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September 15, 2012


Prokofy Neva

As this comment got buried on the previous threads I'll repost it here because it contains information from the Reddit group:

Cynical said:
This was posted in Skype to me a while back.. "Hey Redditors, As you may have noticed, the Reddit sim is no longer on the map. Over the past 6 months, our sim has served as a home for fans of Reddit and a small handful of other SL communities. We've had some crazy fun times in the sandbox, and we can proudly say that we have been most active and vibrant Reddit group on the grid. In keeping with the flexible nature of our group, we will be taking advantage of a new opportunity to help our community grow. On August 16th, Linden Lab announced that Second Life will be joining Valve's Steam community. In the spirit of gaming, we will be re-designing the sim to provide a home to the inevitable wave of new Steam gamers. As of this morning, our sim "Reddit" is now known as "Sandvich." The Reddit group will remain active, and of course everybody is still welcome at the sim. We may even set up a Reddit embassy! Please excuse our dust as we scramble to finish the build, and by all means feel free to continue using the sim as a sandbox. If you have any questions or would like to contribute Team Fortress / Portal / Half Life props please send me an IM! ~Tiz" I think it was a group notice somewhere or something. We all laughed at it and simply assumed that the "rename" was just them getting another sim after yet again being squished when the wrong employee noticed their existence and bothered to click his mouse. I don't really understand what drives them to keep spending money on sims and then not even bothering with basic survival instinct; they'd probably be left alone forever if they didn't insist on playing charades. I guess they need to shake their fist at LL (and be seen doing so of course) more than they need for LL to not flick them off the table. At this point it is almost good business strategy for LL to ban the sim, they are almost guaranteed to buy another, eh?


So did the Lindens ban the Reddit sim and they've re-spawned as Sandvich?

Prokofy Neva

An update with more brainiac concepts on how to deal with griefers -- the old "keep quiet and maybe you won't rile these college students" crap:

[08:18] Sarilia Tryce: (Saved Sat Sep 15 03:32:28 2012)I have never in my life personally encountered somebody act so childish towards me. I never denied that I was friends with Tiz - I told you we were friends - you're omitting things I'm saying just to hype up your blog and I'm done discussing this. Your conspiracy theories are funny, but this is getting ridiculous. I was told the person setting up the effigies was Joanna, but you already seem to know that. The people telling me that could be wrong. Unlike you, I don't just blame people for things without evidence and go blogging and reporting them. Sheesh.
[08:18] Sarilia Tryce: (Saved Sat Sep 15 03:34:01 2012)There's a ton of people out there who read your blog and enjoy your responses. They then try to troll you back because of it. If you want attention with these college students, you've found an excellent way to get it. Congrats.

The chat record shows that he never said he was friends with Tizzers but acted as if he was just talking about a remote third party. Here it is again, illustrating that nowhere did he say anything about being friends, and in fact asked if there was anything he should know about Tiz, as if he were a stranger!

[2012/09/13 17:46] Sarilia Tryce: (Saved Thu Sep 13 19:54:01 2012)Prokofy! Hey thanks for writing about my Sim, Sandvich, I appreciate the visit and am a huge fan! Hilarious post btw!
[2012/09/13 17:46] Sarilia Tryce: (Saved Thu Sep 13 20:02:06 2012)Gabe is an awesome guy and we all really think he's great in the Steam community, btw. I wish he was involved =)
[2012/09/13 17:46] Sarilia Tryce: (Saved Thu Sep 13 20:31:22 2012)Oh, you're probably really busy and all but if you don't mind me asking, is there anything I should know about Tiz or any of the people who hang out on my Reddit/Valve themed sim?
[2012/09/13 17:46] Sarilia Tryce: (Saved Thu Sep 13 20:33:06 2012)I read the article and it sounded like you were saying some mean things about him, Tizzers right? He's a great builder and always welcome here. Has never caused any problems for me yet. There's a history of banned accounts? Are you sure?
[2012/09/13 17:46] Sarilia Tryce: (Saved Thu Sep 13 20:34:30 2012)Ttyl, and thanks! I really enjoy the fun random scripts and everything but so far I haven't seen anyone being mean or anything to each other here. If you see anything bad please report it to me and I'll have a chat with them. Have a good day - I'll try to visit Raven soon
[2012/09/13 17:46] Sarilia Tryce: (Saved Thu Sep 13 20:36:24 2012)That makes sense about our fellow Redditors here being involved with 4chan though - a lot of the fun memes on the website come from there.

Wow, he's now outed the name of Joanna Falmer! Whoop de do! That account is banned. So what's the new main account supporting all the alts?

Joanna Falmer was long ago revealed to be Tiz:

Prokofy Neva

Sharia Sluniverse really went to town on working over the Joanna Falmer alt claims, and the consensus seemed to be that it was Tizzers (even Lum said "50/50 chance"):

It it wasn't, it was either Hazim or Tux or somebody actively cooperating and possibly even sharing the account with Tizzers.

Ahab Qvetcher

I note Sariliya's claim of borderline slander (libel, actually, but what is a little definition of defamation between friends like that.) If it is, then the correct response of ST would be to demand a retraction, and when one is not forthcoming, to sue.

Leaving aside the infinitesimal amount for damages involved, this won't happen for the simple reason that the defense would get to take discovery and finally get to the bottom of who the hell is behind the avatars.

Prokofy Neva

It's not libel, Ahab, it just doesn't meet the test. Remember, to even be accepted as a court case, it would have to be shown to be:

o malicious, i.e. deliberately falsified. But it's not, it's the truth
o not meet the truth defense -- which is to state that it isn't libel because it's true
o harm livelihood -- which is preposterous -- he does a lot more harm to his business by having the notorious Tizzers as a partner than anything my little blog might add

I can counter that I've suffered real loss and damages throughout the years from Tizzers.

Yeah, discovery would be golden. That's why I say -- bring it! Linden Lab would have to come up with an explanation as to why they allow this and can't cope with it and why they keep letting these people back.

Today, my tenant lost about US $50 worth of content just bought that disappeared when the server was deliberately crashed. The Lindens didn't have a recent set point, set it back two days, and all the stuff is irretrievably lost. Ouch. This is just unacceptable, of course, but the real problem is the griefer.


The reddit sim only underwent a name change, as all items remained in their place as the change transitioned. There was no "linden seizure or ban" The owners of the sim have done nothing wrong other than take the libel that is being emitted from prokofy's itchy little fingers.


Another thing, if you bothered to actually do ANY research on the sim itself, you'll notice it has not shifted or moved at all from its location on the grid. It was there when it was labled "Reddit" and it was there when it changed to "Sandvich."

Prokofy Neva

Um, I ask questions. There is no libel here. I ask legitimate questions based on this chat info that suggests that Redditt sure had to close up in a hurry and become Valve!

You have to pay to have your name changed on an island, and payment isn't the strong suit of these goons.

You can't tell easily if a sim has changed position on the map if there is nothing next to it. However, my sharp eye already noticed before I wrote this that DUH it's next to the Bronies. So that spells T-I-Z-Z-E-R-S.

BTW, they must have decided finally it was time to sell Dr. Yootz's grieflands on the flank of Ravenglass where they had huge glowing towers and the Refrigerator set to sale to me for millions of Lindens if I wanted to "save the view". I didn't. Now that land is all abandoned. Funny.

Laetizia Coronet

I'm glad you've noticed I am no angel. I would be offended as an atheist to be called one.
For less informed readers I would like to point out that I have never been a griefer, and that I have always stood by the victims of griefing in whatever tiny way I could.
In other words, I would not appreciate if people, on the basis of me being mentioned here among the likes of Bellino, would conclude that I am somehow part of that group of sorry little grief-obsessed idiots. I lead a fairly normal Second Life, in as far as this is at all possible.


well prokofy, I know you're pretty set in your hatred of these people, but the sim hasnt changed position, it was never repossessed, the name was changed, and we've actually had a few lindens swing by and dance before. One day there was about 4 or 5 lindens at the sim simply dancing.

If you want to be obsessed for the rest of your life about someone who likely doesnt even care about you or your 'business' anymore, then you go ahead and do that. The rest of us will just watch while you spout your word salad insanity and erroneous claims.

Prokofy Neva

So, this post was let through as it contains a statement of alleged fact that Lindens are dancing on this sim with Tizzers in the officers' group.

Danger Linden is ducking any comment about this and just reciting the boilerplate about ARs. He made an account on Twitter just to answer me, and I was the only person he was following all day. Apparently he is real, as there is a Danger Linden in the Linden list. Freaky!

There is no PonPonPon in the list. Search on that name turns up Himeko Yoshikawa for some odd reason who may have nothing to do with this term or person.

Yanthis Highwater is the same person as PonPonPon so both are blocked here because you have to post with your valid SL account here, not alts. Yanthis looks like a new post-ban avatar created in 2011, and only this in the picks:

People don't seem to like my avatar lol
Steam Sandbox and Valve Theme Park - Under Construction, Sandvich (119.15,118.842,25.4521)
“Oh my god I cant stare at it, it’s going to give me a migraine!”
“Fuck I’m way too high for this shit right now.”
“Oh my god what the fuck is that? Is that a pokemon?”
"Why would you even want to MAKE something like that?? Why is something like that even invented?”
“What a strange individual…”
[17:24] B.Ulrik: yanthiss giving me a seizure

So what we get out of this little interchange is the following:

1. One of these formerly banned Woodburies is lording it over everyone in the sandbox for being allowed back undetected. Brave man!

2. He is implying Sandvich has Linden endorsement due to the dancing Lindens.

3. In the usual griefing deflection, he's implying I'm the problem *chuckle* because I've pointed out these obvious things.

I have no reason to follow the antics of these people if they stay on their sim and don't harass me. But I continue to be harassed and griefed and continue to lose real money as my tenants are harmed by these assholes. None of them claiming that they have no relationship to this can be believed.

Through five years, there's always been an interesting correlation between the removal of these home bases and mains, whether on Satyr or Soviet Woodbury, and the cessation of the griefing of me on series of alts.

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