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September 18, 2012


Miranda Writer

Looks like campaigning for Obama. You should expect that in an election year ;-)

Prokofy Neva

No. It's not election campaigning when somebody invades your land, puts out hundreds of these massively to crash the sim. This is just a picture of one of them.

No. It's not election campaigning when someone comes on your sim and prim litters merely because you espouse the open ideals of open groups and open land.

Oh, and even if you close the group and close the land, whoops, they can still litter because they are using exploit viewers that override SL permissions!

No. It's not election campaigning when you make the RL effigy of someone portraying them as ugly with stringy hair, and then turn them black, because... you use blacks as memes because you are the Patriotic Nigras, which are a racist and extremist group out of 4chan and Anonymous.

No. It's not election campaigning when you deliberately inflict the campaign on someone who has said they are supporting the other candidate.

Real election campaigning is about freedom and pluralism. It's about fair contesting of rivals. Campaign in the welcome area or on your own sim or on your own blog.

Heckling and forcing this on someone is about removing freedom. It's about totalitarianism. It's about making an Internet where there can only be the sound of the jackboot coming down on the neck.

Micha Sass

Surely comparing greifing kids on a social networking system to 'the jackboot of totalitarianism' just serves to trivialise real authoritarian regimes such as Turkmenistan.

Prokofy Neva

No, because it's the exact same dynamics and poisoning of the human spirit. Each time someone says this about Anonymous, they give up our freedom by taking it for granted and thinking the pixel version of it is trivial. With people like you, by the time we get to the Internet of Things, we have no freedom left at all.

I don't worry about this sort of nonsensical refusal to take the seriousness of the Anonymous totalitarian system taking away others' rights. That's because the problem of Turkmenistan is obvious and known, and in fact, each person who gets a cell phone or circumvents blocks on the Internet gets around it, in part.

But if he arrives on Internet then taken over by the Anonymous thugs, he has left the frying pan to go into the fire.

Debi Dastardly

This is not "campaigning for Obama" This is harassment, it is interesting to me that libtards think Conservatives are "Nazis" when you people, are the true "Nazis" and wish to shut down any form of expression you disagree with.

Micha Sass

Set your land to damage on. Set your home to the effected parcel. Get a cool damage weapon and try to have some fun with these kids. They seem to thrive on making you upset. Be a bit more random with your responses.

Prokofy Neva

Um, did you miss all my reporting on this, Micha?

There is a new rogue viewer or scripts capable of OVERRIDING all settings on land.


That means even if you are not in the group, you can build on land where "no group" is set. You can build even on land where EVERYTHING is turned off and it is closed, as if it were merely a thin sheet to punch through.

It's not about damage and shooting. That does no good. And I refuse to use weapons, security orbs, etc. etc. in a virtual world that is supposed to be open and creative. I will insist that it be kept so. The answer is for the Lindens to take action, not me to start shooting.

I. Sider

I'm very familiar with what "rogue viewers" can do. They cannot override land settings. That's impossible. The viewer doesn't work like that. The only ones who can do that are Linden employees. You are either a) griefed by Linden employees or b) imagining things. Probably, you are imagining the land setting issue.

Prokofy Neva

No, it's just that the griefers have gotten the Lindens' viewers. I don't think it's Linden employees although one never knows.

This isn't imagined as lots of people have come and seen it and documented it and replicated it.

o we are banned from our own group land even tho the griefers do not have that power in the group to access the ban list

o names not in the People List are even put in the ban list

o objects are rezzed even on no-rez parcels set to no-group and no-individual rez or object entry


Many people have seen this, the Lindens know about it, but they can't/won't do anything about it or talk about it.

Marx Dudek

This falls under the category of "I set my mainland to L$0 to sell to my alt and a landbot swooped in and STOLE it from me!"

If you rent land and your rental group is open admission, then you leave yourself open to having it abused. The alternative is inviting tenants to an invitation-only tenants group - which is the standard practice across the grid. People can wait a few hours to be added to a group, and unless you hate dealing with people who want to give you money, there seems to be no good reason not to run the tenants group in this fashion.

That is, unless it gives you a continuing opportunity to write thousand words posts about how you're a persecuted victim.

If your neighborhood has a problem with burglaries, you lock your doors and consider getting an alarm system. This is not rocket science.

Prokofy Neva

Again, no surprise that somebody named "Marx" has these perverse notions that make it seem as if code and tools should fix all bad human nature instead of organic governance, and a demand that human beings behave.

Um, the reason I have an open group is because far from "hating people who want to give me money" I don't turn away people who want to give me money by not having the group instantly available for them. The Lindens never figured out how to tie group membership to a payment event. That's another way the problem could be solved, but as long as I've been asking about that, I've always gotten the answer that payment events can't tie to group invitations.

People are very grateful to be able to immediately join and build. They hate waiting. And if they have to wait, they often refund, even after only 45 minutes, saying it's 3 hours because it felt like 3 hours. I hate when that happens.

Griefers who deliberately look for these holes in the group tools and holes in SL governance that LL has never had any interest in fixing are the problem, not me for leaving my group open. Creativity, convenience, commerce.

BTW, the other thing that is broken -- and I don't see how anyone could challenge this! -- is that when you put the land on "no entry" -- closed to everyone except a list or to the owner only -- they STILL REZ OBJECTS.

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