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July 29, 2012


Millennium Sands

Great job. Pretending not to understand english adds a new twist in dealing with people who walk into your trap and dare to rent a parcel at Ravenglass.

Nobody can say you aren't fair. This "Rental Dementia" series tells everybody what they have to expect when they do business with you. I love it. :)

Prokofy Neva

Millenium Sands is in the People List,a 2007 birth date, no description, a handful of groups, chief of which is "SL Herald Editorial",. Gosh, guess who that is! When you're ready to tell us the name of your main account, you can join the club, dear, meanwhile you're blocked.

I understood English, and I understood it wrongly because the person was trying to role-play being a savvy business person and expected me to role-play along with them and spend time "making a customized deal" blah blah. And I'm not here to role-play. I'm here to supervise self-service rentals that are self-explanatory.

Then when I figured out what they were trying to say with their faux-savvy business role-play, I explained it to them simply:
2012/07/29 13:09] Random Unsung: if you mean you just want to rent a parcel and place your home, the rentals aer on self-service, you can do that
[2012/07/29 13:09] TAZZI PRECIOUS (coyblitz): yes if i was to put my home on your land and possible add more prim then that would be customizing it
[2012/07/29 13:09] Random Unsung: find one in your price range
[2012/07/29 13:09] TAZZI PRECIOUS (coyblitz): why are you being so shity to me
[2012/07/29 13:09] TAZZI PRECIOUS (coyblitz): not very nice
[2012/07/29 13:09] Random Unsung: why are you using such odd fake-professional language?

Yet there she is, trying to get more prims, lower prices, is silly because it's already rock bottom.

This person wouldn't end up on my blog expect for the fact that they threatened to harm my business unnecessarily, after having the system explained to them politely but firmly, and started using the word "shitty" etc unnecessarily and then culminated in saying they would "share this conversation" in SL in violation of the TOS.

It's when people *threaten* like that that I *publicize their bad behaviour*. I warn them on my profile:

"Your abusive IM constitutes permission to publish your chat as I am in one-party consent New York State."

And that's the law. Lindens have no law in New York State or over my blog on the Internet, they only have law over their inworld virtual world on their servers.

Since we have no way of suing for damages and no courts or rule of law in Second Life, this is how I'm going to roll: name and shame, and deter from bad behaviour. Works for me.

The fact that she came and joined Tizzers to grief me lets me know I made the right call on this person.

Robert Greenwood (PastorRobert)

I had the same experience. I am an artist as well as a resident in Second Life, being introduced to the game by one of my real life friends a year ago. Having rejoined the game, I came across the rental business owned by this person. I politely asked him for help, and he was very abusive towards me, accusing me of being someone called Tizzer and laughing at me for having few friends in Second Life (I have a number of friends in Second Life). I found his responses and overall behavior very strange. I am not Tizzer and would have been happy to provide my real life info if he needed this information. Now, I've googled his avatar, and there is an article saying he has a history of being like this towards others. My advice would definitely be to find another landlord.

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