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July 21, 2012


ichabod Antfarm

reported as defamation of an individual.

Prokofy Neva

Thanks a lot ichabod. And also thanks to Rex Cronon who came out to abuse report. I appreciate the help.


Who cares.... get over your little pixels and grow up Prokofy.

Rex Cronon

It is very sad that somebody would such a dishonorable thing:(
Somebody must hate you really, really bad.
I hope that they realize that their obsession with you, is actually making their own life miserable.

rex cronon

somebody would do*

wan chun

i'm hardly a fan of prokofy, but come on, tizzers. you're only giving prokofy legitimacy when you bother her, like this.

goes for anyone who continues to tromp around on her property, bugging her renters, etc, etc..


Hillary Cronon

Just because someone happens to visit Prokofy, it doesn't mean it's Tizzers. Prokofy claims Tizzers to be responsible for everything bad that happens in SL without any proof save the fact that something bad happened ("someone crashed my sim, obviously Tizzers has to be responsible"). That's absurd.

Ahab Qvetcher

Someone is causing Prok trouble for no better reason than they disagree with her, and so they are out to ruin her business and run her off. How utterly childish.

For someone like Probabilitymorality to say something like "Grow up" is frankly disgraceful as it strikes me of blaming the victim.

Prok has a right to believe what she believes, say what she says and carry on her business. If you don't agree with the beliefs or the speech, that is no excuse for taking out after the business or trying to ruin her.

Lowbridge Highwater

There is nobody by the name of tizzers available in people search. They're probably banned already.

Suzi Helendale

TizzersIndiana Resident is in search.

Prokofy Neva

The names Tizzers Foxdale and Hazim Gazov are long since gone from search -- they were removed in something like 2007. But they make a series of alts, and produce these grief-statues. So to abuse report them, you have to look at the *owner* of the object who has placed it, the creator might or might not be the same person.

TizzersIndiana may be related to Tizzers because when these griefers inject names into the ban list (using an exploit to override the existing group rules), they fill it with various "calling card" names usually related to Tizzers, Woodbury, communism, my alts' names, etc. etc.

This griefer is either Tizzers or his partner Hazim or both, they switch back and forth.

These effigies are now removed just so that they stop scaring away tenants, and I thank everybody who AR'd them and got at least that alt removed, whose name was "chefsox" -- I think that one is Hazim.

ichabod Antfarm

So a modern society "through and through" is one in which you get to tell people to go fuck themselves if they hold a different set of beliefs from your own. Progress!

Arabella Steadham

So Prokofy, why do you invite these people to your lands? You've monotonously interacted with them for five years now, you both play the same game, with yourself as the villain and the others as the children teasing the big troll. If you ever had wanted to end it, you could just have changed your land settings. But you don't want to. I figure it makes you feel important, something you can't accomplish in any other way, it seems. Do you care to explain why you keep going on like this?

Prokofy Neva

Is that you, Arabella? I hadn't realize you were such a god-awful bitch, I thought you had some notion of fair play and decency, but I guess not.

Um, I don't "invite" these people to my lands. They fly in because I have open mainland sims, not locked down group-only closed group or locked islands. I am devoted to the open society, unlike you, and unlike them.

I'm not a "victim," I'm just a true believer in keeping groups open for the convenience, self-service, flexibility, socialability and creativity of my tenants. That outweighs the griefing.

The purpose of this griefer is to install totalitarianism, like the caliphate or Soviet communism. The purpose, like Julian Assange with the US government, is to force the liberal governance to move to security and turn against its own principles so it can ostensibly expose liberalism as a hypocrisy, and impose radical anarchist communism.

This griefer -- Tizzers or Hazim or whoever -- wants the Internet only to be a sandbox for anarchist activity and wants to destroy commerce, community and creativity. His dysfunctional and malign notion of "creativity" is in fact destruction.

And changing the land settings isn't a solution, BECAUSE THEY ARE USING EXPLOITS, DER.

Even if I were to move to a closed group, with security orbs on every parcel, they could still sit on Linden water or land nearby, and rez obscene objects on themselves, or use exploits to put people in the ban list and annoy them, and also place objects, even where group build and everyone build is turned off.

So closing the group isn't going to stop forms of griefing anyway. And even if the Lindens fixed the group exploit, there'd still be the issue of the Linden water, the infohub, etc. When people are determined to grief, they find ways. They use social hacks, etc.

This isn't a "game," or some kind of "two-sided problem". It's a clear-cut example of the banality of evil, and what happens when good men do nothing.

ichabod Antfarm

"Do you care to explain why you keep going on like this?"

Just for fun, why don't you go first?

Michele Wittman

In a modern society, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Prokofy Neva does not hold a monopoly on being entitled to speak.

ichabod Antfarm

"In a modern society, everyone is entitled to an opinion" ya, too bad the hard stuff like what is true or what is right isn't an entitlement, no matter how many gold stars you get for penmanship.

Ahab Qvetcher

I cannot let this pass unchallenged:
"In a modern society, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Prokofy Neva does not hold a monopoly on being entitled to speak."

Remember, this is Prok's land, and Prok's business. This is not a free speech matter, any more than it would be a free speech matter if someone came along and sprayed racist graffiti on the side of my house, or hung me in effigy on a tree in my lawn, in real life. I would be entitled both to law and self-defense in real life if that happened, and so also is Prok.

Prokofy Neva

Michele Wittman is the name of an administrative assistant at Duke University, and an email was left with that name on the post. Duke is where Pixeleen Mistral's typist Mark McCahill, who runs the computer department at Duke. So she may be a friend of his. Or this maybe a spoof of her. I wrote and ask her if she could confirm this post.

It sounds like Pixeleen, this word-salady nastiness -- as if this is a free speech issue. Huh? Your right to free speech extends to the point that another's begin. One right doesn't trump another right. Freedom of speech can't impede freedom of movement, for example. It's just technocommunist sophistry.

It also fakely implies that I've somehow "suppressed" the speech of this asshole. That's fucking ridiculous. You don't get to hinder other people on a sim and expect not to be banned on "free speech grounds". That's absurd. Go on your own sim or hey, go to Open Sim if you don't like the capitalism of Second Life, you know?

It's also part of the Herald shtick to portray me as some kind of "dictator" merely because I have rules and because I ban griefers. Again, it's just the dysfunctional logic and sophistry of the griefer. The Herald calls me "the Mullah of Ravenglass" or "Little Hitler" or whatever, but the real totalitarians are these Woodbury griefers who can't leave other people alone to live their lives but must *coercively* force their notion of the Internet on other people.

Princess Lavendel

Do you harass everyone who comment on your blog? Like when you sent around 250 insane e-mails to Woodbury University over someone pissing you off in a game?

Prokofy Neva

Princess Lavendel isn't in the people list anymore, but I seem to remember her as a Woodbury regular.

Um, I sent about 3 or possibly 4 emails to the Woodbury University deans, not "250", and they weren't insane, as anyone can see as I published them here on this blog. At first I got appropriate responses, but then at the end I saw they'd been word-saladed and were in the folie a deux with the rest of the goons and claimed that I needed to have a "successful civil lawsuit" before they'd cease having their "students" harass me (!). Good lord, what insanity.

I'm quite confident they see the error of their ways now : )

As for the notion that sexual harassment, sim crashing, interference with commerce, etc. is somehow "merely pissing someone off in a game," I'd have to say that if *that* is what the Woodbury goons are all about *themselves* -- "merely being pissed off about something in a game" -- then...why are they still hanging around?

You'd think they would have gone to a new game. Minecraft or something.

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