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May 30, 2012



i dont beleive in conspiracies. or utopia.
i dont believe in "free" at all...
CCC no free in there//
i have USED=payed for and stolen and been given, not imagined what propriatary 2d/3d tool software is for 20 years... in real law driven buisness.. not the fairy land of SL or the web3d consortoum or webgl as well.

good that phlilip and mitch invest, they will loose money..and they deserve too... these kids will make a decent buck and then entire shebang will be sold to MS at a loss as was caligari.. which had this "new" shared method of 3d... 7 years ago-- and as vivaty which also played the same evil con game on the devoted old vrml/x3d fanboyz that predated the SL scam..\

i creat scifi fictions.. not scifi scams in realife like LRON or PHILLIP or these kids.. and i never ever supported them willingly...

cost of governance... yes.. the good idea thats been thunked into no new taxes... by greedy bastards removing law... their use of the medium that allows the delusion of control... voting on singers or making pennies via youtube and blogs....


btw- sunglass... will be as dead of so many 3d start ups within 18 months...

global 3d non SL fanboyz have already tasted the smell of google warehouse and sketchup being removed from their poor indian student hands... they wont be using these white mans scams much longer. why should they.. they can crack and use MAYA anyway...


mermaids are real and being hidden from us by the us cia using proprietary 3d cgi and the animal planet cable network...
back to looking for a squatch.

Anya Ristow

If there's a market for collaborative building, it will be added to established tools. The Sunglass folks will be looking for their next project soon enough.

SL was never about collaborative building as much as a public space to display solitary works.


lego my eggo.

cont be surprised to see webgl based collobrative toys asking for user generated "monetization" all over in the next 5 years...

just beware the salesman and the agenda..

if you hear any "betterverse" hype...or "democratization of tools" run away from the plague to come..

rex cronon

i think that sunglass might actually bring more life to sl. right now is impossible to create/edit a mesh in sl. sunglass could help builders to build in it and than uploaded in sl. for small groups of builders working together on a build it would be quite useful. if ll were to buy it and integrate it with the viewer...

Prokofy Neva

Well, that's what I said, a shared space to show your solo project. That's what people want, not collaborative builds, but collaborative show and tells.

And you say you don't believe in conspiracies, but you are always writing stuff like this:

"dont be surprised to see webgl based collobrative toys asking for user generated "monetization" all over in the next 5 years...

just beware the salesman and the agenda."

It's a typical statement of yours where you use your experience and insights to project some negative defeatist picture into the future where evil people in suits are going to exploit creative people in hoodies and...I just never quite buy it. That is, I'm quite prepared to believe they're evil and exploitative, but I always wonder if it is really as bad as you say.

After all, what really stops you from having a business in SL? Only the lack of people who like Star Trek type stuff. It's more of a girls' game... Maybe you should switch to My Little Pony verse...

I saw Hamlet ne Linden Au also has a piece on this subject in which he asked Philip about the investment and he said it wasn't a big amount. (But how much can it take to keep two guys alive in a start-up?)

Yes, I remember Caligari. I remember subscribing to their newsletters and reading about them and wondering how I could use it for $400 or whatever it was, and now...where is it?

Rex, if mesh is impossible to build in SL (which is why I dislike it) then...what were they thinking? Of course people have to build it on a 3-d program. So what were they expecting people to do? Because they planned mesh before they invested in Sunglass...right? Or maybe not...

But c3, just WHAT KIND of cost are you willing to pay? You don't think "free" is right; so what is it? Not $50,000, and not $400, but $40?

Yes, the Sunglass people used the word "democratization" of tools in their presentation. Well, not really. Democratization of tools is when I can pick up pieces of stuff or rez out prefabbed pieces like in The Sims Online and make a house very quickly and chose wallpaper, etc.

Wayfinder Wishbringer wrote about this capacity in Active Worlds as well, and said that there is a Marketplace that used to be a social hangout where people came and bought pieces to use to build.

Well, SL has some of that, you can buy sculpty items and then texture them yourself or pieces of castles and then put them together. But it's still probably more complex than the average person wants to attempt.

Now wouldn't that be funny if LL bought Sunglass! But surely they wouldn't have the money to do that...

Say, would that put a wrench in Q Linden's works?


cost should equal value...

caligari is dead. killed after it was bought by MS around 2007.but in its last design-it lived for 15 year before MS... it pioneered "immersive 3d collaboration" for pc software... i dont know what Roman is up to today.havent spoke to him in many years.

btw-- most evil people in 3d software don't were suits... they wear polo type shirts and kackis... usually with a logo on the chest...

what stops anyone from "owning a business in SL" is that you dont "own the business" nor have any say in the mediums future. in other words. its for the other peoples money, or your vanity/wallets burn alone.

and i could have made money selling sex scifi in sl, or sex pony rides... or you can still today.. why didnt you?.. i didnt cuase thats not what i want my legacy to be...

the porn sellers have been on my doorstep in terms of new media since the late 80s..


maybe i should have done cam porn for old ladies...;) but cie la vie


a 3d software package that sells from between 500-1500.00 for professionals to use as they see fit.... has been a "fair" value in my experience over 20 years. An Upgrade of "real value" every 3 years or so is also fair...

tools..sold for a fair price for ROI.

the same software had traditionally been offered to students and for non professionals in versions that were much less expensive...

of course the industry leader today, AUTODESK...created their monopoly that they have today, by "purposely distributing cracked copies of 3dmax -online- offline-" and seeding the "free generation" from aprox. 1996-2001. today Autodesk has bought out most of their competition and controls the pricing of almost all 3d/ cad apps...

but these kids want to dissrupt the old crooks with their new crook...

conspiracy? no. history.

rex cronon

sculpties were the intermediate step to meshes. they are actually meshes but in simpler format. that is why is easy to convert them to mesh. the sculpties should have lasted longer and gotten better(animated, flexible...) but 3D modelers got frustrated with them so they convinced ll to introduce meshes faster. blender is supposed to be the tool for meshes, but not everybody "loves" it. there are people in sl that made scripted tools to create sculpties, and now are working on creating scripted tools for mesh creation(TheBlack Box should know more about this).


btw-- the blender foundation.
learn about the history of blender..
and how many years its been....
and what marketshare it has...


designers would rather pay or steal an Autodesk product.

why? - time and or money for their sake. nothing meta.

scuplties presented people with only the ability to spend alot of time/vs money to make Lindens system work...

Ive preferred open standards for formats.. and having encryption added by a multiple of proprietary vertical market engines for value distributions...

that all died with web2.0 biz models and the new serfdom

Ann Otoole InSL

the only "secondlife killer" about this is now people see LL's investors don't give a damn about SL anymore so people will be pulling out. was a great run.

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