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September 11, 2012



not 1984.. animal farm
some bugs are more equal.:)

btw- did you know rivers red is now dead. or at least not listed with a head. zeds dead.

i saw bovington is now "entrepreneur in residence" at some UK university...

social/mobile no doubt.;)

no masters.. of arts..just slaves.. to fashion.

Anna Tsiolkovsky

You could have just posted Nika's comment, without saying anything else, and that would tell us all we need to know. That's it, simple and clean.

And where did this myth that 'non-technical' users can't file good bug reports? Do I have to be an automotive engineer to be able to tell Toyota that my brakes aren't engaging? If my banlines aren't working, and I take snapshots of it not working, and get the intruders to sign statements of it not working in front of three witnesses, do I need to know and explain the nitty gritty source code behind the faulty lines? Do I need to also go to a doctor and have my mental health checked out just in case I might be hallucinating? How much more do you need, exactly?

One final thought: by excluding 'non-technical users', the rest of us will have to wait patiently for our 'betters' to discover a bug we'd probably found months ago. Talk about praying for mercy. Prepare the burnt sacrifices now!


you burning


Eloi and Morlocks, my friends.

And we aren't the Morlocks.

Come to our farm, work for a free, "open" society.

Bobby Bob

Guess who's back? New sim: Sandvich

Desmond Shang

Been out of town and then busy on my own projects, barely enough time for SL itself let alone blogs but this was worth a comment.

1) Nika's right. Bug reporting is one thing; creating a coherent, actually factual JIRA entry is entirely another. Even worse, incentives are backward ~ customers aren't going to categorise 'their' pet bug or issue properly; rather they will want rapid resolution and damn the rest.

2) I wouldn't be surprised if this was a cost containment move. Maybe it's different now, but doesn't the # of JIRA users linearly increase the cost? That's how it used to be. Maybe someone else who knows can answer this.

"JIRA is a commercial software product that can be licensed for running on-premises or available as a hosted application. Pricing depends on the maximum number of users, with approximately $50 per user for in-house and $7 per month per user for the hosted version being typical prices.[5]"

op. cit.

Vehriss Valeska

Yes Desmond you're a real life success story, despite the evidence available to anybody who cares to look.

Regarding this piece, I liked the part best where Prokofy Neva referred to another SL user as "universally-loathed".

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