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September 19, 2012



we could elect a puppy to the role of president... but iran knows.. as does i gotta believe everyone in the world.. that if they bomb Israel, we bomb them.

there was a "reason" that all the scuds tossed at israel during the gulf war--didnt- have any gas in them... Saddam like Ahmadinejad had/has an endgame... keep power. not suicide.

veak.... i dont think the world sees the US as militarily weak... they see us as talking on iphones , eating fast food, and watching jersey shore... weak in spirit.. weak in previous "making shit".. weak to deal with little terrors... but you know what... NO ONE CAN... and that scres them as well... thats been the lesson of the arab rebellions...--- people in little tribes can fuck you up in the age of media... IF you beleive in images....

but they know we can still " spend 10 years bombing villages and trashing middle eastern cities if we want/had too .....

all sides act "delusional" to the "image" today... but everyone is also scared as shit ..when /if someone GETS real...

so i still see no reason to really vote for this guy...

keep up the delusions... seems like that way we may make it another 60 years with nuclear geek toys.

Micha Sass

"we could elect a puppy to the role of president... but iran knows.. as does i gotta believe everyone in the world.. that if they bomb Israel, we bomb them."

C3 hits the nail on the head. Mitts manifesto on Iran is very wishy-washy. He makes no promise of a pre-emptive strike (which would be futile, if the goal is to stop Iran gaining nukes). Mitt only promises to 'sabre-rattle', which would suit the Israeli government just fine. Israel is in a terrifying position, being so close to a country who has made threatening statements and who now appear to be developing WMD. However many people forget that Iran is much like Israel in so much as they are not Arabs. The are isolated in a region dominated by people of a different sect. Iran is viewed as an enemy to Arabs in a similar way as the US or Israel. Many Arabs believe wild conspiracy theories about Iran being a shady ally of the US and Zionist entities. Increased tension between Iran and the US is perceived by some Ba'ath party spokespeople as a smokescreen. Many older Ba'athists consider the fall of the Shah (who praised the concept of Arab unity) an Imperialist plot.

Maybe some Americans will vote for Mitt based on his stance on Iran and Israel. They will be very disappointed methinks. There will be no war, and that is a good thing. I just feel sorry for the occupants of the MENA who are endlessly fooled by power hungry leaders from both sides of the Atlantic.

Micha Sass

BTW, the impeccably english accented reporters who work for Russia Today are gleefully announcing (on UK cable networks) that Iran is doing just fine, even with the sanctions. The UK media have also reported that Iraq is helping Iran to bypass the sanctions, via corrupt deals made through Iraqi business.

So after 10 years of wars and aggressive foreign policy based on having 'a big army' the area is still as confused and as corrupt as ever.


Micha Sass

In Romneys manifesto for Iran, he says:

"The United States should restore the regular presence of aircraft carrier task forces in both the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf region simultaneously."

The fact Romney refers to the Persian Gulf as the Persian Gulf shows a deep respect for Iran. The Persian Gulf is a heavily contested body of water, many would refer to it as 'the Gulf' or even 'the Arabian Gulf'. The more I read the republican official texts, the more I feel safe that a republican government may really be OK. Do not believe the hype.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

"I get the Nation *and* Breitbart every day in my email box so I can compare and *think*. You know, like you all should be doing?"

Now *there's* something I can agree with. Well said.

Ajax Manatiso

What is Mitch Romney for? He won't say. All he will say is he's against Obama and won't worry about the Americans who are likely to vote for Obama. He's secrtive. Won't show his taxes. Won't reveal his plans. Won't say, won't give out numbers. He's the surprise package, and I DON'T like surprises.

Prokofy Neva

Romney has a lot of his positions out now, so this idea that he "won't say" is silly. And for further enlightenment, you now have a 50 minute film where he is off the record with his donors.

As for not providing his taxes, it's not required by law of candidates past certain years evidently.

I wonder more about Obama's school records. These are locked tight. I don't care if his marks aren't stellar. Gosh, neither were George Bush's. But the records are probably going to show a socialist tilt or something, or show that he came in as an international exchange student, which is going to plump up the birthers' perspective.

Something odd about that -- and in general his silence on the Columbia years.

The US has never made a formal statement as an official position that if they bomb Israel, the US will bomb them. It's worth making.

Is Romney too wishy-washy on Iran? Probably he's just prudent. It's not a policy to decide in isolation as a candidate.

I don't need a war with Iran. I don't see that coming from Romney. I see that coming more likely from Obama's weakness.

I don't care about paranoid Arab conspiracies. The answer to that is to keep confronting them. We don't do enough of that.

Anna Leisen

"The US has never made a formal statement as an official position that if they bomb Israel, the US will bomb them. It's worth making."

Why on earth should the US care about Israel? Israel is not a member of NATO, hence not a US ally. The US has no obligation to take part in Israel's wars in the Middle East. In fact, Israel has attacked US war ships and the US should have bombed Israel for that a long time ago. American interests are the opposite of Israel's interests. The US should concentrate on its relationship to its actual allies (NATO members). Israel's policies of apartheid and racism violate the principles upon which western societies are built.

The Australian

Wayne Swan (Australian Treasurer) will today launch a blistering attack on US Republicans, declaring "cranks and crazies" have taken over the party and have come to represent the No 1 threat to the world's biggest economy.

As the US presidential campaign enters its final weeks, the Treasurer will use a speech in Sydney to criticise the Republican Party's position on the US budget, warning that negotiations in the new year to prevent a "fiscal cliff" caused by a major withdrawal of government spending will be a key to the future direction of the global economy. "Let's be blunt and acknowledge the biggest threat to the world's biggest economy are the cranks and crazies that have taken over the Republican Party," he will tell a Financial Services Council function.

Link -


i love how prokofy is not posting argumentative comments (as usually she does), it seems she still has a faint clue of when to just shut up..

Prokofy Neva

I don't have all day to post comments.

Anna displays her appalling insularity and smugness in her little homogenous Scandinavian country. Ugh.

If you can't get why America supports a liberal democratic state in a sea of hostile Arab authoritarian regimes, I can't help you.

The idea that "Israel has attacked US warships" sounds like one of those trumped up forums-Fisking exercises that is based on some outrageously exaggerated story that has no basis in reality or little relevance to today.

I see Anna is a subscriber to the Durban lie about "apartheid" supposedly practiced in Israel. She'd do much better to look at the racism in Russia, her fellow Council of Europe member, which makes Caucasians second-class citizens.

Israel does not have racism as a state ideology or practice. The existence of some cases of racism doesn't mean it is an "apartheid" state. This is part of a vicious campaign to try to discredit Israel and it has been repudiated by many people as unacceptable. The clinging to this old ANC communist meme is itself racist.

I don't know who little Wayne Swan is, but he sounds like he's found a way to blame other people and countries for his problems. I can't see how he's relevant, or how the US elections are relevant to him, even in a global economy.

The two largest haters of America are the British and the Australians who speak English and come from the same Anglo culture. I guess there are objective reasons for this.

The Australian

My post cleary says - "Wayne Swan (Australian Treasurer)"

To help you learn a little more Wayne Swan is the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer of Australia. On 21 September 2011, Swan was named the World's Best Finance Minister by Euromoney magazine.

Anna Leisen


Israel *deliberately* (according to every single survivor of US Navy seamen) attacking a US ship, the aptly named USS Liberty:

Israel spying on and causing the United States serious damage:

Israel has also committed acts of terrorism in Italy, Norway ( ) and many other countries.

Israel is not a friend to the United States (or to NATO in general). It's a most unreliably state, and not even western-aligned. It's dominated by largely criminal and politically extreme and racist immigrants from Russia, and has strong ties to Russia/the Soviet Union. It's not a liberal (give me a break) or democratic (Palestinians don't have equal rights) state. It's an authoritarian police and apartheid state built on a collective ideology resembling communism in many aspects.

The US has no reason to seek conflict with Arab states. Israel is responsible for threats to world peace, threats to security, international terrorism and more. It would be better both for the world and for the United States, militarily and economically, if there was no apartheid regime of Israel (but rather one single democratic state for those living in Palestine).

Prokofy Neva

I see you have a tiny, antisemitic mind, Anna, and fall for conspiracy theories that fit your essential hatred of Jews and Israel.

Wikipedia points out that Israel immediately notified the US, apologized, and compensated the victims. That doesn't sound like a state that "deliberately" attacked a US ship even though it supposedly saw a flag.

Survivors in a torpedoed ship are traumatized and are naturally going to feel any attack was deliberate.

The ADL does a good job of answering all the conspiracy theories:

But it's hilarious to conclude from this 1968 incident regardless that Israel is "not a friend". Of course it's a friend, and even Obama was forced to concede that on his term.

Israel isn't dominated by racist Russians -- there is a large Jewish Russian-speaking population from the Soviet Union, but they tend to be liberals. There are racists among them as with any population but they don't dominate.

Palestine is a terrorist's entity, not a state. It cannot get state hood through the UN until it ceases its violence and its non-recognition of Israel. Even Arab states understand this and tell Palestine to knock it off with their quest for statehood. You're ignorant about UN affairs; I'm informed.

A one-state solution would overrun the Jewish population with Palestinian refugees that Arab states would make sure returned in massive numbers -- from a world of authoritarianism and tribalism in which terrorism is accepted. It would destroy the liberal state of Israel and therefore is not an option.

Palestinians have equal rights in Israel. When they are ready to drop their terrorism and violence, they will make progress. An Arab Spring has been nearly everywhere but in Palestine!

Israel doesn't threaten world peace; Palestine and its Arab backers do.

I'm not interested in further discussion with you because you're ignorant, prejudiced, narrow-minded, and uneducated. But it's a good example of the problem of Europe.

Maryam Afshar

You're the terrorist entity, not the Palestinians. In fact you are both a terrorist entity, and a griefer, and a threat to world peace!

Micha Sass

"Israel doesn't threaten world peace; Palestine and its Arab backers do."

The Arabs are not commonly associated with backing Hamas. It is Tehran, Damascus and the Hezbollah of Lebanon who have been the traditional supporters of Hamas, none of which are considered Arabs. The recent Arab spring which has seen the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood is changing everything. Hamas appears to be shifting its support to the MB, and moving away from collaboration with Syria and Iran. Time will only tell if the MB will turn on Israel, now the status quo of former dictatorships is falling away. Egypt has already responded to the vacuum by deploying troops in the Sinai, the troop numbers exceed what was agreed by the Oslo accords. If Syria falls to the rebels it has been predicted that Hezbollah will follow. Only when the dust has settled will we be able to determine how the Arabs will treat Israel.

I support a two-state solution, although it would seem neither Israel or the PA want this outcome.

Prokofy Neva

Micha Sass, Middle Eastern expert!

This is a load of crap.

The Arab world, taken as a sum of its parts, or any one part, and the Muslim countries of North Africa and of course Iran *all oppose Israel*. They are all enemies of Israel. Whatever peace they have struck over the years brokered by the US or UN or whatever is obviously fragile and now worthless.

They all back Palestine; it doesn't matter whether it's Arafat or Hamas or whatever. It's silly to pretend there's a difference there, or that the problem is really only Iran, Syria and Lebanon's Hezbollah. Nonsense. All of them are in on it; some of it, like Saudis, pay for it; still others like Qatar run the TV for all of it.

The idea that "Israel doesn't want a two state solution" is one of those memes that the left always perpetrates and is not worth arguing over.

The problem is the OIC -- the Arab world and Iran. That's the problem. When they are ready to change for the good, the situation will change.

GreenLantern Excelsior

The blog says my post was saved, but when I refresh the page it is gone. I will try again later

GreenLantern Excelsior

A Cold War against islamism sounds interesting, but I would rather keep it a shooting war. Just keep those drones flying and continue to decimate the leadership of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. There is no negotiating with those people, because you can't reason with the unreasonable. One of the blogs I follow has videos of some of the air strikes against terrorists planting IEDs or firing mortars. It's worth watching and maybe it will act as a deterrent to the next guy who wants to bury some rifles in a farmer's field.

Breitbart has some great websites. I follow their Big Government and Big Journalism blogs, as well as many others. Maybe we should compare news sources some day.

Ajax, Mitt Romney is not a "surprise package." Everything he is and everything he plans is laid out on his campaign website. Give it a read and see if that changes your mind.

Romney should promise to release his tax records right after Obama releases his university records. Come on, Mitt, take the gloves off and punch a little harder.

One thing I've always advocated, that Romney seems to support too, is to provide aid for the opponents of our enemies, specifically the Iranian students and other opposition, some of whom were killed off in the Green Revolution (remember Neda). In my mind it would be far preferable to see an internal revolution in Iran than it would be to see the US and Israel raining down bunker busters on their nuclear complex. I understand that the Iranian people are very patriotic and also generally very young. Bomb their country and they will unite against us. Supply them with goodies and cash and they will unite against their religious leaders. The world will finally be safe when the last mullah has been strangled with the last burkah.

Anna seems to espouse the type of sick anti-semitism that is popular in Europe these days. Israel, a tiny country surrounded and attacked on all sides by enemies, is said to be a Great Fascist Oppressor State, beating up on the poor Palestinian refugees (who are actually Jordanians, and generally living in the midst of plenty). The stated goal is usually aligned with that of the Iranian government and the rest of islamists worldwide - to wipe Israel off the map. One would have to wonder whether these folks like to dress up in black uniforms and practice goose-stepping in front of the mirror when no one is watching.

I don't see how anyone could consider that Obama has the slightest chance of winning when we vote in 46 days from now. He can't run on his record because his performance has been terrible. He can't run on high employment numbers or a strong economy because the country has neither. He can't even point to his opponent's inexperience, because he himself was little more than a "community organizer" and a legislator who voted "present" too many times, rather than yes or no. It's looking more and more like a Romney landslide is in the making, and that will be a very good thing for America and the rest of the world.


Romney comes fairly close to a fascist.


hey Prokofy, can we have your opinions about Muslims now? or Russians?

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