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July 30, 2012


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Prokofy Neva

1) Millenium Sands is IMing me and telling me about all the many activities he has in SL which I just don't know about, and hinting that if I really knew who is main account was, I'd be surprised.

Well, um, surprise us then, Millenium, because alts can't post here, take responsibility for your hateful comments, or be gone.

2) Same goes to Lowbridge Highwater, who is writing and IMing me inworld that I must be "afraid" of his comments and "fear" criticism. *Snort*. Um, no. HE is the one who fears taking responsibility for his hateful comments by posting on his main. Cowards can't post here. End of story. Plenty of people post hateful comments without a problem, they just have to use their main account.

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