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July 28, 2012


Arabella Steadham

I see a joke/pun on the SionChickens, but if you feel harassed by this, why do you deliberately invite these people to your sims? After having seen you grief the SL community for years on end, I'm inclined to say you are no better than those poking you.

Prokofy Neva

I don't "invite" these people to my sims, dumbass, as I've told you. This is the mainland. It's open. Anyone can come on the Linden roads. My land and groups are open to the public and that's ok. Tenants have ban powers and can use them.

Er, I haven't "griefed" any "community," that's ridiculous. I've documented the griefing of others, and they don't like it, and that's why they -- and you, who are a griefer, too -- are howling. Too bad.

But I see now that Arabella Steadham is now out of the People list, so you are no longer in SL. Buh-bye from my blog, too.


Because as we all know, not showing up in search is equal to no longer having an account on SL.

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