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September 09, 2012


Fleep Tuque

As I said in my post about Linden Lab's changing priorities: Linden Lab is pivoting, as they like to say in start-up land, and they’re pivoting to gamers. They’re no more interested in expanding or creating the metaverse than EA or Blizzard is, the only world changing thing they are aiming for now is better monetization of the entertainment and virtual goods sector.

This is the truth. I haven't seen anything yet to contradict it.

Prokofy Neva

Well, Fleep, in that post about how the Metaverse can't wait and we should leave SL if we want it to accelerate and not depend on SL, you knocked me a bit for criticizing gamers as having a poor culture that has a lot of griefers among them, and worrying about how that would be, unleashed into SL. You said gamers aren't that bad, and you're one! And you are, I see you banging on me on Facebook to come to Zynga games LOL.

What I don't understand is your artificial division between MMORPGs and virtual worlds. Sure, they are different. But increasingly, the seams between them are more porous. Gwyn noted that the RP shooter games in SL are in fact way more than you'd imagine with big communities and content sales, and Rod thought he could interest Steam with that or maybe Steam was in fact interested in the modding idea and the "Star Wars Bar" idea of a place between worlds.

I can't blame these comanies for caring about "better monetization" of virtual goods and entertainment. That's how they have to make money. It's not like they can get us to click on ads like they can on Facebook or Twitter!

And as I point out in this article, these people DO have that Better World stuff that you are so enamored of yourself! And even I am, in my own way. Here's this big rich game god who hires an economist from failing Greece keen to blame the US for everyone's problems, and finding some "better way" than capitalism that this billionaire who made his billions in capitalism feels he has to sponsor. Now why? Because he thinks there is a third way socialism that will somehow enable him to keep getting rich, which he wants for the sake of influence, not yachts or diamonds.


you should have all just bought into starbasec3 and c3 VR in
no betterworlds cults...

and yes, after 15 years "living it" i can attest to the insanity that is the "betterverse" of northern ca techlords in gaming/3d/ and other geek revenge cults.

graffiti artists make the best creative directors.. didnt you know?

anyway, Modders and the original machinima types never could make any money from these types of "platforms".... they were just the leftovers for the 5% who would get "good enough" to be hired BY the game publishers/developers for those 100K(really 60k) jobs you beleive in.. and then fired at the end of whatever project...( 90% of games never get finished-published) and these guys float from compnay to company from 21-40 -- then they are out.. too old.. or whatever. i guess they should die now... no insurance, no 401k, etc etc...

but philip and gabe have a beach house-- what else is important ?;)

yes. i spent about 3 years during the JARON VR years talking to XEROX/kodak. etc about the need to embrace VR goggles/ etc as a medium for, tools, etc.... but they were too afraid of jarons hair...:) or the LSD he sold on Nightline...

20 years later, and you remove the dreads for some golden locks...surfer locks... assange locks.. and the LSD for Singularity sci fi... and as they say... " its where you are"

ahab qvetcher

c3 suggests:

"but philip and gabe have a beach house-- what else is important ?;)"

Having seen the picture of Gabe, I can suggest a fitness club membership might not go amiss. I accept that $1.5 billion is the sort of number that could open anybody's arms/heart/legs, but good lord. I am surprised he didn't do himself into the hospital rolling that desk.

Prokofy Neva

He's actually getting leaner, if you follow him through the years since he was Employee No. 31 at MSFT.

Fleep Tuque

Hmm if you're getting some kind of game notices from me on FB then my account must be compromised, I haven't used FB for a couple of years now. (Though I did at one point try Farmville and one other Zynga-type game just to see what all the fuss was about.)

Re: "What I don't understand is your artificial division between MMORPGs and virtual worlds."

To me the difference is pretty simple: Game worlds do not allow the user to modify the content of that world. Virtual worlds do.

In game worlds, the world is completely created by the game devs, the users just come in like tourists and experience it. In virtual worlds, the environments and experiences are created by the users, and the world devs' jobs are to make that possible.

It's a big, crucial difference even though both types of worlds share many features like avatars and virtual economies and pixel trees and whatnot. Game worlds are about experiencing someone else's creation, virtual worlds are about creating your own experience.

elizabeth (16)

@Fleep - is your FB bot impersonator self doing it

i didnt log into FB for about nearly 4 months. Was 22 messages sent by my account to other ones

seems someone figured out how to send something to an inactive account and have it forwarded. pretty sneaky i thought



The worth of SL is that it is the only world/game in which it really has a viable economy. It rakes in a nice amount of change. The sellers have product people want and are willing to pay to own.

This isn't like buying WoW armor. This is a whole new industry.

How can Steam/Valve leverage that? Will they be able to create motivated Steam users into Second Life sellers/buyers?

On a darker side, can Lindex/Marketplace be chopshopped out of SL entirely into something else?

Cristina Elvehjem

What is he doing playing WoW? lol His biggest desire still resists to be under his control.

Jokes apart, I'm curious about one thing, will Linden Lab allow Steam to get a cut in the purchasing of L$? Even if we played SL through Steam I doubt they get a cut from let's say inworld sales. The (SL)marketplace is a different thing, thinking evilish, they could have even their own slmarketplace, not giving ideas and anything, but they have it for Skyrim and other games. In this case LL wouldn't see a dollar.
I don't see very clear this partnership, yeah it will atract more players to SL but to what price for LL?
Also I wonder in what section SL will be, from what I read in the SL site, they talk about some new Applications section, but I think it would fit better in the Free to Play section, if we are going to be able to purchase L$ through Steam. That may no look important perse but it is if we want to understand how it will work.
These are only my own theories, I may be wrong. We will see what happens when it happens :))
.. Or SL will ruin and close Steam, they have a long tradition in converting crap everything they touch, lol


Add some thinning, stringy, shoulder length white hair and he'd be your twin Prok. As to the rest? Same nonsensical hyperbole as it ever was, you literally have no idea about any subject you pontificate upon.

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