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October 22, 2012



Wow, that's rich.
I always pay 2 days, before the rent is due and I make sure to have the funds ready to cover atleast 4 weeks.
And if I can manage that, everyone can. Sure, real life can be a bitch sometimes, but being constantly late is inexcusable. I can understand, that your patience is wearing thin in this case.
That 'Penolope'-person should be ashamed of herself.

Amanda Dallin

I believe the login date in the group is still the last login to SL not the group but that doesn't matter. You have to pay tier whether she pays you or not. It's not a game when she takes real money out of your pocket. A week is more than generous. I had someone take advantage of us like that a while back. He was late nearly every month, often a week or more and he also got mad when we finally returned his store but we had less stress and a lot less wasted time with him gone.


"destruction of my reputation"

Considering the reputation you've enjoyed up to this point, best hope it IS destroyed.

Then you can create a new one as a caring and kind person instead of the pompous, abrasive, arrogant witch you've been up to now.

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