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October 08, 2012


Amanda Dallin

Interesting and about as accurate as most polling.


just ask Jesus...;)

anyhow... without a "national emergency" to define things "code red"....(like the red thing)?

the question is how far down the rabbit hole of "virtual" has the american mind gone?

Dinkens, Bradley, and Carter all were one termers in a time before "social media" as defined by the use of people as slaves/fodder/sales pieces as accepted today as "business as usual and profitable as fact"

ironic that two were black. the other a plantation owner from an old beaten south..... beaten by a Hollywood image/creation/avatar. shiny/ new...even at 70.;)

we have the "avatar" as president now... the question is "as much as romney attempts to be a "cypher"-anonymous avatar..will the american people replace one avatar with another. or just like in SL, suffer and defend the dream.

till it all closes down.

i dont think clinton or bushjr were avatars btw-- they both were way to ego driven. they never saw the avatar as more than a curser.;) authentic sociopaths... we love authenticity above all in the america of dreams..


I don't believe in ESP. I believe in history repeating itself.

Right now we are at the apex of cannibal capitalism. The same as it was before the French Revolution, Russian Revolution and any revolution in history. The elites have decided that they are above the state.

It doesn't matter who is elected. They serve the same people. And those people right now are shaking in their shoes over their own stupidity, greed and hubris at sending the US/their industrial base to Asia.

China is going to nationalize it all, and the elites will force us to WWIII.

GreenLantern Excelsior

I think polls are tiresome, especially so when that's all you hear about day after day. People love to cite polls when their guy is winning. It's like they're saying "See? My guy is ahead. Your guy can't win. You may as well stay home on election day." Then if the polls shift the other way and their guy isn't winning any more, they will publish statistics about which party is under-represented in the poll, or the low number of people sampled, or the part of the country where the poll was taken.

The voting itself isn't simple these days, either. Both sides have armies of lawyers on standby for every election. No matter which guy wins, get ready for a court challenge. What bothers me are stories about busloads of people arriving at polling places, all registered at the same address (that's where the SEIU vision comes in). Or you will often see more total votes in a precinct than there are registered voters. Circumstances like that are probably why the lawyers are needed.

Whether you live and die by the polls, or you roll the chicken bones to get your results, there will be surprises on election day. My plan, as usual, is to not pay much attention to the poll numbers. I will vote my conscience on election day no matter what the polls say.

And I'm not going to vote for the empty chair. :)

Micha Sass

Capitalism has died already. It died when governments bailed out the banks/corporations with taxpayer money. Socialism is also dead, with governments in huge deficit after bailing out favoured major corporations there is no money in the pot, austerity policies are now the king.

Win-win for elitism. Those at the top will suffer the least.

Romney or Obama?..It will make not one shit of difference. At least Obama was attempting to create a single payer healthcare system to help the poorer citizens. Hisssss..god damn commie bastard.



gotta say tonights FRONTLINE was enlightening on both obama and romney.

if either really had guts and either really wanted to live up to their "missions"..

they should meet over coffee next week... agree to join into one ticket.... donate all the money raised to finance the single payer system BOTH wanted as their legacies... and run the executive office as a joint affair... frankley they both seem to have the same non ideologies.... and together they could force a middle back into congress... and force bi party legislation to happen vs relying on the paid off corporate courts to make the laws by individual decry.

Chicken Soup

interesting article... thanks for sharing


Wow, scary accurate. Seriously though, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were actually right about anything of consequence? I mean even a broken clock has a chance, that has to give you hope right?

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