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July 29, 2012


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Cinder Roxley

There are also "professional" money tree types who have dozens of bots, maybe more, and they pop in at timed intervals. When I finally took my money tree to inventory (it was flaky, and the im's about it! sheesh!) it was interesting to stand nearby and watch these 4 year old accounts tp in, fly right to where the tree way, mechanically turn in circles for a minute or two, then tp away. Shortly after another would arrive. There had to be at least 50 before I lost interest and went on with my day.

Prokofy Neva

Well, but if you get the Wolfhaven tree, first of all, you can set the date to 30 days old only, or whatever, and secondly you can put the bot-defeater in.

Cinder Roxley

I'm not sure why, but the Wolfhaven tree always went out of balance for me. It ended up being a daily thing to go reset it, pay it, clean up stray prims, etc.

For me it was just as well to just not deal with that crowd, or the lucky chair crowd anymore.

Prokofy Neva

You know, that "your money tree is out of balance" message is misleading because it makes it seem like there is something you "should do". It's not about its actual functioning. It's just a nerdy scripter's affectation, in a sense, telling you information about sim performance. It really requires no action, and certainly not re-setting by you. In fact, I asked the maker of it if there was simply a way to shut off those messages because they were just annoying, and I think he did shut them off.

I didn't generally have the stray prims issue as I have autoreturn on but you're right, the crowd can be importunate. I am debating whether to continue it now, but since I just re-did the mall in Ross, I thought I would make it newbie friendly for awhile.

So far the Lucky Chairs haven't been an issue and people seem to like them and it's a way to give out a rental discount and freebies. I don't allow them near residential areas due to the shouting. But now it seems they are on "whisper" and I think if you set the parcel sounds right they shouldn't sound off the parcel.

Cinder Roxley

Ah, I see. I thought the balance warning was something that required intervention. Good to know it doesn't.

I liked the lucky chairs I had, but they seemed to reward people who merely loitered around them and became pests and tattle tales on each other for "cheating" with alts. There was no room for actual customers and patrons to play them.

I much prefer Midnight Mania and Mini-Mania.

Ahab Qvetcher

I wonder if you could set up a money tree that distributed a prize of zero lindens and gave out eitehr a teeshirt that contined marketing logos for the place it was located in or one that read "I waited all day by the money tree and all I got was this lousy tee shirt."

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