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July 24, 2012


GreenLantern Excelsior

I came to write a report but apparently the object is gone. The photo says "Posterous Spaces is unavailable right now. We're working as fast as we can to restore service." I flew around looking for other griefer objects and discovered that I'm banned from at least two parcels in Ravenglass. I asked myself "Why just those two?" but I had no answer for me. :)

Prokofy Neva

1. Posterous has been down lately.

2. The griefer objects were removed after a few hours, they drive away tenants, lots of people helped -- thanks to you all! Solidarity is what helps against this sort of technocommunist harassment.

3. The griefers put your name everywhere in the ban list, along with lots of other people like Carl Metropolitan or ichabod antfarm who have been kindly disposed to me or whom they don't like. The lists are chock full and no sooner do you remove someone, they put it back in. It's probably just two parcels that got missed. It's not personal.

Svend Roster

The Arizona minuteman who thinks Republicans are commies is here to save you, Prok! Why I'm not surprised of your newfound friendship? I guess he has orbs IRL too. Arizona and your sims have one thing in common: Totalitarianism.

GreenLantern Excelsior

Great - thanks for the update. I agree about solidarity and will do what I can to make more of it happen.

Prokofy Neva

Um, there's no "Svend Roster" in the People List so you can't post here under my rules.

GreenLantern isn't some "new friendship," I've known him for years and he's not a "friend" or even someone who is likeminded, just a guy who for his own reasons overlaps with some of the same values I have. I'm a critic of the JLU, and I've interviewed him for this blog.

I have no idea if he's an "Arizonia minuteman" and what that entails -- I know that one way the griefers constantly try to distract from their own crimes is to try to come up with some RL thing to smear their opponents.

I don't support maintaining massive secret data bases on other residents.

What I definitely *do* support is documenting griefing, reporting it publicly, and naming and shaming, even if it is a series of alts. Eventually, the mains get caught and the groups even get disbanded. I'm a big believer in taking the documentary approach to griefing, like human rights abuse.

There isn't any "totalitarianism" on my sims -- they're open groups, we don't use security orbs, people are free to come and go and refund. There are rules to help keep it open for everyone. That's what liberal democracy *is* -- rules that help keep the society open for everybody.

What totalitarianism is, is crashing sims, harassing and persecuting people for their ideas on their private sims, harming them with vilification and defamation, preventing others from freely renting and living where they wish and doing what they wish. Deliberately sabotaging commerce and community to make a savage political point that the Internet can only be used for anarchic sandboxing and terror.

Like all totalitarians, the SL griefers try to distract from their own documented crimes by calling others what they in fact are.

Sorry, not playing.

Salient Point

Considering your penchant for running smear campaigns against anyone who dares to disagree with you Prokofy, your "rules" do not matter much at all. They only exist to give you more targets for your hate fueled invectives.

This is also why you will not post anywhere but your own web log or the official forums: You are safe from others calling you out on your bullshit.

Your mistaken belief that everyone who dares to oppose your views must be made into a public target is the sort of belief that stems from the very ideologies you purport to oppose.

You are nothing more than a coward and a hypocrite.

Amanda Dallin

Even if everything you say is true (and I'm not saying it is) the harassment shown in the picture above is not justified. Nor is the pathological harassment Prok has endured for years.

Salient Point

One reaps what one sows. However my comment had little to do with the picture or the situation. I've sat on the sidelines and watched as Prokofy wriggles every which way to avoid allowing a dissenting voice. I've watched as Prokofy uses his 'rules' to block those who disagree while never bothering to check the validity of the names of those who agree with him. I have watched as Prokofy went from community to community, forum to forum and expected those there to allow his antics to go unquestioned.

Is this situation beyond the pale? Yes, yes it is. That is without question. I simply don't buy into the fiction that Prokofy is the victim he makes himself out to be. Not with his observed track record.

Prokofy Neva

I've watched at this person "Salient Point" has posted under the name "Bullshit" and "What a joke" all with the same IP address and the same word-salady griefersih comments. There isn't any "Salient Point" in the people list.

It's simply a lie to claim that I ban people who criticize me, given how much hate and vitriol in fact is posted here. You get one shot, but you have to use your SL name, and it has to be authentic -- or real name, with authenticity there, too, or a recognizable blogger's name. Take responsibility for your hate.

It's not true that I give a pass to people who agree with me. They are told to get a name here as well, as the record amply shows.

I don't have any "antics" or "victimology". What I'm doing here is DOCUMENTING THE ANTICS OF GRIEFERS. Difference!

Lowbridge Highwater

These people who you document. It seems that like you documenting them. It garners the attention they crave. From there this whole string of incidents appear to be self perpetuating. They get the attention they crave and you get the blog hits you crave.

I wonder. Do you want this to stop?

Lowbridge Highwater

Correction: "It seems that like you documenting them." should be "It seems that they like you documenting them."

Prokofy Neva

I'll be checking to see if you are in the People List "lowbridge". I don't "like" documenting them. It's a nuisance. I have much better things to do -- and do them much of the time. Occasionally I'll take the minute it requires to AR this nonsense, and then keep a record and eventually publish it on my blog. I don't care if they "get attention". Documentation isn't about "giving attention," it's about undermining the Big Lie, that these people are about "art" or "academic freedom" or "free speech" or "democracy" when in fact they are totalitarians.

As you are, for endorsing them.

Blog hits are irrelevant, as most people aren't interested in reading about repetitive griefing stuff.

Prokofy Neva

It's also not about whether I "want it to stop". It shouldn't have started. It's about whether the Lindens will address it, and whether enough human solidarity can be garnered to deter it and even put an end to it -- which has worked before.

And while there is a Lowbridge Highwater account in the People List, it has no groups, no description, and only this:

"Real World Biography
I fart in the bath and pee in the shower."

That lets me know that I can ban it here: )

Robin Lavendel

So where's the alleged griefing?

Prokofy Neva

Um, it's not "alleged," as there are screenshots and the Lindens routinely remove all the alts that do this, as soon as they are made, within a few days, before the next one is made.

And the griefing items aren't left out there for days on end, der, I clean them up.

And YOU are not in the People List! goodbye

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