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July 30, 2012



The people that have spent oodles of time and money in there have left. Veni vidi vici.

The new kids coming in that are tolerant of the poor performance issues of SL... are so young they don't have money. And if they do... they sure as hell aren't going to spend it on the gaming experience that is SL. There's Xbox...

I see asking for advice as a way of stirring up the former bourgeoisie. I say former because their fan base is pretty much gone now too... and well, everyone blogs now so it hardly makes anyone special... even if they insist that they are. :)

Trying to wring a few more drops of debate, trolling, bickering, self-important pixel posturing in the hopes that it stirs up interest in the cash cows that remain.

But even those cows aren't spending anymore.

It's interesting to watch. :)

I am sorry you are getting bothered again by griefers. Personally I've always been tempted to machinima them and send the video to their place of business.

Real world should know what kind of nut jobs they have employed. Virtual worlds are a dumping ground for neurotic vents and surreal silliness that makes me shake my head and wonder why I spent thousands in there in the first place.

Lori / Skylar

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