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July 30, 2012


Prokofy Neva

This CoyBlitz had a display name Tazzers -- I wondered at the time whether this was a Tizzers alts, but the manner and the groups just didn't fit at all. I figured it was an innocent account with no pre-history, that's why I even talked to her.

Then I see her show up on Ravenglass just as this new Tizzers alts shows up. And then later here in Alston, plotting with Tizzers.

I think what happened is that Tazzy is unrelated to Woodbury but is now carrying a grudge and Tizzers is trying to organize digruntled tenants. Lame.

John Turnbull

Oh come on. Nobody is griefing you. If you think placing a sionchicken on your lawn is griefing, get a clue. Having rented from you years ago, I have to say interacting with you was an utterly unpleasant experience. You routinely harrass your own tenants and everybody you meet, even people you haven't met. I happen to know CoyBlitz and she is a nice person. You griefing and harrassing her was completely uncalled for! So if someone places a sionchicken on your lawn: Well done!

Best regards

John Turnbull

Prokofy Neva

I guess SL didn't work out for you, John, because you're no longer in the People List!

In fact I have to wonder how you got to know this relatively new avatar Tazzy when you're not even in existence!

I don't recall any such tenant and I don't "routinely harass" my tenants on their self-service rental that have lots more latitude than other mainland rentals and certainly island rentals.

In fact, it's that latitude that this totalitarian griefer is trying to exploit, as you are.

Perhaps CoyBlitz is a nice woman. In other circumstances, I might even appreciate that. But she wasn't clear in what she was talking about with her faux gobble-de-gook about "options" and "customization" -- people start talking like TV ads and don't realize how they sound, it's cultural I guess.

Once it was cleared up, and it was explained to her politely but firmly, she took a fit and went into bitch mode. And then threatened me. And that's when she gets published. It's not personal. It's a deterrent. So that people who get disparaging information about me can also find the history of this and see what happened and make their own judgement. The more intelligent of them will.

She isn't "griefed or harassed," she was told how the system work and told that I'm not here to role-play "professional business people" here with her online. I'm here to sell self-service rentals. Your mileage may vary. Fortunately you have LOTS of choice in SL.

The notion that people get to harass and bully me over some disgruntled tenant who feels like she was "sassed" and "dissed" by someone in an online world is ridiculous, but it's part of the culture now, like the bullying of chick-fil-A over their beliefs.

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