or for sale at low prices nobody will pay, the current situation is still profitable for them. So until that changes, the situation will not change.

Don't worry, though. Once the owner of this land can no longer afford to sustain their own cost in an attempt to put the land up for sale, they will abandon it, and the price will go from $0.9/m2 to $1.0/m2.

A Facebook User

You'd be surprised. I dont understand why, but many people would rather take a loss from tier eating them alive than abandon. I`ve watched almost a whole sim go unsold for months on mainland and in a few months i bet it will still be unsold, even though the cost of that empty land makes eventually selling it pointless.

Cinder Roxley

I needed to dump some land quickly to grab a parcel I needed, so I lowered the price L$100 at a time until a bot eventually scooped it up. 2048m for less than 0.2L$/m

Breen Whitman

TCO(Total cost of ownership) of data center space is largely consistent and known.

If too many of these older sims are empty then, somewhere, a square metre of data centre revenue is reduced.

Han Held

You can rent a homestead for the same price that you'd pay for 1/2 sim of mainland AND have estate-level access. It's no surprise you can find sim-sized chunks of mainland for sale, it's just amazing that more of them aren't 1L$/m2

Marx Dudek

Also, there's a horse mill on the sim. Nobody wants land full of heavily-scripted breedables - except other owners of heavily-scripted breedables.

Marx Dudek

Also, the fact that 1/2 sim is $125 while a full sim is only $70 more.

There are a lot of factors that go into the value of mainland.

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