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October 21, 2012


Ilan Tochner

Hi Prok,

The spinning globe is displayed while the Kitely web site loads in a new tab. Most people see it for about 2-3 seconds. If it takes longer than 5 seconds for you to load then please retry refreshing the page.

As I suggested in my reply to your previous blog post, please retry these inworld searches with a modern v3 viewer such as Firestorm. Old v1-based viewers don't always work properly with OpenSim-based grids.

You can search for public worlds to visit in the Public Worlds page. It's much quicker than trying to find places on the map and you get up to 12 results with images (if the world managers included them) on each search result page.

World startup time when teleporting to a world that is offline can range from less than 30 seconds (on most worlds) to several minutes (on complex multi-region worlds with many prims and scripts). You can close that dialog and continue doing everything you can do inworld while you wait. You'll be automatically teleported once the world is ready. I believe this is more user friendly than just seeing the regular teleport progress bar and not being able to do anything while you wait for a teleport to complete.

The world you visited is based on the OpenVCE OAR file that is used with permission from Austin Tate (Ai Austin) the person who developed it for the project: That world template is provided with the relevant LGPL license both inworld and on our website in the help icon that is presented next to that template option.

Ilan Tochner

Forgot to mention: You can see the number of people currently in each of your worlds, your Kitely Credits balance, and your Minutes balance in the My Worlds tab. These values are updated automatically within 5 seconds of when they change inworld.

Classifieds and events have not yet been implemented on Kitely.


these screen capts illustrate the "fill in the blanks" issues i mentioned that using "existing tpv" designed to work within the SL platform brings..

the entire "idea" of separating MY chocolate(world) from you peanut butter (world).. is appaerent in an interface origonally designed for selling peanut butter cups....

anyhow-- it most likely will take a developer with enough resourses to fix a tpv to work woth what the keilery servers offers at a given dev. time.

as for the html interface.... it can be made a better easier to understand experience with just some interactive architecture redesign, some visual direction and more experienced presentation writing and narrative design.

i know its a work in progress.. but as i said its all about form/presentation/ and expectations... not just function.

packaging.:) sometimes all that matters is that its red.

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