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December 05, 2012


Ahab Qvetcher

Where do you find them?

Had many pets and rodents don't live that long anyway?

I so want to go to (H) Amsterdam to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Guinea Pig.

Prokofy Neva

Amster, amster
Damn, damn, damn!

"What do you think ?"

I still think you were a good landlord. I wouldn' t know now since I'm out of SL since quite a while.

I do think this guy's liason with the Dutch Animal Party does make him a leftist.

I also think it' s a pity your xenophobia and obvious suffered propaganda from McArthy reveal you know next to nothing about the Dutch.

Whatever you had with this tennant does not justify your wrong assumptions about a nation that has never had a purely socialist government, only but always was and is a monarchy with parliament chosen by democratic proces (which leaves options open to many parties besides only purely 'left' or 'right' or 'Dem' or 'Rep' (or right or wrong).

And equating Amsterdam to the whole of the Netherlands is the same as calling L.A. the capital of the US. It' s simply untrue.

You are an intellectual. You should know better aside the 'rental dementias' you' re suffering.

Formerly known as Wilhiam Hydraconis.

Prokofy Neva

Oh, knock it off, Wilhiam. Calling out this idiot's idiotic belief system isn't "xenophobic".

The PETA sort of movement could be deemed Marxist or even fascist, whatever you like. It's extremist, and yes, the Marxism of it is this notion that you can elevate anything over people's rights -- the state, Nature, animals, whatever. You could find the same strains of ideology in the Nazis' paganistic nationalist-socialism. It was a kind of socialiism. The two extreme ideologies often meet each other at the other end.

It doesn't matter if the Netherlands never had a socialist government. So what?! There are many Dutch leftists and socialists, and the PETA sort of thing is a marker for that, along with some of the other technoutopian stuff.

Nobody equated Amsterdam to all of the Netherlands. That's something you're merely adding on out of a sense of nationalistic pique. Get over yourself.

I've had to travel to the Netherlands a number of times in my life, and I've known and worked with a good many Dutch people. And I've admired many, i.e. who fought in the resistance against the Nazis and the Soviets, and who fight for human rights. But I've also met some who are stubborn leftists, anti-Americans, and apologists for WikiLeaks, etc. and they're the same pain in the ass that their counterparts in the UK and Australia are.

Here you go wrong again.

The Dutch never had an armed resistance against the Soviets. Stalin' s army never even came close near our borders. You know that.

You think in extremes. That' s YOUR beef. Not mine.

You do know better, Catherine.

It' s not me needing to get over me here.

You might think in this matter you're Colbertesque, but you only come off as a Bill O'Reilly this way.

Maybe you should lay off from SL as a whole and start focusing on something like let's say .. Minecraft ... ;P

Prokofy Neva

Oh, what an *ass* you are. You don't even know your own history!

I'm not talking about any armed resistance to the Soviets, I never said "armed". I'm talking about resistance and opposition period. The same people whose relatives fought in the resistance against the Nazis then went on to oppose the Soviets in all sorts of ways, some clandestine, some open. I know because I've worked with them directly for years.

Feel free to go fuck yourself. Anyone who calls me by my RL name is just being a deliberate asshole, and they self-discredit.

Your little Dutch friend or alt here is an ass, any normal person can see he is up to no good, and you are merely covering for him out of nationalism or because he's your alt. Get a life.

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