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October 08, 2012


Desmond Shang

>>"Atlas isn't going to shrug, although either Anshe or some of those other biggies may retire, sick of the endless labors and troubles of virtuality. If that happened, the Lindens have a trick up their sleeve -- they can offer homesteads without the requirement of first having to own a full private island."

I doubt they will ever do that, Prok. The moment they do that, thousands upon thousands of people will *downgrade* their 295 a month to 125 a month. And yeah, some will get their own private homesteads anyway... and ditch a WHOLE lot of mainland as they do it. Remember that the very biggest "land baron" is the Lindens themselves, and they have the most vulnerable estate (the SL mainland). Private estates can scale back or go out of business, but the mainland... can't, really. Certainly not easily.

Timothy Horrigan

I accidentally attached this as a comment to the wrong posting before.

This just in from Linkshare (who were until very recently Linden Lab's banner-ad broker):

Dear Linden Lab Affiliate,

Linden Lab would like to thank you for your participation in our affiliate program. Unfortunately, we have made a business decision to suspend our Affiliate Program with LinkShare.

We will pay for commissions earned on Net Orders received through an affiliate link based on the terms of our Agreement, plus any earned outstanding payments currently owned to affiliates. Affiliates sales commissions will not accrue after October 16, 2012. If you have changed your contact information, please update your profile at LinkShare so you can receive your final commission check in a timely manner.

Pursuant to our Affiliate Agreement between Linden Lab/Second Life and you, this shall serve as our formal written notice to terminate our Linden Lab/Second Life Affiliate Agreement. Per our Agreement, you are required to remove any and all banners, buttons, text links, product images and store fronts that link to Linden Lab/Second Life by End of Business Day October 16, 2012. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact

Once again, we thank you for supporting the Affiliate Program and appreciate your compliance with these termination provisions.


Linden Lab

Timothy Horrigan

I am not sure why they are getting rid of the affiliate program. Given how few clicks my ads got, it is hard to imagine that it cost them much of anything.

Cinder Roxley

I'll never find the discussion, but I read a very long thread once about something similar on the Inworldz (maybe) forum, but it was somewhat different.

There were some people there upset that content creators from sl were setting up shops on their grid and competing with "the inworldz community" and that it wasn't fair that professional and already successful businesses were competing with people who "gave back" and volunteered in their mentor program and such. I'll never find the link to it now, but it seemed to be along the same lines with a different villain than the land model.

Treasure Ballinger

@Cinder, I kind of remember that; I read the Inworldz forums regularly so am sure I saw it; I probably didn't comment, because I didn't understand it; I was thrilled when the big SL content creators began coming to Inworldz. Julia Hathor, Luna Bliss, the big animation and pose ball guys, the clothing and skin and hair creators; it didn't really change the way I shopped there. I found and bought from both the smaller creators and the tried and true known creators from SL. I found a small hitherto unknown skin creator (unknown to me anyway) in Inworldz that I fell in love with, and purchased extensively from; then I found they were also in SL, and purchased from them there too. Now I wear the same skin in both worlds. I've done that a few times, finding a small creator Inworldz and learning they were also in SL and becoming a customer there, too. I never saw, or felt that one took anything away from the other....

Don Blankenship

Premium members will regularly receive exclusive virtual items that you won't find anywhere else. Explore your creative side or just get down to the business of creating .Lindens do nothing for long term customers and on the basis of the As others have already said, this doesn't offer me any incentive whatsoever .
Don Blankenship

EmilioBellini Resident

I have a question rather than to make comment.

I joined Second Life a little time ago because I was asked to do so by a friend in the real world as I use 3D modelling software in my real world employment and my friend wanted some items made for mesh in Second Life.

I had never considered I would actually enter the Second Life world however I was curious and so I have spent the past few weeks traveling around visiting places from the Destination Guide and mentioned in blogs about Second Life. I found this blog in a list of Second Life blogs.

Most of the blogs I have found are about clothing or music and such things.

This blog is different from the others I have seen. It is good not to have to read about clothing but read of serious issues.

I am sorry have not the experience to offer comment on the topic of this discussion. I would like to ask if there is any qualifying period a person must be in Second Life before they can comment and is there any other qualifications I must have to make comment on things I have experience in.

I apologise if my English sentences are hard to read I am not a resident of the USA and English is not my native language but I now live in an English speaking country.

Prokofy Neva

Emilio, Of course there isn't any such thing as some kind of "qualifying period" before you make a comment. You just make a comment, based on your impressions. You don't have to be experienced and you don't have to be right.

I think people value newbie's impressions. They may argue with you endlessly to try to prove that whatever bad impression you had was only accidental.

I'm curious to hear a real-world job with 3-d modelling would involving using SL to make mesh. I hear nothing but complaints from the mesh developers on forums. Is SL really "better" for this? I have no idea.

EmilioBellini Resident

Prokofy I am sorry as perhaps I did not correctly explain.

I am in my real world employment working as a 3D modeller using 3DSMax and Maya. My friend in the real world is also in Second Life. She was wanting clothing made using 3D modelling software, as she explained to me mesh based items were now able to be used in Second Life but she has no knowledge of 3D modelling.

She invited me to enter Second Life so as to see for myself how 3D models are being used in Second Life. This I did.

I am not making the 3D mesh in Second Life I make the 3D mesh models using 3DSMax outside of Second Life.

I read the requirements for producing 3D mesh items for uploading to Second Life. I believe too many restrictions have been made inplace by Linden Research on the format and abilities of the mesh which may be uploaded into Second Life.

COLLADA was developed as file format, the .dae files, that many 3D programs could read for assets to be shared between 3D programs. COLLADA was never made to be a final file type for assets to be imported.

I am told many people use Blender or even Sketch Up to make their 3D models. I do not believe Sketch Up is a suitable tool as it was not designed for making 3D models for use as assets in games or virtual communities.

Blender is free and is able to produce many different file types. 3DSMax and Maya are both very expensive and would be hard for a person playing Second Life as a hobby to afford.

I find the interface established by Linden Research for uploading completed mesh files is very unfriendly and the documentation supplied on how it should be used and the functions of each of the settings is greatly lacking in explanation.

It may be the use of the COLLADA format and the uploading interface established by Linden Research that peoples developing mesh assets complain about.

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