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September 14, 2012


GreenLantern Excelsior

This reminds me of the Abuse Report system. If someone sees a big griefer problem, they can ask other people to write ARs on it. If LL gets several ARs in a single location against a single user name, it indicates a major problem. None of the users can see anyone else's AR. With the JIRA, people used to send notices or put up sandbox signs urging others to come and vote on the issue. The discussions were usually pretty good (unless the griefers were involved), and the whole issue was discussed on a single page. Now, people will be filing separate JIRA articles that may describe the same problem in very different wording. Instead of one problem report with multiple comments, LL will have to wade through multiple problem reports and respond to each one. I'll bet the Lindens who have to write the responses aren't too happy about this change either.


its all too late..
but at least he called us "customers"...

not some faux "community". drivel that is the mantra of web2.0

but of course when your "biz" is to "sell a fake world" then youre always going to be fcked between delusions and reality....yours and theirs.

when you buy a car.. you dont want assholes and then the voting assholes who take over the DMV.. to later classify it as a truck when you try to pay to renew it the following year.

when that happens your not a customer.. your a state slave.

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