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June 26, 2012


Coral Gausman

I see some white prims, but where is the proof of Woodbury being back?

Prokofy Neva

Your comment is proof, that's what.

Miss Resident

Auryn Beorn

This is really becoming boring Prokofy.

Why don't you spend your time doing things more creative and give some thing back to Second Life? We run regular classes at BB and I would be pleased to extend a warm welcome to come and learn new skills, and help discover that inner creative spirit I know you have.

Prokofy Neva

Hi, Auryn Beorn, go fuck yourself! If you were griefed continually you'd do something about it. I believe these things need to be documented and recorded and that's part of deterring them. If you don't believe it, too bad!

I do plenty of creative things in Second Life, and I hardly need to come to "BB" and learn how to make boring little redundant kitsch Christmas villages (!) or surburban home and garden supplies. There are so many people in SL more talented than you!

Oh, and thanks for revealing your new alt, Tizzers! Buh-bye!

Arabella Steadham

Give me a break. Noone is griefing you. Maybe once in a while a noob or something leaves a few prims there because you *deliberately* leave your settings open for everyone to rez, just so you can scream about being griefed to feel important. In the above picture someone has rezzed a couple of prims, but it could be just anyone (even you), for whatever reason, and most importantly, you could have prevented it if you wanted to. It's your land and you decide whether other people are allowed to rez things there.


wow prok I guess everyone is tizzers now. remember trolling is 99% caused by the trollie your causing your own drama prok.

Prokofy Neva

Good Lord, Arabella, is that you?! The queen of Emerald griefing as ever is was.

No, this is the same person/people who have been griefing me for 5 years now. It's no noobie, not when they dress up like Tizzers with red hair and a purse, etc. and have the old Soviet builds in every day-old inventory, they are getting them from a group or stash somewhere.

I don't "scream about griefing" to feel important. I document it. And keep documenting it. And eventually the law is enforced Arabella, now, isn't it, as it was with Emerald. That's what you do in a civilized country, and if you don't live in one, you behave as if you do until it becomes one. I'll wait.

As for preventing it, I remain dedicated to open groups on the mainland. The convenience for all the new people joining or friends of existing people so overwhelms the occasional griefscapade that there's no question.

But in this case, the griefer is exploiting something because they are rezzing on land with no-build even.

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