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November 08, 2012


Ex tenant

Wow. Guilty until proven innocent in the land of Prokofy Neva. There's only one word to describe your conduct. Unprofessional.


lmao this soo full of shit you need to get your story stright befor you go on and post bs.. and pluse copy shit that was said to you is agest lL shit any who i was rec the hole thing.. so it's all good :)


Yeah I hear you. So much for human rights at Ravenglass Rentals. Prokofy is the dictator of this Ravenglass land. If Prokofy thinks you're guilty, you are, and must be subjected to something similar to a public stoning, as evidenced by the lovely blog post here. Truly unprofessional.


its all good yo.. im uplodein the vido so ppl see the truth yo.. >:)


i think its hell funny he finds my best friend as kid avi.. just his his ass looks fuckin noobi and shit dont be going around say we all fuckin kid avis with ur fuckin noobi amazon body lmao


Wow. Unprofessionalism, anyone?
I'm so glad you took this moment to open your mouth and remove all doubt of your outright arrogance and stupidity, thank you. I'll make sure to let my friends and anyone else within ear shot know what an self righteous bastard you are and how badly you manage your so called business. Oh wait, they already know! All one has to do is google your name and there's example after example of your unprofessionalism, this one is just the latest in your long line of dodgy business dealings. Frankly I'm surprised you still have any business at all, but as your obvious lack of intelligence is about on par for the masses of sheeple in sl, there'll always be another noob to sucker, right?
P.s. Judging someone on their appearance when you yourself look like shit, is a hilarious hypocrisy. Thanks for the laugh.

Ex tenant

Yes I agree! Tis truly hilarious when a creepy Newb looking amazonian sized avatar is calling normal sized nice look avatars creepy kids! What I think is even more hilarious is that this person posts their own stupidity with such pride here for all to read. I am now waiting to see if this dictator starts censorship here. Then it will truly be hilarious!

Alessa Wynikow

Alright let's get something straight fuck fake.

A) Alli is married in RL and is partnered to her RL wife.... why the fuck would she need pixel sex when she can go "Hey honey, cmereeee!"

B) Messaging the neighbor to warn them about some fuck heads isn't harassment. The dumb bitch can pull her head off your nooby dick long enough to actually read.

C) Excuse me... Alli is also very well known is the child community.. you really think she'd be fucking stupid enough to do that crap?

D) You.. you just look like shit. Please.. buy some lindens and buy some decent looking stuff. I want to put a virtual bag on your face. Preferabbly plastic. Tightly sealed.

E) Awwww you're so awesome you decided to be a dickface OUTSIDE of SL. But yet... Wait here.. Oh no! You are still behind your keyboard... yea... fail doucheface. You're no man, and you certainly are not anyone special.

So cliffnotes is.... learn to read. Exercise your brain- perhaps a nice head massage? Oh and, kindly fuck off and leave my friend alone. I hear I'm a real bitch, so you know... fuck off. :D


Grow Some fuckin Balls dude.. Your a noobcake with no fucking idea what creepy is, Have you looked up your ass lately to find your style? Obviously not, when you want to be 6 foot tall and a hypocrite. ROFL. Get a life noobcake!


hi fuckin piece of shit, how bout you go have some of your own secondlife sex because with your bad attitude, that's all you'll be getting dumbass

Prokofy Neva

Gosh, we're really seeing the low-lifes on parade tonight!

1. There is no offense against the TOS in publishing chat on a third-party site, only in world.

2. People who make threats to harass and bully me and urge boycotts of my business ALWAYS get publicized on my blog and they are warned of that on my profile.

3. That avatar is definitely a child avatar as anyone can see, from the face and outfit and size. It is less than half the size of the adults there.

4. The cage sent to trap the other tenant had Sinister's name on the prim.

Prokofy Neva

Alessa, number one, nobody cares about your little girlfriend's sex life online or off.

What matters is that she came there, and stood there for quite awhile while those other two were banging away, and didn't immediately just eject them all. That's what's odd.

Then it's odd that the other tenant is then caged. And the prim appears to be from your little friend's boyfriend.

I arrive and find a creepy kid avatar and some idiot kicking named Sinister.

If the story is really as you say, your little friend could have messaged something much sooner, and much more clear. And if there was suspicion of her, instead of getting on her high horse, she could simply say, oh, no, it was griefers and leave it at that. When people spend hours huffing and puffing in self-righteous indignation, there's almost always an indication that they are to blame. Because if they weren't, they wouldn't have a problem simply stating so and leaving it at that.

But of course, low-lifes like this always have their inflated egos to guard and protect against "dissing," so most of what their huffing about is their own "rep". It's ridiculous and shows their low level of intelligence. Like yours.

As for "leaving your friend alone", um, I don't know your friend? I have never bothered her. I spoke to her once when she rented and never spoke to her again until I landed in the yard and saw the creepy kid. I've never heard a good explanation of THAT. No matter. I haven't done anything wrong. All I've done is recite my rules in response to a complaint. Your little friend has moved on, yet she is the one pursuing a vindictive course of bad-mouthing me and urging boycotts.

When people do that, I publicize them so the world can get a good look at them, and so that other landlords can make the necessary conclusions.

Alli is really well known in the child community? The child community is fucking creepy and never to be trusted. Ever. And this is a good example. Somebody who stands and watches other have sex on their child avatar and doesn't immediately ban them has a problem.


Second Life is a BIG place. There are LOTS of rentals. You go elsewhere and don't darken my doorstep.


I was going to write a long reply to this, pointing out a few errors in Prokofy's delusional world SHE lives in, but I've decided that I need not defend myself anymore. Those that know me, and I actually care what think about me, know what happened. I will say this, I urge anyone who even remotely doubts that Prokofy is a self righteous asshole, to just google HER name. Why speak for myself, when the masses have already done a superb job of pointing out Prokofy's "charms" repeatedly.

'Nough Said


This all comes from the woman whose avatar is a boy with a monocle? What a freak.

CronoCloud Creeggan

So perhaps Mr. Neva was a tiny bit judgemental about child avatars.....but I've seen quite a few creepy ones myself. And the non-creepy ones I know are almost all steamlanders (Caledon, Steelhead, Babbage) and allied Bay City. The points he made about a child avatar watching adult sex and/or wearing sexualized clothing were pretty spot on in my opinion.

I have disagreed with Mr. Neva on various issues in the past, but when it comes to Mr. Neva as a landlord...I would trust him implicitly.I have heard and read many things about him as a landlord and they've always been good. In fact if I rented from him, I would probably give him mod rights to my stuff...just in case he needed it case of an estate emergency that's how much I would trust him as a landlord.

Even if he gets a bit testy in some of the transcripts he posts here, it's usually because the other person seems to be totally clueless in how Land Rights, Rentals and Permissions in SL work.

The rental information he provides is clear, concise and tells one what you need to know to be a good tenant. He sets out his rules, which are pretty simple and fair and his prices are MORE than fair.

So I can and DO recommend Mr. Neva as a landlord.

And as for his avatar...I've seen him in-world. And he doesn't look like a noob. Now, Desmond Shang of Caledon is a land baron that looks like a noob )it's become something of a joke and he keeps it up out of tradition), but Mr. Neva certainly doesn't.

I considered his avatar to be very well dressed and attractive for a male avatar in SL, and as something of a fashionista, I have certain standards in that area.

Reality Check

Phil Rosedale looked like a n00b for years; I certainly never saw it as a reason not to log in and I know of no-one who did.

Similarly, Prokofy's in-world appearance is not, nor should it ever be a consideration as to whether or not to do business with him. Should I ever find myself in the rentals market, there are far better benchmarks to influence my decision than the arrangement of pixels chosen to clothe an avatar.

Prokofy Neva

Puzzling why all those here defending child avatars aren't commenting on the utter creepiness of defending *this particular* child avatar all in blood, with a cut-off hand.

Hmm, maybe it's because I was in a hospital this week and saw a child with in real life with a cut-off finger -- which was miraculously sewn back on! -- and read with sorrow the story of two little children murdered by their nanny in Manhattan -- that this particular child avatar just doesn't seem cool to me. It's an abomination.

Allure's constant self-justification just bring constant doubts. She claims my other tenant claimed she harassed her in an IM, but that wasn't the issue -- the issue was that she was CAGED! Hello! She had a big prim wrapped around her. I got the screenshot. And she said the owner was this Sinister, boyfriend of Allure.

Lots of hear-say and she-say and he-say in Second Life, of course, but there's the remaining oddities of this story:

o the ban list has no people in it that match the description of the two BDSM sex couple. Instead, they are all completely different people with different looks

o Allure stood on the land for a long time -- enough for the other tenant to file ARs, take screenshots, and struggle out of a cage that hurled her downhill underwater.

Er, Allure couldn't ban the people and explain what was happening? They were busy having sex -- let's suppose, if the story were true -- and...they have the ability to then suddenly do a spell cast with a prim cage? Really? I don't think so. Looks like Sinister suited his name.

Father Kiama

There are child avatars...and then there are avatars powered by people who have never really grown up.


And in case of that child avatar...

And I have to agree with CronoCloud, I never had any problems with Prokofy. But then that maybe is because:
1: I don't harass my neighbors,
2: I pay my rent on time,
3: I follow the SL-ToS and the rental covenant.
And to Allure's behaviour: If I would find two avatars on my front lawn, having sex. And kiddie sex on top of that, they would be frozen, banned, ejected and have an AR filed on them faster than they could say a word.
A tenant has obligations, and stopping illegal behaviour on his/her own property is one of them. That's, what the 'Banned Residents'-List in the 'About Land'-dialog is for. And please Allure, stop whining about the 'Oh so mean'-landlord.
Thank you.


Hahaha... so ridiculous. All of Prokofy's minions here to defend her delusions and complete lack of professionalism. First, I'm not sure if your heads are too far up Prokofy's ass or what the issue is, but THERE WAS NO KID AVI'S THERE! What part of that aren't you incompetents getting? The "kid" covered in blood that Prok keeps mentioning was an ADULT who just so happened not to be amazon in height. Yes, she was wearing a bloody costume... get the fuck over it, you judgmental twits. It's SL... people have tails for fucks sake and fly! Second, Allure wasn't harassing anyone... she IMed her neighbor to give her the heads up about the griefers she banned. Did you all spaz out during that part of Prokofy's chat log where it showed the conversation Allure had with the neighbor, or are you just that stunted in mental capabilities, that you are unable to think for yourselves? Sad... so pathetic. All in all... Prokofy is well known on SL for her antics and truly this debate is ridiculous.

Prokofy Neva

Um, no. It's a kid avatar for sure. Note the foreshortened trunk and face. Compare the measurements to the adult male avatar kicking up in the upper right of the picture.

I'm tall in SL and might loom over a short female avatar, but this avatar was indeed a child avatar AND a creepy one. That bloody get-up was awful. And it was WAY past Halloween.

Again, if Allure was in fact not joining in the "fun" with her "imprompt guests" -- she herself looks very similar to a child avatar and has pictures of herself that look like child avatars with other children -- then...there's the question of why she didn't ban these people immediately.

And why she claimed she banned them, but the people in the ban list were completely different people and didn't match the description of these "picknickers".

Even if everything Allure says is true, and her pal Sinister didn't do any caging, then why was she huffing and puffing? People who aren't guilty don't do that.

Unless, of course, they're the low-intelligence thin-skinned type that feels "dissed" and then can't shut up about being "dissed".

There's a shoe that didn't drop here in this drama, and I'm waiting to see if he shows up. He may have developed his own questions...

No One Cares

"But of course, low-lifes like this always have their inflated egos to guard and protect against "dissing," so most of what their huffing about is their own "rep". It's ridiculous and shows their low level of intelligence. Like yours." - This about sums it up. Inflated egos indeed! You have eject and ban rights,why just sit there chit chatting? I have rented from Prokofy in the past and have never had an issue. Perhaps you are just quite delusional and had to round up your gang of cohorts to feel better about being put in your place? If your friend Aleesa is true, how about returning to your Real Life world more often instead of cluttering up Second Life and Blogs with you perpetual nonsense and ridiculous "fashion" sense if that is really what you want to call it. Point is... No one cares.


Strangely, while Allure keeps protesting that she doesn't have a child avi, her friend says that Allure is "very well-known in the child community." So which is it, child avi or not? Allure's story is full of contradictions and her default defense is to act self-rightous and to swear alot. Pitiful.

Issa Heckroth

Im not one of Prokofys residents but I am a sim owner and just happened upon this thread, and I have to say I find her reaction entirely appropriate. She was polite but firm. I know from experience that many renters are either too lazy, arrogant or just too stupid (I always TRY to believe the former) to read the rules and understand their obligations. I do think that Prokofys written style can seem very condescending at times, but rules are rules and the whole situation was definitely iffy. There is no doubt in my mind from just a quick look at the pic that this is a child avi. and as "seriously?" rightly points out, the holes in the story do not exactly lend credibility. And as for the frankly abusive responses allure posted on this thread.....well, maybe her choice of company is indicative of her mental age. She raised genuine TOS concerns and you respond by insulting her avi. Behave like an adult and get treated like one. This applies in RL too, just for your info. SL does not revolve around you. Stop being so self-important and get over yourself you silly little girl. SL is for Adults.

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