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July 28, 2013


Prokofy Neva

These are by the Japanese artist
dai Lageos

Profairchikenz Haiku

Have they included a sit target in the wires so visitors can pretend to be birds?

ahab qvetcher

They actually aren't 'useless' per se STOP The secret is that they are the means by which commands are transmitted from the avatar's computer to the main server and back STOP Of course, they work with approximately the reliability, speed and accuaracy of the old telegraph system in RL STOP This explains why there is so much lag STOP

moco scribe

In a sense everything is useless .... If you take an existential view. I once ran a survey via an old blog to see if there was anything that was not available to buy on the Marketplace and it turns out there isn't. Respondents reported seeing or buying - mineral water, sticking plasters, curlers, garden fertilizer, first aid kit and I even bought a solar panel which moved through the day to track the SL sun....

Prokofy Neva

Yes, I must have that solar panel! *Must have*!

I also have:

o rain catcher
o sunglasses
o hair drier
o fish chopper



Nonsense, they're every bit as useful as Prok and all her alts and cronies.

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