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July 21, 2013


Prokofy neva

Here's what it does -- little balls go on physics, and fall down among the petals, making various random tones. It's very cool.

Steven Mitchell, Brighton, 4017, Qld,  Australia

I disagree with you that Eshi is horrid., she is in fact remarkably talented, however I disagree with you on several things.

I also cannot understand how the person listed on this Wikipedia page can supposedly have such a long history of working for Human Rights and yet commit the Human Rights abuses you do on this blog.

Perhaps you may one day wish to explain the reason.

In closing I am sorry to disappoint you Prok however I was not trying to track you down or cyber-stalk you, it just so happens when someone in Australia enters the phrase "prokofy neva" into Google the Wikipedia link I posted above is the #2 item that shows up.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Of course Eshi is horrid. We have ample proof of that. She is a manipulative and grasping creature. And the quintessential Eshi horridness was shown when she came and deliberately pushed out of view Adric's high score after I said I wanted to keep it as a memorial

She's a total creep.

As for your "big discovery", the reason you find these items in search is because...wait for it...I myself have linked these names and you can read the link on my blogs. Duh!

One of the favourite things for hecklers like you to do is to complain that somehow I do not live up to my human rights ideals by X. What they usually mean is that I don't conform to that software cult of their own that itself is antithetical to human rights.

I haven't done anything to "commit human rights abuses" on this blog, that's ridiculous. Criticism of public figures and publication of news and views on Second Life is exercise of human rights, not "abuse". Only cramped ideological loons like yourself would think otherwise.

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