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September 18, 2012



similar to kids /edutainment software from the 1990s... only it probably wont work as well when new- since they never make gold copies anymore, just release alphas called betas// and never really care about bugs or it ever working since all one can do today is rent.. never own the toy.

Prokofy Neva

They don't have a way of selling the creations, do they?

You know, in the Sims offline, you had to use the company to display your albums and families.

But I broke away from that and started displaying the albums as big HTML pages with jpegs on my own site, so they couldn't censor. The families were harder to do because of the files.

Yet there were third-party sites that had furniture and skins and such which you could either get for free or buy or subscribe to. They were hugely popular. I used to spend hours browsing them and arranging my house and my stories -- more than I spend on Second Life, odd as it seems because I actually could control the scene and photography more in The Sims than you can in SL.


the good thing is that no one will confuse any of these products with "betterverse" platforms... etc

theyll just be another toy/activity thingie for the ipad kiddies.

just a product with actual customers... mainly parents for kids. lets see if the Lab... can make a normal customer "happy"...
a good test for the Linden machine. Love or just Money

Prokofy Neva

You know something? I don't think LL is capable of making some normal project with no ideology or wonkery in it. That is, I'm sure that both Rod and Will Wright, who is now on the board, are capable of making interesting mass games, as they did with the Sims. But neither of them stayed with the Sims because they have aspirations of being more ideological and wonky.

This product has the feel of an indie game or of Metaplace. That is, Metaplace was great and I liked it and it did a lot of things right, but it always had that game god cerebral quality to it that prevents games from becoming massive. Then when Raph made the Island thing, he was closer to the mass quality, it's too bad that game went down as I would have stayed with it most likely as would others.

The problem I see is that it puts too much emphasis on physics that people will either not get, not have the patience for, or not be impressed with if they can play a pre-made game with the physics done for you.

But I'd only be happy if Linden Lab could make a hit that would make them money and make people stop laughing at them or dismissing them, that would help SL.


you want physics... toss a

i always hated "management" games...
nothing could be more boring to me.


the market has /will have more than enough competition here for them.. they WILL hope their still loyal fanz will shill/ er sell for them... but with such simple "activity" type software... and no way for others to really make a buck... the whole shebang will just place LL into the masses of the ipad developer depths. probably its a portfolio play... to get LL bought by EA.

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