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July 31, 2012


Prokofy Neva

Here's the sort of conversation this "journalist" produces with this moron -- I ejected her and the griefer both who were lounging in my office, and she claims that therefore *I'm* the griefer -- this is the Herald word-salad in action. Lame.

[2012/07/30 13:45] Millennium Sands: No need to unblock me, but here's my profile descrition anyway. (No - It's not a webprofile. I boycott them): "I model, build, script, photograph, trade land, worked as a club manager, etc. From time to time I write reports for the Alphaville Herald, but my main occupation is race driving.

Due to race requirements my online friends notifications are turned off!

I check my E-Mail once in 3 months, or less. Please, contact me inworld!" By the way: Thanks for promoting me to chief of the reporter group. To me it still looks like I'm a common Herald Reporter, and I can't even pick another role in that group. Well, guess who my main account might be. I'll not tell it, because I'm damn sure you would never believe it. :D
[2012/07/31 15:04] Millennium Sands: (Saved Tue Jul 31 16:44:15 2012)Ok. Those new renters are likely not innocent at all. First time (not counting the "lady" you talked with about the money trees) you convinced me.
[2012/07/31 15:05] Prokofy Neva: You have a poor memory of your own statements "Well, guess who my main account might be. I'll not tell it, because I'm damn sure you would never believe it. :D"
[2012/07/31 15:11] Millennium Sands: Yeah. Would you ever believe that Millennium Sands is Millennium Sands? Probably not, because you're simply too paranoid about alts. But think twice: Would someone for the sole purpose to harrass you with 5 lines on your blog make an account 5 years ago and start a carreer as a racer, and win more than 60 tropys? ;D
[2012/07/31 15:13] Prokofy Neva: anyone from the Herald would harass me, so yeah, bye1
[2012/07/31 16:51] Millennium Sands: Can you return those chickens easily? The creator claims you can.
[2012/07/31 16:56] Prokofy Neva: Um, yes dear. Do you understand how SL works? The problem is he just puts them out again. He has to be banned, he has to be removed from the group and the group closed to prevent him from doing that and using the exploits, even on land where NO BUILD is set
[2012/07/31 16:57] Prokofy Neva: and I am not willing to close my group, end of story. I do it temporarily just while I clean up sometimes or deal with some tenant but it's not on, I will wait it out
[2012/07/31 16:57] Prokofy Neva: Upi dpm
[2012/07/31 16:57] Prokofy Neva: You don't get how an open society works or how this totalitarian is exploiting it, but whatever
[2012/07/31 16:57] Prokofy Neva: I don't give interviews to the Herald, which has always been an inciter of the worst kind of griefing against me.
[2012/07/31 16:57] Prokofy Neva: Good day
[2012/07/31 17:01] Millennium Sands: Prok. Stop acting like an idiot and let me find a way to help you. I'm not asking you for an interview or whatever. But if you torpedoe me again and again it really looks like you actually use this griefing as a sort of propaganda!
[2012/07/31 17:02] Millennium Sands: Millennium Sands: Hi Curt.
CurtOlsson Resident: hi
Millennium Sands: Do you have a particular reason why you rezzed those chickens over there?
CurtOlsson Resident: yes, i like chickens
Millennium Sands: How wonderfull. A guy with a heart for animals! :)
CurtOlsson Resident: chickens are like small people
CurtOlsson Resident: there should be a chicken in every house
Millennium Sands: Really? I'd like to hear more about this.
CurtOlsson Resident: I'd rather be interested in hearing why you are making yourself at home in Prokofy's office
Millennium Sands: I'm just relaxing here. Just like you.
CurtOlsson Resident: i see
CurtOlsson Resident: Prokofy does too
Millennium Sands: Well, it's Prokofys home. And I'm years old...
Millennium Sands: ...but you are just 2 days old...
CurtOlsson Resident: and this leads us where?
Millennium Sands: ...makes me wonder....
Millennium Sands: avatar who is just 2 days old and has nothing better to do than to bless this sim with chickens?
CurtOlsson Resident: i'm merely ble
[2012/07/31 17:02] Millennium Sands: ssing it with my presence now, Prokofy seems to like the chickens (she hasn't removed them for ages)
Millennium Sands: Oh, from what I know, she can't.
CurtOlsson Resident: my presence, like your presence
CurtOlsson Resident: of course she can
Millennium Sands: How?
CurtOlsson Resident: um, it's her land. she can just return them
Millennium Sands: Great. I asked her if it looks that easy to her.
CurtOlsson Resident: good
CurtOlsson Resident: I'd be happy to help
Millennium Sands: What woild you do if she can't return the chickens that easily, but would still like to get rid of them? Would you help her?
CurtOlsson Resident: yes
CurtOlsson Resident: i would help her removing them of course
CurtOlsson Resident: but she can do it herself, it's her land
CurtOlsson Resident: i think she wants to showcase them, maybe because they are very impressive chickens
Millennium Sands: Well, reliable sources tell me she would like to get rid of them, but doesn't know how. Why don't you pick them up right now, just to be sure?
CurtOlsson Resident: you are not Prokofy, if she tells me that's what she wants, I'll do it of course
Millennium Sands: Well, and if I just ask you to dop me a personal favou
[2012/07/31 17:02] Millennium Sands: ?
CurtOlsson Resident: you are not Prokofy, if she tells me that's what she wants, I'll do it of course
Millennium Sands: Well, and if I just ask you to dop me a personal favour and pick them up?
CurtOlsson Resident: why would it be a favour to you? How does you fit in here?
Prokofy Neva took a snapshot
Millennium Sands: Let's say, the chickens annoy me here. But if you love them, you could rez them at my place. :)
Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.
The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator : Second Life Server
Previous simulator: Second Life RC LeTigre
More info at:
[2012/07/31 17:07] Prokofy Neva: Um, I don't need any "help" as I said. I'm not interested in furthering your "journalistic" career. It's been explained over and over to you, and it's on my blog: one example of this griefing has been left *for people to abuse report because he's still here"
[2012/07/31 17:08] Prokofy Neva: he puts them out over and over on about 4 sims -- he's just not doing that now because he's been ejected from the group and/or he's trying to play dumb with you
[2012/07/31 17:08] Prokofy Neva: ask any of the tenants on Ravenglass and they will tell you how the place is bombarded and I am put int he ban list to make it difficult to get through and remove the junk
[2012/07/31 17:08] Prokofy Neva: You don't "ask for help" to remove something from somebody who has bombarded you for 6 weeks on a series of alts with increasingly creepy junk
[2012/07/31 17:08] Prokofy Neva: have you not seen the pictures?
[2012/07/31 17:09] Prokofy Neva: he's removed the effigy of me in the chicken's mouth from this little "tableau" here to make it seem more benign
[2012/07/31 17:10] Prokofy Neva: aas for this tripe, "Well, reliable sources tell me she would like to get rid of them, but doesn't know how. Why don't you pick them up right now, just to be sure?" -== I said no such thing
[2012/07/31 17:10] Prokofy Neva: You're a manipulative idiot
[2012/07/31 17:10] Prokofy Neva: I said they were DELIBERATELY left as an example to go with my blog for opeople to AR, some people are helping that way
[2012/07/31 17:10] Prokofy Neva: now go away and get a life

[17:14] Millennium Sands: Well, I've read your blog, and I know you're... let's say "not always nice". But I still feel like people should do their business unharmed and personal disputes should be solved in a different way. Your refusal to accept any help aside from AR's looks shady to me, to be honest, but with or without your assistance, I'm determined to look deeper into this matter.
[17:15] Prokofy Neva: You are a fucking moron or else a deliberate troll or both
[17:15] Prokofy Neva: No one needs "help" from the griefing Herald
[17:15] Prokofy Neva: there isn't anything someone can "do" -- you imagine you can reason with a psychopath who leaves out naked effigies of me being brutalized, burned on fires, murdered, etc
[17:15] Prokofy Neva: are you fucking out of your fucking mind?
[17:15] Prokofy Neva: this is "journalism"?
[17:15] Prokofy Neva: It isn't a "personal dispute" and you know it
[17:16] Prokofy Neva: it's a case of psychopathic hackers harassing me because I document and expose their crimes, that's all
[17:16] Prokofy Neva: it's a case of *real journalism* being *harmed*. You wouldn't understand that of course
[17:16] Prokofy Neva: so I can't indulge you further, you are not acting in good faith
[17:16] Prokofy Neva: the notion that you need to "help" or that I need to "accept help" when the issue is the Lindens' inability to care about group exploits
[17:16] Prokofy Neva: lets us know just how much in bad faith you are

[17:22] Millennium Sands: Tell me: Do you want to get rid of these things or not? Do you want to do your business in piece and undisturbed or not? WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION?
[17:23] Prokofy Neva: oh stop it with the bullshit, you assmunch
[17:23] Prokofy Neva: your little griefer pal is doing a star turn and removing some of them, but he's the same one that deluged my sims with this crap for 6 weeks
[17:23] Prokofy Neva: everyone sees it, everyone knows it
[17:23] Prokofy Neva: it is documented on my blog
[17:24] Prokofy Neva: your pretense that I "chose" to be griefed or "chose not to return" grief items is fucking absurd, and you know it, and you should be ashamed of yourself
[17:24] Prokofy Neva: go and ask any tenant on Ravenglass or Ross who has seen it all, or Sutherland
[17:24] Prokofy Neva: all of the items are routinely, daily removed.
[17:24] Prokofy Neva: But they are put back again DERRRRR
[17:24] Prokofy Neva: now go fuck yourself, I'm busy
[17:26] Millennium Sands: I'll not fall for your insults, if you didn't notice by now. And I won't insult you in return. But I WILL find out what's really going on here!

Ebony Adamski

What I'm noticing is that Curt sounds exactly like Prokofy, in the finer details.

[2012/07/31 16:56] Prokofy Neva: Um, yes dear. Do you understand how SL works?

CurtOlsson Resident: Um, it's her land. she can just return them

Prokofy Neva

Um, Ebony, you're not in the people list.

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