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July 21, 2012


Melissa Yeuxdoux

If memory serves, Weiner is Jewish. Sadly, you're probably right about what someone will say about not being willing to vote for Weiner.

Amanda Dallin

Excellent article. Strawberry Singh's pic is beautiful an I'm glad I went to her blog to see the original.

When you said, "In fact, there are many Muslim women in the world who practice their faith but also go to the beach in such bathing suits" I couldn't help but laugh. Not that you are wrong. I lived I Saudi Arabia when my father worked there in the 1980s. You reminded me of the women laying in the sun on the beach in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in full abaya and niqab. Their henna stained ankles were getting a nice tan. There was a beach about 10 miles south of Jeddah where Westerners would go so women and girls could enjoy the beach too and the coral reef just off the beach. We could have gotten into a world of trouble if the Mutawwa'în (religious police) saw us.

Western women were required to wear long dresses and head scarves when in public. Muslim women had to wear the full abaya and niqab over any other clothing when in public. I knew a Saudi girl who loved to visit western friends so she could wear the jeans that were forbidden too her even in her own home. She had lived in the US for a couple of years.

Of course this kind of law does not apply in all or even most Muslim countries, just those that accept full shariah law. Saudi might have loosened up a bit since the American military has been there but not that much.

Prokofy Neva

I get all that, Amanda. Duh!

But are you really sure that in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, and lots of other countries with Muslim populations that women don't go to the beach in bathing suits?

Because they do.

But what I'm most keen to do here is show up the hypocrisy of people who selectively portray a complexity, and do so for politically-correct reasons and to lord it over others.

Amanda Dallin

Never said they didn't Prok. In fact I agreed with you. DUH!

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