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September 19, 2012



IGN "journalists"

report whatever the man behind the curtain says he is:)


silicon valley Orwellian speak ...



Okay, let me get this straight. One of the chief complaints about Second Life is the quality of the graphics (or lack thereof), to wit, that the SL client is just too way behind the times to be taken as a serious GUI for much of anything. So Teh Lab decides to respond with a program that makes Colorforms look like an advancement in graphical presentation? Say what? Frankly, this impresses me as one of Teh Lab's more moronic ideas, and I don't expect it to make it out of beta.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

It's very odd to see a combination of vehement rants against alleged "technocommunism" and complaints that something may actually require talent, skill, or learning to do. I think Harrison Bergeron world would be a very boring place.

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