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June 02, 2012



the phone. the tv before it.. are the INTERFACES to the VIRTULAIZED....

THE more flat ,,the more ROI...

so we get simple borgs.... eating and shitting.... and lots of chatter.

beleiveing they re the "comunity" colective" but not understandign they have a borg queen...

gov. 3.0


"but I don't virtualize reality as successfully as others."

but if you are infected by MIPS...
"media induced psychosis"....

you virtualize just fine...

"for me to poop on!".

good article.. wallace still a hack.;) remember he wanted virtuality to be like 1968.. not 1938... so he got what he wanted i guess... and he gets to write fodder for rolling stone for pennies again


No, the TV, the phone *are the virtualizers*. They are not mere "interfaces" beyond which lies that perfect virtual world intact which you so believe in, even after everything.

They are the virtualizers AND the interface *and the world*. Like Chinatwon. *Slap*. "She's my daughter *and* my sister."

Don't exaggerate, people don't shit online, well, except in The Sims Online, which, of course, preparing them for that eventuality...


interface : nothing "mere" about it...

in·ter·face   [n. in-ter-feys; v. in-ter-feys, in-ter-feys] Show IPA noun, verb, in·ter·faced, in·ter·fac·ing.
a surface regarded as the common boundary of two bodies, spaces, or phases.
the facts, problems, considerations, theories, practices, etc., shared by two or more disciplines, procedures, or fields of study: the interface between chemistry and physics.
a common boundary or interconnection between systems, equipment, concepts, or human beings.
communication or interaction: Interface between the parent company and its subsidiaries has never been better.
a thing or circumstance that enables separate and sometimes incompatible elements to coordinate effectively: The organization serves as an interface between the state government and the public.

i believe in perfect virtual worlds?..
i believe in moments of art...thats about it. thats the best virtual or real can provide us.

your the one who believes in "another world" beyond this.

the interface between two people brains..with out technology, are the 5 senses... --- and we do so well with them alone...


BTW-- Google trends seems to be telling me that "famous A actors" are now "peeing on film" so "my guess is that shitting online" will soon be all the relevant rage....

and btw-- i used to have "using gui" dreams when i first began on the mac in the mid 80s... after 14 hrs straight of icon clicking/mouse dragging images on screen, having dreams that continued such interfacing..was common for a year or so...

i had drawn, painted, culted, built stuff for decades before... very few of those actions ever "repeated in my dreams" in such direct "iconic" visual ways...

this is again "virtualities" over realities... due to interface and the electric medium.

Desmond Shang

We are all at the very beginning of something monstrously huge.

I wonder what people said of the nascent automobile industry in 1895. That's about where our perspective is now, for this coming 'world of ideas' ~ not just the internet, but much, much more.

* * * * *

I'm bullish on mobile tech too, much potential there, but if there was ever a hype curve then smartphones and tablets are riding the crest of it.

Prokofy Neva

Really, Desmond? Monstrously huge? I can't help thinking of the tag line I've seen lately, "We dreamt of flying electric cars, what we got were 140 characters." And that's about the size of it.

This tiny screen, as portable and controllable as it is, isn't going to amount to much until it becomes the remote control to Screens Everywhere, which are being made and tested, of course, on refrigerators, table tops, walls. I didn't realize that one of the down-sides of ubiquitous screens are the projectors you'll have to mount in the ceiling like lights, and the question then of how that affects your health or how hackable it becomes.

It's hard to see how you are both "bullish" and admitting a "hype curve".

BTw, more on the death of the video games industry here:

And more evidence that Mark Wallace, in crediting Facebook with killing SL, is merely singling out one thing that FB has killed -- and hasn't actually killed (yet).

Desmond Shang

Both bullish and admitting a hype curve. That's worth explanation.

Let's talk flying cars, for a moment. One could be bullish on cars in the 1960's, and also admit a hype curve. Here we are in 2012 with, let's face it, pretty good cars. Less polluting, safer, more efficient, way more reliable... but no, they don't fly.

Hype doesn't negate actual honest value, it just inflates it to the point of being stupid.

Now back to mobile. Ironically, those "140 characters" eliminated a lot of need for transportation.

Here's a really mundane example. My son will text something like "pick me up at 5" at lunchtime. His school is 5 miles away through heavy traffic, not around the corner. Rather than sit there wondering what happened or have to drag him to a library later, separately, this is just plain useful.

* * * * *

The neat thing about mobile tech is that it's finally becoming culturally accepted, and it's also removing a lot of the old assumptions and excuses of past times.

Far beyond communication, we all walk around with the entire knowledge of mankind in our pockets, if we care to look. I've looked up a bird species in the park (happened to be an American Widgeon) and so forth. Reading and books are now more available than ever. I can do business 24/7 from nearly anywhere, if I wish.

It's not spectacular or anything, but this kind of access can only mean good things. It's driving basics like literacy, and opening up markets too.

Cathiee McMillan

"It's driving basics like literacy, and opening up markets too."

How do you see that mobile tech is improving or driving Literacy.
Look at Twitter or any other texting its about 1 line segments.
Being a slave to your device is getting people killed. Look at the kids who text while driving and killing people? The Polls show the younger generation knows its not good but do it anyway.

Having to be in touch and wired in 24/7 is bad, you miss the wonders of things with that device wired to you. Yea so you were able to look up a bird but while you were looking down at the device you missed another interesting looking bird or some other thing.

I do believe that eventually being wired all the time like we are to devices we will get what Gibson called the Black Shakes. Where we are finally affected from all the wifi and cellular running around.

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