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October 28, 2012


Fleep Tuque

Hope you guys stay safe through the storm!

Maklin Deckard

May you and your family come through this safely! Used to live in a hurricane zone, so when they tell you to evac, you evac if you want to be safe.

Take care of yourself, Prokofy.

- Maklin Deckard

Ahab Qvetcher

Yes, best wishes and prayers to you and all your family for a quick and safe deliverance from the storm.

Amanda Dallin

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast so know that hurricanes are not to be taken lightly. Allison was just a tropical storm and really tore up Houston in 2001.

Carl Metropolitan

I hope everything goes well for yourself and your family, and that you have a safe and comfortable place to evacuate to.

Treasure Ballinger

Be safe, including you and your fam in my prayers!


take care..

A Facebook User

Hope things go ok and that you stay safe.


stay safe, Prok! SL will still be here when you get back.

Debbie Trilling

Best wishes to you & yours

Steve Joj

Please drown.

Serpente, Rory

@ Steve Joj

I find your comment disgraceful and disgusting.

Prokofy (the avatar)has written things about my avatar as bad as she has about anyone and I have frequently been openly critical of Prokofy (the avatar) however I was genuine when I posted here wishing Prok (the RL person) and and her family stay safe and well.

Perhaps you have forgotten there is a real person behind the keybpard and "Prokofy Neva" is virtual.

How you could actually wish death on another real person says tome you like your comment are disgraceful and disgusting.

GreenLantern Excelsior

Good luck, Prok. I hope you and your loved ones and all your stuff is undamaged after everything is over. And if you ever get weary of weather emergencies and all the other nonsense you have to put up with, consider moving to Arizona. The weather forecast is pretty much the same every day - sunny and warm.

Corcosman Voom

Glad to hear you took the evacuation order seriously. I hope you had time to make adequate preparations at home for any possible flooding.

Cristina Elvehjem

Stay safe your family and you.

Steve Joj

@Serpente, Rory

New Yorkers are not real people, they're stupid assholes, Prok doubly so. May New York fall into the ocean and Prok be the first one to roll in.

Rex Cronon

@Steve Joj
u r taking it too far.
u really need to chill.
what is wrong with u?
r u trolling and/or in dire need of meds?

Prokofy Neva

Steve Joj is likely Rory Serpente himself. Rory is banned from this blog for his constant, creepy stalking & threats of libel suits for criticism of his ex-girlfriend and his bad behaviour.

And just as I suspected, EmilioBellini is in fact Rory Serp.ente. He pretends to be an immigrant with bad English -- one of his many weird ploys.

Chad Warden

Look at all of the ignorant people giving this vile crone support after years of spewing hateful vitrol. You get what you put in.

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