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September 02, 2012


Prokofy Neva

Did you see that robot in Philip's Coffee and Power? It had Jeska on it! What fun! It was like a "Skype on demand" kind of robot. "Telepresence," he called it.

Unico Banx

Some technical issues Prokofy, firstly you open with - "...and was waiting until I could write some long treatise" and then launch into a seriously lengthy blog post, all I can say is I am so glad you didn't write and then post some long treatise.

Further on you talk about "gender switcheroos" in - "...not to mention the deception and exploitation in personal relationships, often with gender switcheroos."

Some time ago you posted a link on your blog to a video clip of you as you RL self winning an electrical cycle and it clearly showed you to be a RL female and yet your avatar is male.

Perhaps some consistency would be useful.

Prokofy Neva

Um, you're a grade-A asshole.

I didn't write a long treatise. This is short for me. But it got longer as I wrote it and thought of some more things, but they aren't very brilliant thoughts and it's an awfully meandering piece. However, you're not required to read it, so shut up.

When I talk about gender deception, I mean people who start intimate relationships with others and lie about their gender and don't tell the truth to someone who would be hurt if they found out.

Since my gender was outed long ago and I don't have SL relationships, that does not apply to me. If you saw a video of me that I myself posted showing my RL self as the opposite gender of my avatar, DERRRRR I'm not hiding something and that's how you know HERRRRRR.

Your asshole is the consistent thing -- and I'm not inconsistent as I've told the truth here.

Furthermore, there's no such name in the people list, so fuck off.


metaverse ..schemetaverse...

fleep, bleep. bloop, blop//

The opens sims stuff is just a less expensive to run SL type server and browser all derrived from the "open sourced dump times"

make whatever ya want... yadda yadda. mainly its mini-nuevo linden like cults... whatever...

and a few decided to play developers but as all who have "clients" know-- they get shot if the toys fail...

so they moved to a "packaged" software platform called Unity3d.

its no different than Adobes Flash or Photoshop .. Propriarty tools for sale...

good for that. no BS about "family" communities" etc... just buy it and use it... no cult membership required.

anyhow-- after 3 web3d cycles over 18 years.... the metaverse remains the "sell" to the cultists and their cons...

all some of us ever wanted was some tools to make media with....

but as i wrote elsewhere this week... people in mass online bought the "bs" of the magic... and the "free of digital media... so that no one could ever be paid again for anything virtual.... and so that the only way to make oney from digital media wasnt to sell it... but to sell the people who use it.

with that reality... its a good thing that the "metaverse" keeps never being.... did we really want the folks who run google/facebook/linden labs and the internet... to be our owners, selling us?





"I don't really know what Philip expects when he envisions the secondlifification of everything."

Well I'm sure it has to do with some wet behind the ears, clueless people working for free.

The mega bucks in virtual worlds comes from idiots doing expensive work for free.

Prokofy Neva

Ahem, the page doesn't exist, the name doesn't exist.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

I think you're thinking of "Jet", by (Sir) Paul McCartney and Wings. "...the major was a lady suffragette (Jet!) Oooo-oooo-oooo..."

Micha Sass

Jelly Fish did a great cover version of Jet..

'twas indeed Sir Paul and Wings, as opposed to Bowie or Elton John.

Prokofy Neva

Thank you, I know I'd dig that out if I just put it up here. There was Benny and the Jets, and then just Jet.

Micha Sass

Benny and The Jets is also very awesome. In fact it would be hard to pick a favorite between the two songs.



"She's got electric boots a mohair suit
You know I read it in a magazine"

you cant beat that.
virtuality..1970s stylin..

Jeaniesing Trilling

"and was waiting until I could write some long treatise, but then I realized that I didn't have that much to say"

As if that ever stopped you, lol

CronoCloud Creeggan

The Unico Banx profile works for me, Mr. Neva, but I'm logged into the SL website, which seems to make a difference sometimes.

In fact I'm seeing some kind of weirdness lately where I can't go to the SL download page unless I'm logged in.

Nice work with the newbie. I found personally, very soon after I joined in 2006, that it was easiest to buy L$ from within the viewer, (once you've supplied your info to LL), because then you DO get a "Buy L$ for this amount" popup when you click the Buy L$ button.

I don't have too many kind things to say about opensim myself. I sometimes call it "SL without the people that annoy the mountain men builder/scripter types that were common in early SL" or "SL for cheapskate new media university professors who brought in students for classes the students paid for...but didn't really give back to SL."

As an aside, I would support LL bringing back the education discount, but ONLY for true non-profits (Like museums or Library systems), and I don't consider Universities to be non-profits.

As a fashionista I also call it "SL without all the shooooooes, or my goodly sized inventory of shoooooes."

Prokofy Neva

c3, yes, I always loved that "electric boots and mohair suit".

BTW, Unico Banx wasn't showing up when I looked in the people list then, and again today. It's possible the SL page remains even after someone is banned. And it didn't even show up when I clicked on that link the other day. Then later it was showing -- so I don't know if this is some kind of hack. This account is not showing inworld.

Bella Yates

You explained there are two factors needed to make a virtual world:
* a sense of place
* drama

In my opinion you make sure the drama happens.

I see you as a shock-blogger, a blogger version of the radio shock-jock.

Your blog posts and your comments in reply do not remain in your blog but are spoken about and have effect within the virtual world of SL.

I have even read a doctorate thesis that quoted your blog rules, and check back to make sure it was correct.

Some of your rules include banning people that cause what you believe is harm to you and your family.

What I would like to know is why you do not apply the same rules of not causing harm to people, and/or their family, who make comments here.

Some of your comments particularly those of a personal nature must have adverse impacts, and cause harm to both the virtual world of SL and it's inhabitants and to those they refer to in RL as well.

I think of comments about Crap Mariner, Troy Vogel, various Lindens to name but a few,

I have noticed you sometimes make derogatory and harmful comments of a personal nature about people without any reference to something other than your own opinion to substantiate them.

Do you feel you should apply the same rule of not causing harm to others as you do to yourself and what impact on the sustainability and stability of LL and SL and it's community do you think your unsubstantiated comments and criticisms have?

I am genuinely interested in your answer rather than being simply, and for you easily, dismissed as a fuck-tard stc.

Prokofy Neva

Gosh, Bella, a doctorate thesis? Links?

My blog rules are the most liberal in the SL blogosphere, far more liberal than any other blog I know. I allow people to post any hateful, nasty, vicious thing they want about me or others or issues. My two rules are crystal clear, and if you feel the need to troll around them now, ask yourself why that is.

You first deliberately miscast these rules in your own light by adding in something about families -- I don't say anything about families.

You then redefine "harm" as "comments particularly those of a personal nature" that "have adverse impacts".

Harm isn't just some personal comment with "adverse impacts," like the person gets mad or feels it's unfair or others think less of them.

Harm is harm. Harm is when people urge that a libel suit be launched against you and thereby suppress your free speech. Harm is when you urge people to call someone up at home in RL and harass and scare them. I've outlined the specifics of the high threshold for harm many times, so your trolling here is some bee in your own bonnet.

My rules apply to those posting here on this blog about me or others. If someone urges that someone else be expelled from SL or their business boycotted or pizzas delivered to their home to harass them, that would be griefing that would earn a ban.

Of course these rules apply to me and I inherently follow them because obviously, I don't incite such things against other people. I don't urge harm to somebody in RL of this nature and I'd only call for a boycott of a business if first I was targeted by someone myself in such a manner. Your belief that I'm somehow "hypocritical" and "don't apply the rules to myself" lets me know that you perceive these rules very differently. You imagine "harm" is just if somebody doesn't like what you say, or if they think "criticism" is "unsubstantiated".

But even unsubstantiated criticism isn't harm. It's just free expression. You don't have a good grasp of libel law or First Amendment standards.

Yes, you are a fuck-tard. Because you're trying to troll and come up with some kind of fake "standards" to bang away at my "hypocrisy" when what you really want to do is freeze freedom of expression.

Once you come clean on what/who is is you're really talking about, instead of being coyly abstract with your concern-trolling, then we'll be able to judge this fairly. But it's already abundantly clear that to you, "harm" means mere criticism you don't like.

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