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July 14, 2012


Kim Anubis

While I know what you think of me, it was really crappy of you to drag Racer's love life into this, about which you know nothing. You like and respect him, and yet you use his tender bunny heart for tabloid fodder? This is just about the lousiest thing I have ever seen you do. You're an idiot, and you owe Racer an apology.

You have some logs to quote, but your chronology is all screwed around. You also don't know anything about my business relationship with Bun, and apparently didn't realize several other people worked on the island. It was many years ago -- 2004 or 5 -- so I'm not surprised.

I doubt anyone but you and I cares about most of what you've written here, and I don't think you're ever going to get it, even if I spend five hours rebutting each point and pulling up my own chat logs. So screw it.

Anyone who's been around long enough to care about the SL history brought up here knows your reputation, and knows mine. They know how you twist stuff, and they know that I'm so freaking honest that it gets me into trouble. I don't think I need to bother with a rebuttal.

I'm going to refresh your memory on one thing, Prok. You and I were on our way to being what I would have called friends, or at least I thought so. We had some really cool conversations about online communities and virtual worlds, and I thought you were sharp and funny as hell. I was psyched about that other project we discussed, for after the island, and I was thinking that we could do some really cool stuff together -- show people how it really should be done. Then, one day, you IMed a scripting question. I said toss me the code and I'll look at it, and fix it for you. You had a fit. You went off about techies always trying to hoard the knowledge, to keep people dependent, by fixing things for them, instead of teaching. You treated me as if I had shot your dog or something. That was our big falling out -- it escalated from then until today.

Thing is, Prok, you totally got it wrong. I wasn't some geek trying to hoard the knowledge. I was a beginning scripted taking scripting classes, and I couldn't actually just up and give you the answer, because I didn't know it. I needed to poke at the script and look some stuff up to get it to work. And I tried to tell you that at the time, but you wouldn't listen. You assumed malicious intent. When I was trying to help you.

And that's what's wrong with you, Prok. When you get it wrong, that's why.

You were wrong about me then, and you're still wrong about me, though it stopped hurting a long time ago. I did get a great giggle out of your description of me supposedly "descending among the plebes" though. I never have to do any self-aggrandizing cause I can always count on you.

Prokofy Neva

Including RacerX in the story isn't "tabloid fodder". It's giving credit where credit is due in a self-serving and one-sided story of the island project. He was really the one I was in touch with and discussed things with -- you were a kibbutzer and just had to horn him. He was well shed of you, that's for sure.

We were never "on the way to being friends". That's some self-delusion you are indulging in.

I looked at the authors of the objects, I don't see "several other people". If there were, such as in a waterfall, great, but geez, this isn't the Taj Mahal. It's a nice little landscaping job with some nice features, no need to outsize it.

Everyone knows you had a romantic as well as business partnership for a time, it's a public matter, why be so coy and angry about it? And like many SL relationships, it ended and people moved on to other things. Good!

Indeed, tekkies are always trying to keep people dependent, and I hate that. Really do. It's well worth fighting about. I don't recall any other project planned and the scripting incident was just an annoyance -- yet another FIC putting themselves in the loop and encouraging dependency.

The idea that there was some sudden turning point in which a happy and robust intellectual relationship suddenly went south is a fiction. It was not like that at all. From the beginning I thought you were bossy, a show-off, and overbearing. Like I said, Racer was well shed of you. So was I. You were never my friend and that's all there was to it. We don't share the same beliefs and attitudes and values, even if we come from a similar generation. That's all there is to it. Deal with it. You are not loved. You are disliked.

You imagine you are a Tragically Misunderstood Artist lol. Maybe the tragedy is that you are all too well understood.

I haven't "twisted" anything but merely told the truth, and supplied ample documentation of your self-serving manipulation of events, like claiming you weren't informed about a 67 cent rental ending when in fact you were -- then revealing your hypocrisy by saying in the next paragraphs that a reason was given in fact -- but you just found it too odd, never conceding that creating a separate, elite market for GSPs and big business was thoroughly disgusting in every way and contrary to the open spirit of SL.

Kim Anubis

As for the stuff about the Enterprise program ... We've been over all that before. There is still an NDA keeping me from defending myself, and you know it. It sure wasn't my idea.

While I was bothered enough to see you using yet another former tenant as a chew toy that I felt like speaking up, I'm not going to make documenting the 67-cent tragedy my work for the day.

And the personal stuff is, for anyone but you and me, drama. And I'm bored with it already. I guess I'm finally over it.

I can't tell if you really did think I was a pushy windbag way back then, or if you're remembering feeling that way earlier than you actually did, or if you're just trying to make me feel bad now (though, of course, I have no doubt of your current feelings). Anyway, once upon a time, I really did think we were going to be friends. In retrospect, that's pretty damn crazy, huh? It's so crazy that, as worn out as I am by this point, it's still a twinge sad, and the same when I read you apparently still have that island. Wow, I had such a good time building that with my friends ... It was so long ago, and SL was so different, and I miss those times.

I do admit to a personal failing you've indicated above. I take this stuff personally, all of it. SL (and the people in it) has never been just business for me, and that's why it was so easy for you to wind me up. I can't feel bad for caring about it, or for caring in general, though sometimes it's a real pain in the butt.

I wish I had known back in 2004 or whenever it was we were having those long interesting conversations that you actually didn't like me or think my work was of value. I would have just refunded you on the fireplaces if you couldn't place them yourself and I would have told you to find someone else to help with your other prim-handyman needs and that would have been that. I'm sure you would have dragged me onto your blog with the other GSPs, but you wouldn't have had so much ammo, and I wouldn't have for a time had the misimpression that, if I put in enough time and effort, we might come to understand each others' views.

Oh well. It seems to be a time of nostalgia and stock-taking for a lot of us old Residents lately, and I guess this is just a part of that.

Guitar String

So Prok pretends to be friendly with a creator and manufactures a reason to toss them aside when she no longer finds them useful. Why am I not the least bit surprised? Even followed suit with a perfectly executed "I never liked you to begin with" bit sprinkled with fudged timelines and that wonderful revisionist history we've all come to expect. What a miserable old windbag. Sorry you had the misfortune of having to deal with this internet nutcase Kim.

Prokofy Neva

1. Kim's recollection is HUGELY self-serving and selective. I never liked her, never even liked her creations that much (that stone oven is too big and unwieldy for most homes) and I have no idea what she's talking about when she thinks we were friends and going to do some great project together. This is insane.

2. Kim has trouble understanding her own limitations as she's probably been flattered and coddled too much but if there was some long convo with her, it was probably her doing the talking or remembering a few exchanges as more than they were.

3. I didn't friend Kim or toss her aside. I friended in fact her then-boyfriend. I talked to her, merely because at first, I bought some products from her (Tibetan yoga sit cushions) and some candles or something, that's all.

4. There aren't any fudged time lines as I've reprinted them exactly as they are.

5. As suspected, "Guitar String" is not an account in Second Life. Boot/ban/bye!


cant we all get a....oh yeah. he's dead.

i just watched a video from some google invites authors thing.. tossed onto g+

had the head of EFF... bring Vernor vinge in to talk to "students" google employees at lunch?

anyhow... he said that google funds the singularity university -down the block ...

the room of dudes all read their libertarian/anarchist sci fi.. and discussed the science.. well one guy "got the fiction part" of the singularity....

then they all went back to work on making it non fiction...

kinda makes he whole sharing online and commooonity thing kinda silly.

inyaface strikes again.

Eva Destruction

I just found it funny that Prokofy wants "knowledge" to be freely shared so badly, but has one of those stupid you-must-pay-me-as-a-consultant-because-my-knowledge-is-valuable Picks on his profile.

Real life consultants offer qualifications and professional insurance to the client Prokofy, and I will bet you have neither.

Prokofy Neva

Um, nice try there "Eva," but you're spouting nonsense. I'm very much for consultants being PAID. That's why I put in my profile that I want to be PAID. I expect other people who do work to be PAID.

My point about the "information wants to be free" freaks is that want OTHER PEOPLE's information and knowledge to be free, while THEY CHARGE. They are hypocrites and exploiters.

I have 8 years of experience in Second Life and quite a lot of knowledge, actually, but it doesn't matter, because I don't need your approval.

Meanwhile, next time you'll have to tell us WHICH Eva Destruction you are in SL or you can't post here!

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