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September 24, 2012


Prokofy Neva

Wonder how long that will last. Same old Wrong Hands Woodbury goons as ever was.

Laetizia Coronet

Well now, if SL is a toilet, Tiz dear, then why do you keep coming back? Was it something you ate?

Mantari Damacy

I, for one, would have worshiped at the gigantic white jello statue of Gabe Newell with an approximated genital representation.

I'm not a fan of griefers, but by your description and the pictures I've seen, this place looked like it was pretty awesome.

Actually, come to think of it... it sounds like the perfect kind of draw a griefer WOULD want to make. Hmmmm.

Not really germane, but perhaps of tangential interest, a current high-profile case of TOS violation as grounds for felony charges:

Prokofy Neva

I will be glad to see him go down because it will mean that the rule of law is triumphing over Internet lawlessness and arrogant coders like Swartz. He's the quintessential redditor of course, having invented it.

And um, it's not that "TOS violations are grounds for felony charges," it's that he committed felonies *anyway* under *criminal law* which is also reflected in the TOS. You're trying to imply that he griefed somebody's e-lawn. He is also charged with real-life bricks and mortar breaking and entry.


y u h8ing on valve what is you problem just because u cant make gd game?

lern to hav fun piece out loser


"[20:47] Prokofy Neva: Reddit isn't a horde of people"

LOLWUT? Prokofy, you are sheltered. The Reddit community is 5,000 times bigger than SecondLife. Reddit is a phenomenon. World leaders do Q&As on Reddit.

Prokofy Neva

It isn't a horde of people. Everyone knows that Reddit runs on the same principle as any other game or world or online community -- 10 percent of the people run the other 90 percent.

And as it relates to Second Life, in Reddit terms or any terms, it's miniscule. The thread had only 299 comments when I looked. If a picture has 20,000 views, that shows you the coefficient nicely, doesn't it? And I probably hit it 50 times myself trying to get the thread link and reading the updates.

So there's no "horde" on Reddit that cares about SL and Steam in SL.

Just wow

Guys seriously, stop trying to talk sense into this nutcase. It's pointless. She's so far gone that they took her off the milk carton years ago.

If she wants to stalk tizzers, let her. She'll get herself into trouble with the law if she continues her bullshit libel crap. Even if tizzers WAS such a 'bad dude,' you're still jumping at shadows, you deranged old bat. Take off your tinfoil hat for once in your life and breathe the air of the real world.


In order for it to be libel, "Just Wow", it must first be false.

This is the fifth time Tizzers has been kicked off the grid and some patsy has lost their sim (or sims) because they consorted with Tizzers. There's no getting around the facts.

Maria Scripps

Some figures, Prokofy:

The Imgur page linked from the Reddit thread now has 400,000 views (and counting), so I don't know why you keep going on about 20,000. Last time Linden Lab did something to W.U. it was covered by influential publications such as The Chronicle of Higher Education and the US News and World Report. Media coverage of the Steam ban includes and -- and it's very possible it could soon be more. This is indeed a major PR disaster for Linden Lab.

Your Enyclopedia Dramatica biography which is merely linked in one of the ca. 900 comments in the Reddit thread had almost 5,000 views only yesterday. Your Wikipedia bio had thousands of views as well. It's safe to assume that a few hundred thousand people in the gaming/Reddit/Steam/virtual worlds communities read about this incident, so it's a major issue in Linden Lab's world. And it's now permanently inscribed in Second Life's history that universities and gaming communities have their sims closed without explanation. It does really not look good! Those outside SL don't care about the bickering by insiders, they only see Linden Lab closing down the sims of a university and a Steam community without explanation.

Prokofy Neva

"Maria Scripps" is not a name in the People List so you cannot post here and are blocked -- you have to have a valid SL, RL or bloggers' name to post here.

It doesn't matter if there are a million views on that picture. One way it gets so many views is that each time you go looking for the link to that article, unfortunately, you get ONLY that picture and have to keep struggling to then find the thread. Reddit is filled with those annoying collapsed threads and downvoting so it's hard to see things. Unless you've found the "permalink," you keep getting the damn picture.

Each time someone wants to go back and see what is going on in that thread, they have to click on the damn picture first. I've probably clicked it 50 times myself in the last few days.

The real number of views should be put *on the thread itself* but Reddit doesn't post that information. Instead, it puts the comments, which are 822 -- hardly any sort of dramatic number, especially in the world of reddit.

The Chronicle of Higher Education article was written by a sympathizer geek and it never got the scrutiny in deserved. But then, the PC quotient at CHE is high and it's hard to break through with the truth there. We did our best in the comments. What's operative is that CHE never returned to that topic again, so at some point, they must have had their doubts. I don't recall anything in US News, but that may have been merely a digest of CHE.

Basically, it was a fake, non-story so no reputable investigative news organization addressed it.

The gaming website covering it in fact at least linked to my blog and the counter narrative, which is more than CHE did back in the day. And of course Alphaville is notorious as a griefer organ so that doesn't count.

There is hardly any PR disaster for LL here whatsoever. For one, there's no such thing as a bad review. But a gaggle of griefers on new alts whipping up reddit -- where even reddit regs start to suspect they are being played -- is hardly going to harm SL because this demographic -- the male gaming nerds in r/gaming -- doesn't like SL anyway and likely never will even if it is packaged as Garry's Mod.

As for Wikipedia, ho hum. That doesn't count. The press for Patterns and Creatorverse all over the tech media this week with really mass views utterly dwarfs whatever the robble rabble can get up.

And it does look planned -- Woodbury/Alphaville are always trying to undermine Linden lab out of spite above all because of Pixeleen's competing virtual world platform that failed.

Woodbury University leadership itself now would set any journalist straight that what happened wasn't that "their university sim" was closed down, but what happened is that they were played by a bunch of griefers.

Any real journalist will also ask LL about the story if it comes to that and realize what it's really about.

This is all a fake PR disaster like the contrived leak of the tape of Romney's fund-raising luncheon was a fake PR disaster.

Cheesey Linden

I just love all the imaginary conspiracies this resident makes up.
In reality we had to make space for the Steam administrators to come in and build their community.
Part of their buying into Second Life means exclusivity.
If you all would wait for the press release, everything will be made clear. If you can't wait, then go ahead and listen a land owner who still cannot grasp how to work the land controls.


Rex Cronon

WOW. A linden speaking about such a 'controversial' subject, and before ll makes an official public announcement?
Who is next? Philip Rosedale? Gabe Newell too? rofl.
IMO this looks so much like trolling.
A few days ago, there was a fake danger linden, now this.
Seems like impostors, and impersonators are becoming very brazen.

Rex Cronon

On second thought, Danger Linden didn't say anything controversial but "I cannot comment upon this", he merely quoted from the LL customer service handbook. So it might as well have been a real Linden for all we know. Maybe they figured the quotes from the handbook are really stupid and fired him?

Rex Cronon

now i got an impersonator:) lolz

GreenLantern Excelsior

Oh Maria...

Prokofy Neva

Rex, Linden Lab's Twitter account made an announcement that Danger Linden was not their employee. I suspect "Cheesey Linden" comes from that same opera.

Cathiee Mcmillan

Maria Scripps

LOL Love your view of "influential publications" it falls to fringe hacker loving publications.
Alphaville Hearld LOL...Lets see any reporter worth their salt, can easily see how Pixel and Tizzer are close. And that the alphaville is only hurt because Tizzer has no life other than to keep trying to comeback to a system that booted his butt many times. I Think its time for the boy to grow up and move on. Yet he seems to be all upset about it and keeps coming back to provoke reactions then he can go cry to others....boohooo SL banned me....Why did they do that. So he makes crap up to make it sound like SL is evil. Best for him and others like him to go away.
Instead he wants to try to destroy something many of us enjoy doing.
This is his stupid and silly childish behavior.
Same with all the people always attacking Prok in his sims.
If your that bored go play WOW or some other game and be with the gaziilion other kids who are all into trashing each other.

Rex Cronon

I knew about danger being fake.
Cheesey is a real linden though.
IMO the comment you have here from Cheesey, might actually be from an impersonator.

Resident vonResident

""The statue of Valve CEO Gabe Newell as a white jello-like sculpty now sported a dick""
>Oh shit, people having fun/vandalizing statues in a REZ ZONE!! Call the cops, there are lawbreakers afoot!

""I abuse reported the maker of the obscene statue.""
>Apparently now it's against the rules to make mesh statues of people. Because as everyone knows, the maker of the statue is really the prick that vandalized it! BAN THEM! BAN THEM NOW GRIFFER SCUM!

""rarely AR them for things they are not doing directly on my sim""
>Yet you've decided to AR anyone you THINK is remotely involved with TWH, even those who simply share similar interests or a friendly word. EVERYONE IS A GRIFFER!! WATCH OUT! THEYRE EVERYWHERE!

""The whole sim was filled with objects flying on physics and crashing, particles,""
>Oh fuck man. Don't you know? No combat or weapon testing in a sandbox that permits it! You have to do it somewhere else.

""they made a Valve theme park -- to spoof the company and get in their face""
>Because all fan-made stuff is intended to be insulting.

""Because it's not good parody that's even funny.""
>It was a parody? Hot damn I just thought it was a sim paying homage to the Valve games you don't even know about or understand. Thank you for opening my eyes.

""You don't have to go on a sim and nearly crash it and put penises on all the statues in Mature in order to be creative.""
>Running a land rental business on SL must just be incredibly nail biting. No reason to have juvenile fun in a virtual world when you have such an exciting business! I forgive you for being such a stiff prude as far as having fun in SL goes.

""all the worst permabanned griefers of SL who are actually the least creative""
>So baaaaaaaasically… YOU'RE saying that these guys are criminal masterminds (as you see them), yet are not creative in the least. Fascinating.

""Soviet meme""
>Even if they did constantly use a "soviet meme", you (as a person) see communism/soviet themes EVERYWHERE. This much is obvious from reading back through your paranoid delusions and ramblings.

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