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September 25, 2012


Anthony H

I see you are very actively trying to convince people to agree with your point of view on Reddit, but nobody wants to listen to your crazy rants. Why is that?

Prokofy Neva

As one of the more sane people not related to the Woodbury goons said in that thread (and there are only a few people outside that griefer squad on there), why is this guy being downvoted who is merely pointing out that these griefers and troublemakers who already had been permabanned got banned when they made alts?

Many people are asking why Tizzers and co. were paying $300 a month for this game (!). Right!

Or they were saying, "Second Life, is that still on?"

Downvoting to make threads disappear from immediate view is one of the juvenile activities that Swarz, the indicted digital felon and other developers of Reddit built into it to make it part of the geek theocracy. It's awful.

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