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October 07, 2012


Idyll Quandry

What's the history of these?

Prokofy Neva

You used to see them all over when the Lindens first rolled out a brand-new sim that they were selling on the auction. They used to sell a lot more Mainland on the auction. Then, with the increasingly popularity of private islands and especially homesteads, and their own glutting of mainland sales, the sales fell off and I don't think they even make new Mainland to auction off any more, they used to make entire new continents.

So the had a system where they would place those tree planters on the sim and then I think they were scripted to then all turn into a certain tree or set of trees or a random set of trees. I used to see Lindens inworld putting them out. So a tree would go where those little green planters were placed. That prim was made by Ben Linden, one of the early Lindens no longer there, but the trees were made by Eric Linden, also no longer there.

Nowadays, I'm not sure they even use this system anymore, but they must, as this sim next to Gunfunk is actually pretty new. But I think they don't always get the trees done.

I actually hope they don't put any trees here as it will block the ocean view.

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