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September 28, 2012



Yes, what I thought.

Steam wants to control the economies of several games/virtual worlds through a common exchange. Since Lindex already has the kinks out, that could be the foundation.

I suppose Steam's pitch was that everyone would have to buy Lindens first before exchanging them for anything else. Maybe they would spend the Lindens first in SL or there would be some kind of exchange fee cut for them.



just the next "new" scams to come as technobankers go after the under 18 set.

that means "valve games" vs SL old fol music shows and furrie sex parties"


not for the simple movie goer..but david chronenberg who gave us TV and Video GAmez dystopia in two prior films... takes on social media and wall street in COSMOPOLIS....

btw- i dont think SL has any real importance to valve..its such a vertical way to far away from its core biz...

this is just a portal deal imo... just another icon on a screen.... and whatever pennies promised by sign up

Amanda Dallin

I think the deal with Steam was to put Creatorverse and Patterns in the Steam catalog. SL was an afterthought.

Ahab Qvetcher

And the Washington Post article has this gem:

"That rift has spurred a few economists to try to create their own games. Bloomfield is working on a platform, called the Synthetic Economy Research Environment, that could enable economists to produce games that simulate large-scale economic phenomenon like a central bank."

Now that sounds like the most promising cure for insomnia I have seen in months. I may be able to give up benadryl before bedtime.


the last academic economist to make games was Castronova who took 500k of resources to butcher Shakespeare the MMO/vr world into a PR abortion...

later he replied he learned: "games need to be made fun."

i heard Greenspan makes HALO mods...


Prokofy Neva

c3, yes I thought it was funny that the author quoted Castronova in that piece, and even quoted him saying how hard it was to make a game and easier to criticize, but neglected to describe that half a mil of investor cash he burned through...


"Humans are the center of the world anymore"--- a happy college student from another blog today.
majoring in "Social Design" -- my guess in a design/art/architecture program school etc.

so they teach "Social Design" - again, today.... god knows what that really is/means. part eugenics, part cybertopia...part

sounds all 1930.


typo--- AREN'T. the center.... yadda yadda blip blip click click

Prokofy Neva

That's why this book is so popular:

It's a techo death cult. I imagine the FIC gets to survive though lol.


heh. info graphics for the electric company set...

either the discovery or history channel had a 6 part? min series based on that type of decay info..

"world without us" stuff.... lots of video clips of detroit...etc...

all the zombie shit... raise up the machine, serve up the people as soylent green....

kids today. )all milgrams beanie babies.

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